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“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - The world is under demonic attack The modern secular mindset is unable to process the notion that  demons exist, that they can cause harm to humans, or that certain  individuals actually choose to work with demons for personal gain.  The chaos in the world at this time is largely a product of deception.  The architects of the coming ‘New World Order’ are working with high ranking demons to foment chaos and confusion, to deceive the  masses, and to lure society as a whole into a deadly trap. In this paper  we show how this plan, which is highly organized and which has now  reached a critical phase, is in every sense a demonic attack on  humanity. [Posted 25/11/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Satirizing insanity is not easy Many commentators on the existing state of the world have baulked at  the need to continually report on one sickening development after  another. Satire, however, has traditionally allowed us to talk about  very unpleasant things in a slightly tongue-in-cheek manner, with less  personal discomfort. Alas, it is not easy to satirize the New World  Order, but we have done our best in this paper. Perhaps our sense of  humor will be a bit opaque in places but we hope most of our readers  will find some light relief. God bless. [Posted 10/11/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Fourth Phase of Mass Insanity We are hearing frequent reference to the ‘normals’, namely those who  expect life to return to how it has always been, and the ‘wakened’,  those who know something is seriously wrong with how the world is  run. In this paper we examine the fourth (and final) stage of mass  insanity, where the ‘normals’ follow their blind leaders off a cliff. We  look at mind control, cosmology, ETs and La Palma. Most of all, we  look to the glorious return of Christ and reflect on his comforting  words in Psalm 46. [Posted 29/10/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Warning - Graphene Oxide A beach on the east coast of Ireland is covered with dark grey granules  which respond to magnetic attraction. They can be collected very  easily by running a magnet along the surface of the sand. We give  detailed photos of this highly disturbing phenomenon. It is  undoubtedly manmade and potentially harmful. The granules would  appear to consist of a novel substance known as graphene oxide, but  chemical analysis would be required to confirm this. The entire beach  is polluted with these granules which, we believe, were distributed in  nanograde form from the air. If that is the case then it should be  possible to find evidence of this phenomenon on other beaches in  Ireland (and possibly in other countries as well). The Children of  Chaos are now on the rampage. [Posted 18/10/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Fake Marburg virus pandemic There are strong indications that the crew who planned the Covid  ‘pandemic’ are preparing to initiate phase two of their dark campaign. This will likely involve the emergence in Western society of a new,  highly contagious pathogen. The prime candidates would appear to be Marburg and Ebola. The public has been conditioned over the past  twenty years or so to expect a serious outbreak of these diseases. In  this paper we examine the evidence pointing to this plan and the  massive social disruption which these demonised criminals are hoping  to achieve. [Posted 08/10/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Evidence that graphene oxide is being sprayed over Ireland For decades the skies over most western countries have been sprayed  with an aerosol whose constituents have never been officially  disclosed. We have proof that graphene oxide has been added to the  mix and may even be dispersed as a separate entity. Graphene oxide is  toxic, especially when agitated by electromagnetic radiation. If the  current chemtrail regime includes graphene oxide, then Irish citizens  are unknowingly inhaling this substance. Once the 5G network across  Ireland becomes fully operational, many of these people will suffer  severe respiratory problems and will require hospitalization. This is  very likely happening in many other countries. All of these cases will  be blamed on a Coronavirus or a spurious new pathogen such as  Marburg virus. [Posted 29/09/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Attack on Congregational Prayer As Christians we have no power. But we have the right to ask the  LORD in the name of Jesus to intervene on our behalf and protect us  from all evil and all harm. This is prayer. And the Enemy hates prayer! He is doing all he can to eliminate it. The phony Covid pandemic is  being used to close our churches and make it next to impossible for  Christians to assemble in peace and humility before God.  Congregational prayer is immensely powerful and until the Enemy  succeeds in stamping it out, he can advance only so far with his plan to enslave mankind. In this paper we show why pastors and elders who  submit to these nasty, nonsensical restrictions are violating God’s  Word and consorting with the Enemy. [Posted 25/09/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Earthquakes in “divers places” Increased seismic activity will mark the End Time. Much of this will be highly destructive. Jesus drew attention to this in Matthew chapter 24. In this paper we show how modern technology can facilitate the  creation of earthquakes. At least one international convention exists to limit the use of such technology. If the ‘Great Reset’ signals a major  acceleration in the plan to create a New World Order, then we can  expect this kind of technology to be deployed before very long. [Posted 18/09/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - What is pleasing to God Man is free only when he is completely obedient to God, but this  makes no sense to our fallen nature. Some people have to be pushed to  the utmost limits before they can see this. We are entering a time  when all the old certainties will evaporate and the only anchor in our  lives will be the joy we get from serving God. In this paper we examine  certain passages from Scripture which may prove helpful to many of  our readers in the days ahead. [Posted 11/09/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A pastor speaks about the safety of Covid vaccines A well-known conservative American pastor has just published a  detailed opinion piece on the safety of the Covid vaccine. He claimed  to have conducted his review in a Biblical manner, but it turned out to  be a shameless endorsement of the pharmaceutical industry and an  intemperate dismissal of anyone who was dumb enough to think the  vaccine might be harmful. In this paper we address some of his many  errors. [Posted 30/08/21] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Vaccine Threat to the US Military The American public has been conditioned over the past few decades  to endure all kinds of restrictions on their freedom in the name of  ‘national security’. Yet, when their national security faces a real,  imminent threat, they ignore it. The Secretary for Defense has  announced that all military personnel, over 3.5 million people, will be  obliged to receive the Covid vaccine. The official directive is due to  issue in a few weeks time. Little is known about the real effects of the  vaccine and whether or not it could be potentially harmful in the  longer term. Nevertheless, the government is willing to place at risk  the entire defensive infrastructure of the United States to guard  against an infection which is no more debilitating than the flu. This is  not only insane, it is treasonous. The Chinese Communist threat and  the possibility of a US military coup increase every day. [Posted 15/08/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Storm Warning In our last paper (#279) we examined the strategy that the Elite are  using to depopulate parts of the earth, as set out in the Deagel  forecast. In this paper we look more closely at the way vaccine  technology is being used to advance this agenda. Under the Covid  vaccine roll-out the ‘target’ countries in the Deagel forecast – those  with a Christian ethos or having advanced technological capability –  are being treated very differently from other countries, notably those  in the Belt & Road axis. The latter are set to dominate the world very  shortly. [Posted 04/08/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The planned collapse of Christendom We are witnessing today the culmination of a plan which was  evidently formulated in great detail many decades ago. In this paper  we examine the depopulation targets set by the Deagel corporation  and show how closely they align with the longstanding Illuminati plan  to erase Christendom from the map. We also show why Christians  cannot afford to ignore the potential threat to humanity from the  worldwide Covid vaccination program. Please share this paper. The  hour is late. [Posted 26/07/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Mass Killing in the UK disguised as Covid  The Illuminati killing machine in the UK is moving into high gear. A  little-known medical device, called a syringe driver, was used across  the UK in early 2020 to kill thousands of elderly people. The same  device was used at Gosport War Memorial Hospital during the period  1989-2000 to murder around 850 patients. The syringe driver delivers  a fatal dose of a powerful sedative known as Midazolam. Victims die  either of slow suffocation (‘Covid’) or dehydration (more ‘Covid’). The  UK government calls this a “good death.” Unless the British come to  their senses and deal urgently with the evil in their midst, their  country will slide into tyranny.  [Posted 18/07/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Glory that is Christ How often have we heard someone say, ‘Had I known how much was  at stake, I’d have made a much greater effort’? As Christians, we need  to reflect more on the Person of Christ, his role in history, and his  coming return to earth as King of kings and Lord of lords. The Bible  sets out a much broader picture of Jesus and his spiritual stature than  the public is normally given by sincere evangelists. In this paper we try to show how this has come about. [Posted 08/07/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Jewish people in End Time prophecy Around a hundred years ago most born-again Christians had a good   understanding of Bible prophecy as it relates to the Jewish people.  Alas, this is no longer the case. Even authors today who appear to be  well-meaning are making serious mistakes in their interpretation of  Scripture. This only generates confusion and obscures the true  meaning of Bible prophecy. In this paper we address one major source  of error and expose the feeble and mischievous scholarship being used  to promote it. [Posted 01/07/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The coming wave of Delta deaths The unvaccinated, including children, will be blamed for the coming  wave of ‘Delta’ deaths. They will be accused of transmitting a variant  of the so-called Covid-19 virus, known as the Delta variant, against  which the vaccinated have no immunity. The public will fail to see the  obvious contradiction in all of this. How can a new disease be  transmitted by people who are not affected by it, while those who are  supposed to have some protection (the vaccinated) are the most  vulnerable? It makes no sense. But it made no sense in 2020 to claim  that asymptomatic people could transmit the ‘original’ virus. Sadly,  the public will believe whatever they are told by their government and  the media. In reality, the coming wave of Delta deaths will be caused  by the vaccine itself. In this paper we reveal the sinister occult  symbology behind the number and name of the supposed new  ‘variant’. [Posted 25/06/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Controlled Opposition The Satanic World System is moving into top gear. The governments  of the world are working together to poison and enslave the nations.  Alas millions of people who ought to know better are stepping back  and letting them do it. They are rolling up their sleeves, not to brace  for a fight, but to accept an injection which could potentially kill them. They even encourage their family and friends to do likewise. This kind  of suicidal programming took many years to achieve, but its now  getting results. The mental conditioning techniques that made this  possible included one known as ‘the controlled opposition.’ Christians  need to understand, even at this late hour, the extent to which the  Enemy has used this technique to dupe the unwary and lure countless  millions into a deadly trap. [Posted 17/06/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Hate Crime legislation to suppress free speech Time is running out. The government is bringing in legislation to   silence dissent and criminalize anyone who dares to challenge their  Marxist lies or expose their sordid schemes. The Criminal Justice  (Hate Crime) Bill is a farrago of nonsense, but a dangerous farrago. If  it is passed into law, all public discussion of what the government is  doing to weaken and enslave our nation will be suppressed. The  ultimate target is Christianity in Ireland. Please share this paper  widely. [Posted 07/06/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A satirical look at the New World Order Increasingly we are asked, ‘How on earth do I get my friends to  understand the threat we are facing?’ The blindness seems to be  universal. After all, who in their right mind would take a potent  experimental vaccine which had never been properly tested, not even  on animals? In this overview we try to spell out the dangers that lie  ahead, but in a new, graphical format. Perhaps it will offer our readers an additional way of alerting their sceptical friends, church members,  and social circle. Please share it widely. [Posted 25/05/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Warning Signs of End Time Treachery If you are lost in the hills in a storm, a compass can save your life. A  tiny needle which just happens to point north – unfailingly – can  make the difference between narrow survival and a lonely death. A  great spiritual darkness has descended on the world. Millions are lost  and a tremendous storm is brewing. Alas, most of them don’t know it  yet. They have no compass, the “still small voice” which guides our  soul (1 Kings 19:12). Without it, they can easily give credence to fables,  fallacies and lies. For those who can see where this is leading, the vista  is unnerving. It is like watching a bus filled with carefree tourists  careen over a cliff – in slow motion. Sadly, the pastors and shepherds  who purport to care for and protect the flock have turned their backs  on God’s Word. Blinded by disobedience, they too are sitting in the  coach, singing merrily, and pretending that everything is “nice”. In  this paper we examine these and other disturbing signs of End Time  treachery. [Posted 17/05/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why the Covid vaccines are dangerous The world is in crisis. The mainstream media will not tell you this  because the big media outlets are controlled by the people who are  creating the crisis. The worldwide propaganda machine is  implementing a medical tyranny, where only those are are deemed  “well” will be allowed to enjoy their liberty, albeit within the  parameters set by the ruling elite. Anyone who refuses to take the  Covid vaccine will automatically be categorized as a potential health  hazard and placed in some form of quarantine, from self-isolation at  home to semi-permanent relocation in an internment camp. If the  public understood what was happening, they could resist. But the vast  majority seem to understand nothing. In particular they are ignoring  all the evidence which shows that the Covid vaccines are dangerous. In this paper we set out the reasons for this, drawing extensively on the  views expressed by Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a very distinguised  microbiologist based in Germany. Please share this paper with as  many people as you can. [Posted 04/05/2021]  
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the 'big picture' and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. Papers on this website were downloaded more than half a million  times in the past 12 months. Readers who wish to download several  papers at once may do so by going to the Internet Archive website  (where our papers are grouped by year) and searching under the term  'Jeremy James New World Order.'  
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