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“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - Why is Irish national television promoting witchcraft? When a society loses its grip on absolute moral values it slides  gradually into witchcraft. This may not be obvious for a while  because many of the old institutions and practices, which were  founded on such values, continue to maintain a facade of  respectability. But as the cracks appear, a black light shines  through. We are now seeing this in the Irish media, which has  abandoned all pretense of Christian legitimacy. On February  11th, RTE, the Irish national television station, broadcast a  program - at a time when young children were watching - which  promoted an Irish temple devoted to witchcraft. The program  portrayed it as a suitable place for tourists to visit! Witchcraft  and goddess worship are now moving into the mainstream in  Ireland.  [Posted 14/02/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Starhawk Gang and the Rape of Ireland There are very few people in Ireland today who could be  described as patriots. Such people are prepared to go out on a  limb and risk being penalized in some way in order to defend the laws and principles, the values and standards, that underpin the  well-being of our society. They are reviled by the parasites who  exploit our nation, who fashion clever lies to extract as much as  they can from a gormless, uninformed populace. In this paper  we show how much we need these outspoken patriots and why  they deserve our wholehearted support. We also reveal the true  story behind the Irish banking crisis of 2008 and the extent to  which the Irish government - the Starhawk Gang - continue to  work hand-in-hand with the Ruling Elite to fleece the Irish  people and destroy the sovereignty of our nation.   [Posted 09/02/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Beware of the Sinister ‘Noahide Laws’  We are increasingly hearing references to the so-called Noahide  Laws. These are allegedly seven laws that the LORD gave, via  Adam and Noah, to all mankind. In this paper we will show that, not only is this completely untrue, but it is being exploited by the architects of the New World Order to impose a worldwide  system of judicial control. The Elite would appear to have picked the largest Hasidic sect in America to raise awareness of these  laws, both in the U.S. and around the world. The U.N. and the  Vatican are also involved. Incredibly, the last seven U.S.  Presidents have all promoted these laws, the sect concerned, and  the late rebbe (leader) of the sect, whose followers expect him to  be resurrected in the near future and to reign on earth as the  ‘messiah’. Christians need to understand the sinister way this  strange program is unfolding. [Posted 31/01/2019]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Irish Ruling Elite are Baal-worshipping Deceivers The legislative program that the Irish government is implement-   ing, as well as its compliance with recent U.N. directives, is proof that it is marching in step with the New World Order. The ruling elite, who control the strings of government from behind the  scenes, are practitioners of the ‘Old Religion.’ Their god is Baal,  and they despise true Christianity. In this paper we reveal how  the Irish political system really works, the dark agenda it is  ruthlessly pursuing, and the complicity of the media in its  nefarious schemes. Unless the people of Ireland wake up and  recognize the depth of this betrayal, which will result before long in the loss of our sovereignty, it will be too late. These are  perilous times. Please share this paper with those you care  about. [Posted 18/01/2019]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - The U.N. Migration Compact attacks National Sovereignty The U.N. is the enemy of all who love truth and justice. It  continues to undermine the absolute sovereignty of nations. Its  latest foray is incredibly arrogant, even for the U.N. With its so-   called Migration Compact, it plans to abolish national borders  by turning migration into a human right and allowing  unrestricted movement from one country to another to take up  permanent residence. What is more, the receiving country  covers virtually all costs, much as it does when receiving asylum  seekers (refugees). In effect, the U.N. has declared war on the  absolute sovereignty of nations. What is more, our own  governments are siding with the U.N. and permitting this silent  invasion without any consultation with their citizens. The  Compact is an act of treachery. [Posted 09/01/2019]     - NEW  NEW  NEW - Biblical Proof of a Hidden Hand and a Dark Plan Bible-believing Christians today are finding it difficult to  convince fellow believers that the world is run by a Luciferian  Elite who are implementing a dark plan for mankind. In this  paper we examine the many Biblical passages which warn of  their existence and the plan they are following. Please share this  paper with those you love. [Posted 28/12/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Who will the Public Blame for the Financial Crisis? The sinister Elite behind the coming New World Order are  pursuing a master plan which has several interlocking elements.  One of these involves the imposition of a world currency in  which all transactions are tracked electronically. Since they are  unlikely to get the citizens of the various currency zones to agree  to this, they have been implementing measures over the past  three decades which will cause the existing international  financial system to collapse. This catastrophic event will cause  such turmoil and distress across all developed economies that  their respective leaders will be able to secure rapid agreement to  the implementation of a new system. It will include a world  government, possibly in a disguised form, to oversee the  successful operation of the new system. But the catastrophe will  cause intense hostility and anger. Who will the public blame?  The Elite have devised a clever way to deflect all blame away  from the central banking system (and the families who own it)  and onto the electorates of two G7 economies. [Posted 16/12/2018]        - NEW  NEW  NEW - Electromagnetic Radiation, Mass Insanity and the NWO It has long been known that electromagnetic radiation (EMR)  has a biological effect, even at low energy levels. The levels  generated by cell phones are harmful if one is exposed to them  for a long period. It takes about 5-10 years exposure to run a  greatly increased risk of cancer. The planned new generation of  this technology, known as the fifth generation or 5G, which is  scheduled for implementation in 2019, will mark a major  escalation in both the energy levels and exposure levels to EMR  which everyone will experience (not just cell phone users).  Scientific studies show beyond doubt that 5G will cause harmful  health effects across society, but these studies are being ignored  by the cell phone industry and the governments that are  supposed to serve us. The threat is very serious and many  respected scientists are trying to raise the alarm. The Illuminati  are clearly planning to use 5G to greatly weaken western society  and make it easier to impose a New World Order. Please share  this paper. [Posted 14/12/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Joy of Salvation in a Satanic World System It is a great challenge for born-again Christians to live in the joy  of their salvation when the world is sliding ever further into  darkness and apostasy. It is made more difficult when Christian  pastors, who ought to be addressing this issue, are saying  nothing. The Enemy benefits greatly from the astonishing  complacency of the Laodicean church. Since every true Christian will be assailed from time to time by discouragement, it will help to examine it carefully from a Biblical perspective. [Posted 28/11/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Non-Existent Morality: The Malibu Firestorm The recent ‘wild fire’ that destroyed a large part of Malibu in  California was a man-made event. The photos show fire damage  that could not possibly have been caused by a timber-fuelled  fire. This tragic event is proof that the masterminds behind the  NWO are fully prepared to murder American citizens - in this  case over 1,000 - in pursuit of their nefarious goals.   [Posted 19/11/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Connecting Adverse Health Events to Childhood Vaccines True Christians endeavor as best they can to separate  themselves from the ways of the world. However, in doing so we  need to understand what is happening in the world. After all, we  need to know how to protect our children and loved ones from  the many traps and snares that the Enemy has laid to enslave  mankind. The way the Enemy is using pharmakeia (or  sorceries) is of particular relevance in the End Time. There is no  doubt that this must involve the pharmaceutical industry in  some way. In our paper we try to get an overview of how this  industry is affecting our children and what we can expect in the  years ahead. [Posted 07/11/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The NWO and the Persecution of Christians in China Certain aspects of the New World Order are now being imposed  around the world with greater zeal and tenacity than ever before. Totalitarian rulers are starting to emerge, electorates are being  polarized, and traditional social structures are coming under  great strain in both Europe and America. China, too, is pressing  ahead with a new wave of repression. Christianity in that  country is now being subjected to direct state control via the new ‘Sinicization’ program, under which Biblical truth is twisted to  conform with ‘core socialist values’. Christians who try to teach  Biblically are being subjected to persecution. Many will face  imprisonment and torture in the months and years ahead.  [Posted 16/10/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Unfolding Constitutional Crisis in the US Christians who truly love God’s Word will continue to “Watch!”,  just as Jesus instructed. Many aspects of Bible prophecy do not  appear from nowhere but manifest gradually through mundane  events. The world leader described in the Book of Revelation will  not be able to emerge until the US has undergone ‘radical  reconstruction’. This paper examines the way the Illuminati  have been preparing for this transformative event. [Posted 06/10/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Jesuits are now actively promoting homosexuality The Roman Catholic Church is a dangerous counterfeit version  of true Biblical Christianity. Hundreds of millions of people are  ensnared in its teachings. There was a time, not too long ago,  when its leadership would have rejected abortion and  homosexuality, but not anymore. There would seem to be no  aspect of Biblical truth that the Roman theologians are prepared to defend. The Jesuits are now openly supporting gender fluidity  and the ‘normalization’ of homosexuality. In this paper we reveal the extent to which they are now perverting the Word of God.  [Posted 26/09/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why Congress is Serving the Luciferian Elite  When revealing the plan that the Elite are pursuing, perhaps the  greatest obstacle we face is the widespread reluctance to believe  that any confederacy on earth could be so evil. Evil generally  hides itself extremely well, but there are occasions when its  presence is plainly manifest for all to see. Alas, even these are  overlooked by most people since they have been trained to  believe that Satan does not exist and that all men (with some  exceptions) are basically good. Today the Children of  Wickedness are so brazen that all true Christians should be able  to discern their existence - see our paper #119. In this paper  (#170) we give two astounding examples of the way these people  are using the U.S. Congress to serve their purposes.   [Posted 03/09/2018]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Understanding Homosexuality - An Open Letter  The Luciferian Elite behind the 'New World Order' are imposing  homosexuality on society. They have made remarkable progress  in the past few years, to the point where a traditionally  conservative country like Ireland could actually approve  homosexual 'marriage' by an overwhelming majority in a  national referendum in 2015. The public has been tricked by the  mainstream media and the entertainment industry into  believing that homosexuality is a 'lifestyle choice' and that it  poses no threat to society. Using documented sources, published  research and numerous statistics, our review – which takes the  form of an open letter to born-again Christians – will explore the background to this cleverly managed deception and reveal the  deeply   disturbing reality behind this so-called 'lifestyle.' [Posted  24/08/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - What the Bible Teaches about Homosexuality  Few people are acquainted with what the Bible actually teaches  about homosexuality. The anger being directed at Christians  who speak about it would seem to have discouraged a proper  study of Scripture as it relates to this topic. Homosexuality (or    sodomy) is clearly described in the Bible as a very serious sin  which has the potential to inflict immense harm on society.  Many homosexuals claim to find this "offensive," but, as we  show in this paper, the Word of God – which speaks with truth  to the heart of man – is unequivocal in its condemnation of this  perverse practice. [Posted 06/08/2018]      - NEW  NEW  NEW - Euthanasia - The NWO and its Culture of Death  The masterminds behind the New World Order are busy field-   testing their plan to impose involuntary euthanasia throughout  the world. The masses are being programmed to believe that  human life is 'qualitative' and that its net worth is measurable.  The recent official report into the systematic killing of 600-800  elderly patients at a hospital in the UK is replete with clues as to  how this programming will be carried out. It also reveals – with  irrefutable evidence – the ruthlessness, cunning and sadism of  the NWO and the people behind it. [Posted 29/07/2018]        
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the 'big picture' and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. Our papers were accessed about 1.25 million times in the 10-year  period 2009-2018. Readers who wish to download several papers at  once may do so by going to the Internet Archive website (where our  papers are grouped by year) and searching on the name 'Jeremy  James.'
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