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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - The Lion of Judah Christians today, by and large, have forgotten the Lion of Judah.  Most of them have no idea who he is or why he is so important to  the future of mankind. In this paper we explore the verses of  Scripture which describe this wonderful being – the Son of God in  his martial aspect – and the fatal, devastating blow that he will deal to the Children of Wickedness when he returns. Let those who  grieve reflect with joy on these immensely uplifting verses.  [Posted 20/01/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Irish are Being Told Appalling Lies about Covid The patriot movement, Anti-Corruption Ireland, submitted a  number of requests to the Health Service Executive under the  Freedom of Information Act in late December 2020. The HSE was  asked to provide a list of records in its archive in relation to  lockdowns, mask-wearing, social distancing and Covid vaccines  where the record addressed the scientific basis or justification for  each. Incredibly the HSE replied that it had no records of this  nature. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. So our country is being  destroyed, both economically and socially, by ruinous lockdowns  and draconian rules which have no scientific justification whatever.  The wealthy elite who control our country, and the politicians who  serve them, are guilty of very serious crimes.   [Posted 11/01/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Downright Dangerous  The so-called Covid pandemic is a spiritual war on humanity. Satan  and his earthly servants are bringing in a new social order where  the average person is docile and obedient, in thrall to propaganda  (in the form of ‘education’, entertainment, ‘news’, and ‘science’),  and highly receptive to subliminal mind control techniques. To  perfect this new social order he needs to eliminate our will to resist.  Pharmacology holds the key, while vaccines provide the ideal means of delivery. The Covid vaccine will be the first in a series of vaccines,  all of which will be deemed essential in a world where pandemic  terror is stoked continually by lying scientists and odious  politicians. In this paper we will explore some of the factors which  show that these vaccines are “downright dangerous,” as one  prominent expert put it. [Posted 04/01/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Seven Seal Judgments The Book of Revelation tells us where mankind is going. The  wickedness in the heart of man will eventually culminate in a  dreadful rebellion against all that is holy and righteous. When this  happens the LORD will afflict all who dwell upon the earth with a  series of severe judgments or trials. In this paper we examine the  seven ‘Seal’ judgments and show how they are connected to events  and trends already taking place across the world. We begin with an  examination of the chemtrail phenomenon, a program designed to  destroy our environment which, incredibly, has been operating in  plain view for nearly 40 years. [Posted 30/12/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Deadly Experiment on Humanity Many fondly imagine that mankind got past the threat of ‘mutual  assured destruction’ with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. We had come of age, apparently. But thermonuclear devices do not exist  and both the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis were a hoax.  The crisis we face today, however, where there are plans afoot to  inject the whole of humanity with an unknown substance, is very  real. In a sense, this is a new ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’, but with  vaccines instead of missiles. And this time the threat of wholesale  destruction is grounded in established science. For the first time in  history, Satan has an opportunity to inflict serious physical harm on the whole of humanity. [Posted 13/12/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - First Strike Warning A former high-ranking member of Russian Military Intelligence, the KGB, issued a warning to America on 10 November 2020. It echoes  in many ways what we have been saying in our recent papers. As a  born-again Christian and qualified medical doctor living in  America, he cares greatly for his adopted country. He warns in very  stark terms of the turmoil and distress that America will suffer in  2021 and beyond if its people do not wake up and act now. Please  read this paper and heed his words. [Posted 01/12/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Green Zone internment camps coming to America If the CDC had not set out their plans in a published document,  most people would not believe that something so extreme is about  to happen to the United States. The CDC even compares these  ‘Green Zones’ to refugee camps found in other parts of the world,  including Kenya, Syria, Chad and Myanmar. The ‘old’ world order is being systematically torn down. The planned internment camps are  clear evidence – for those who choose to see it – that America is  now under totalitarian rule. Read this paper and judge for yourself. [Posted 24/11/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Covid isolation facilities will be used to intern dissidents The average person today is so detached from the lessons of history  that he doesn’t see how its recurring themes are bound to affect him somewhere along the line. As the Word of God tells us, there is  nothing new under the sun. This means the same forces that shaped our past are still shaping the world we see around us today. In this  paper we discuss the ‘Covid’ test centers that are being built around  Ireland, their connection with mental health facilities, and the  scope they will give our de facto Marxist overlords to intern  ‘undesirables’. We also examine a very troubling CDC document  which shows that the USA is heading down the same road. [Posted 16/11/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Besieged and Betrayed – a Nation in Peril Ireland is in crisis. Covid is a Marxist invention. Even after the  hammer falls a large proportion of the population will still believe  the version of events given in the mainstream media. In this paper  we examine the dark history that led to this crisis and show how, a  year from now, the country could be under totalitarian rule. The  people, working together to defend the Constitution, have only a  short time to avert this impending catastrophe. [Posted 08/11/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Marxist Blitzkrieg We are witnessing a momentous earthquake in human affairs. The  old ‘normal’ is gone. For many this wrenching change is too deep  and too painful to acknowledge. In this paper we show how the  façade of democracy is being pulled down in the UK and America.  The brazen way this is happening is truly jawdropping. Please share this paper with friends and neighbors who cannot yet see the  villainy that is unfolding on the world stage. [Posted 01/11/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Great Pandemic Lie Destroys our God-given Rights It is difficult to know which is greater, the audacity of the Elite for  foisting such outrageous lies on mankind, or the credulity of the  general population for believing them. In this paper we identify two  novel legal concepts – which have no precedent in Western law –  that are being used to obliterate our God-given Rights. Even  countries with a written Constitution have been unable, so far, to  repel this illegal assault. By using these pernicious legal concepts,  the state can ensure that the law now means only what the  government says it means. Habeas corpus, due process and many  other basic rights are simply set aside and replaced by Marxist  diktat. [Posted 26/10/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Face Masks are a tool of Satan Bullies hate common sense because it undermines their authority.  They make unreasonable demands to see how much fear they can  instil. Then, having identified their victim, they use the same tactic  again and again until he breaks. This how a vile gang of elected  bullies is causing havoc in Ireland today. With each insane demand, the fear level rises and their victims squirm even more. Unless the  people of Ireland turn on these bullies and assert their freedom and  dignity, their country will be destroyed. [Posted 18/10/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Plot behind the U.S. Presidential Election Anyone who interprets political drama in terms of a two-party  paradigm is unlikely to understand that a carefully planned crisis is  brewing in the United States. In this paper we review the lead-up to  this crisis and examine some of the steps that are being taken - by  people in positions of trust - to undermine constitutional  democracy in that country. The extent to which mainstream,  ‘establishment’ institutions are complicit in this plan may shock  some readers.  [Posted 07/10/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Vaccines for children and Marxist chicanery The Irish government plans to give a genetically modified flu  vaccine to all children between the ages of 2 and 12 years in the  coming weeks. Most parents have no idea that this is about to  happen, nor that the vaccine contains four attenuated live viruses.  The question of parental consent – meaning informed consent – is  being entirely pushed aside. They would be shocked to know that  the World Health Organization endorses vaccination without  parental consent, even in cases where parents have stated in writing  that their child is NOT to receive a vaccine. The government is  adopting the Marxist position that every child is a ward of the state.  Its actions amount to reckless endangerment and directly violate  both HSE policy and Irish law concerning consent. [Posted 26/09/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Call to prosecute the Irish Minister for Health A former employee and whistleblower at the Department of Finance in Dublin has requested the Director of Public Prosecutions to bring a charge of reckless endangerment against both the Minister for  Health and the Chief Medical Officer for approving a vaccination  program for children which takes virtually no account of the risks  involved. The government is merely following the dictates of the  pharmaceutical industry and embarking on a course of action which could easily cause a serious flu epidemic in Ireland this winter. The  risks involved are being deliberately concealed from Irish parents.  The vaccine that the government proposes to give to every child in  the age bracket 2-12 years is genetically modified and contains four  attenuated live strains of flu virus. On the other hand, the vaccine  that it has approved for use by adults contains only deactivated  viruses and is not genetically modified.  [Posted 16/09/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Mind control is much more dangerous than we realize In this paper we will show how far mind control technology has  advanced in recent years. We will also show the immense harm that  the Elite are now able to inflict on society using this invisible,  undetectable means of indoctrination. The extraordinary extent to  which the public in the US, Europe and Australia have submitted to  the draconian Covid restrictions may be attributable largely to the  clever covert use of mind control technology. When properly chosen  and delivered over a long period, subliminal instructions can have a  powerful effect on our behavior, our attitudes and our emotional  states. [Posted 11/09/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - YouTube Video on Babylonian London The reader who made the great video on the Dublin Masonic Grid -   see below (August 21, 2020) - has made another, this time based on  our paper #56: Babylonian London, Nimrod, and the Secret War  Against God. To find it on YouTube type in the words “Masonic  Plan Symbols London UK”. It was posted on YouTube on 3  September 2020. Excellent work! [Posted 11/09/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - GMO Fluenz Tetra: Schoolchildren are now a target The more power our governments have, the more they abuse it. The  Irish government has announced its plan to vaccinate all children in the age bracket 2-12 years in the coming weeks. The flu vaccine will  be a GMO called Fluenz Tetra, marketed by AstraZeneca. In this  paper we offer 9 solid reasons why all Irish parents should reject  and oppose this dangerous plan. The government is following the  international Marxist agenda and cannot be trusted. [Posted 03/09/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Eagle Beheaded As part of their planned transition to a new world order, the Elite  are doing as much damage as they can to the symbols and  monuments which reflect the values and beliefs of the ‘old’ world  order. The partial demolition of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is an example of this (see our paper #194). So too is the ongoing  desecration of public monuments in the United States. We have  evidence that they are also undermining an intangible symbol of  importance to all patriotic Americans, namely the bald eagle which  appears on the Great Seal of the United States. [Posted 27/08/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Illuminati showcase Osiris on British TV The arrogance of the cabal who are dragging the world into a state  of chaos is simply astounding. They are now broadcasting their dark esoteric beliefs on British television and setting out what appear to  be the steps they intend to take to impose their will on the rest of  mankind. We cannot say how much of this wicked plan will be  carried out and how much, if any, will be blocked by God. However, it is clear that they intend to press ahead as vigorously as they can  and exploit to the maximum the shock value of their vicious tactics.  In the months ahead, Christians will need to immerse themselves in  daily prayer and trust unconditionally in the wonderful God who  made us. [Posted 21/08/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - YouTube Video on the Dublin Masonic Grid An enterprising reader has made a superb video illustrating the  Dublin Masonic Grid - based on our paper #1. It uses Google Earth  to zoom in and out and show how the principal monuments and  spires are connected in various occult patterns. The author also  includes some important discoveries of his own. To find it on  YouTube type in the words “Masonic Symbols - Dublin, Ireland.” It  was posted on YouTube on 20 August 2020. Great work! [Posted 21/08/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Weaponization of EMR The waves from electromagnetic weapons are silent and invisible,  leaving no trace of their origin. In this paper we show how easily  commerical EMR networks, such as 3G, 4G and 5G, can be used to  debilitate a large population and, in acute cases, produce symptoms similar to those of influenza. We show that the Covid-19 ‘virus’, if it  exists at all, is not contagious, and that the ‘pandemic’ is a very  nasty exercise in media deception and social engineering. Lastly, we  show why the Elite want schools to reopen in the fall. Since the  paper is rather long, we recommend that readers look at the  ‘Conclusions’ first (pages 37-49) and then decide whether or not to  read the rest. Our findings are disturbing and point to an  immediate future where, as the Bible says, “the voice of mirth” will  cease. [Posted 16/08/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - We ought to obey God rather than men More and more people are realizing that the ‘pandemic’ is a planned event that has been designed to effect far-reaching social change. It  has also been designed to attack faithful Christian worship. Very  few pastors and preachers seem to realize this. Thankfully the few  that do are speaking out and testing the legitimacy of government  policy against the clear, unchanging Word of God. In this paper we  report on the sound scriptural position adopted by a pastor in  Hawaii. Please share this paper with fellow believers in your  community. [Posted 29/07/2020]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - When Words Disappear When we wrote our paper, ‘The Third Phase of Insanity’ (#211) at  the end of last year, we did not expect the insanity to escalate as  quickly as it has. The general inability to think clearly and rationally is evident everywhere. Whether among Christians or non-   Christians, words now mean only what our governments say they  mean. Our pastors and elders now listen to their oracular  pronouncements before they listen (if at all) to the real Word, and  act accordingly. In this paper, where we look at worship through the eyes of David, we reveal a ‘betrayal’ which ought to shock all who  love God and tremble at His Word. [Posted 25/07/2020]                
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the 'big picture' and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. Papers on this website were downloaded more than half a million  times in the past 12 months. Readers who wish to download several  papers at once may do so by going to the Internet Archive website  (where our papers are grouped by year) and searching on the name  'Jeremy James.'  
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