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“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - Hate legislation will be used to persecute Christians in Ireland Some of our readers may be aware that the government of Ireland is  on the brink of introducing legislation which will criminalize anyone  who dares to criticize the new Marxist morality. The aim of this ‘hate’  legislation is to frighten those who might dare to open their mouths  and proclaim God’s Law. The Act is perverse in the extreme. The  accused person is presumed to be guilty unless he can prove his  innocence before a court. Those found guilty can be fined up to €5000  or given a prison sentence of up to five years. Please share this paper  widely since few Irish citizens seem to realize the danger we are facing. [Posted 10/05/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Prayer is unfailingly fruitful We are living in a time of great change and potentially great turmoil.  Christians need to pray for each other like never before, to come before  God and ask that He bless and encourage the saints. We will meet with  many non-believers in the coming years who have lost all hope. They  will need to see the unshakeable foundation of those who trust in  Christ – who, no doubt, will be dealing with hardship of their own.  Those who are strengthened by prayer will know how to counsel these  troubled souls and share the gospel of salvation. Great is His Mercy! [Posted 05/05/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Unfolding Financial Crisis Most of the population believe what they are told in the mainstream  media, but they are being deceived. The deception works on many  levels. One of the most important of these is the false depiction of the  financial system. While discerning consumers of this seedy  propaganda may feel that something is not quite right, they can hardly  imagine how rotten the system really is. The level of debt across all  economies is staggering – whether sovereign, corporate, municipal, or  household. Tension is growing as various legislatures vote to approve  ever higher levels of borrowing. The main ‘debt ceiling’ is that of the  US which, if it is not raised by Congress in the coming months, will  trigger an international banking crisis. Christian leaders need to  understand the background to all of this. [Posted 27/04/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Organized treason in peacetime The coming crisis on the world stage is made possible only through the  co-operation of national governments. Instead of taking steps to  prevent it, they are helping to bring it about. This is how the UN and  similar institutions work, subverting elected governments and  installing regimes sympathetic to their goals. In this paper we look at a  graphic historical example of this and compare it with what is  happening today. We conclude with a recent UN-sponsored initiative  which can only be described as Satanic. [Posted 20/04/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The eternal security of believers Many of the truths of Christianity are under attack today. The Enemy  wants to sow as much confusion as he can among true believers in  order to weaken their ability to oppose him through heartfelt prayer  and worship. We can remain on solid ground by continually measuring all we are being told against the perfect standard of God’s Word. This  takes discipline, especially when the leaders whom we thought were  completely faithful to His Word are drifting off course and ignoring  part of what Scripture plainly states for our benefit. In this paper we  take a close look at the doctrine of eternal security and the flawed  arguments that are being used to bring it into disrepute. [Posted 08/04/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - UK Emergency Alerts system  The British government intends to “test” its new emergency alert  system on 23rd April. This will involve sending a text message to all  smartphone users in the UK, accompanied by a shrill siren sound. The  public is being told in advance that this is just a test. But why have a  system like this in the first place? This is yet another ploy by the Elite  to intimidate the public and raise the level of national anxiety at a time when the financial system is tottering. These nasty fear tactics are  being used to impose greater control over the population as a whole.  Christians need to understand what the Children of Wickedness are up  to and not allow themselves to be shaken by these events.   [Posted 25/03/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Eyes Wide Shut No matter how much evidence the sceptic is given, he will continue to  deny anything that conflicts with his world view. This obstinacy lies at  the heart of our fallen nature. In our pride, with eyes wide open, we see nothing. The Enemy knows this and exploits it ruthlessly. In this paper  we show how the placename ‘Columbus’ has been incorporated into an elaborate set of Masonic lines and circles covering most of the United  States. Given that the blueprint for this pattern must have been  prepared about two hundred years ago, we have in these ‘magical  circles’ incontestable evidence that the US, and thus the world as  whole, is controlled from behind the scenes by Freemasonry.   [Posted 15/03/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Age of Electricity Advances in technology are opening up more and more ways to control  mankind. Electrical machines have come to dominate everything we  do. Civilization is literally under the control of the small number of  families who have the ability to increase or reduce the availability of  electricity. This means they can ‘shut down’ civilization if and when it  suits them to do so. The media never refers to this remarkable  concentration of political and economic power in the hands of the  same families who direct the World Economic Forum. In this paper we show why the Age of Electricity is central to Satan’s plan to bring in the Antichrist. [Posted 09/03/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Moneychangers The really, really rich are experts at hiding the extent of their wealth.  Most of it is obtained through fraud and theft and then laundered  through the banking system to make it appear legitimate. The  fractional-reserve banking system itself is nothing but a printing press  for the ultra-rich. Every loan issued is the property of the institution  that issues it. Since the banking system, with the central bank at its  helm, is owned and controlled by a cabal of ultra-rich families, the  money created in this way goes straight into their pockets. They can  then use this vast wealth to buy political parties and media  organizations. If the public bothered to look beyond the media  smokescreen, they would find that these families are generational  Luciferians, that they despise Christianity and the LORD God of the  Bible, and that they are preparing to use war and mayhem on a scale  never seen before to usher in a new world order where they will end up  owning everything. [Posted 21/02/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Died suddenly We are hearing this phrase  “died suddenly” – with greater frequency. It used to be rare, especially in relation to young adults and children. If a young person died suddenly or unexpectedly, it was generally due to  an accident or misadventure. Even the elderly, bedbound for a long  period, did not “die suddenly” but gradually. The term “died suddenly” is also an emotional expression, a way the bereaved can say, It was a  shock to all of us, we never saw it coming. In this paper we give  convincing evidence that our governments saw it coming. It is  becoming clear that many senior figures in our society may be guilty of  a very serious crime. [Posted 10/02/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - An Overview of Medical Tyranny One sometimes hears of sadistic killers who were well-respected  members of the community. Their public persona was so convincing  that, even after they are convicted and sent to prison, many of their  friends and neighbors refuse to believe they are guilty. They are unable  to accept that this seemingly good person was really a monster. This  shows how well evil can hide itself and how unwilling we are to accept  the evidence, even when it is set out in detail before us. The Covid hoax  and the follow-up vaccine scandal are hidden from public view by a  similar wall of disbelief. How could so many people in high positions,  the people we trust to protect our community, turn out to be so wicked  and deceitful? In this paper we examine a multitude of evidence  showing the extent of their guilt. [Posted 05/02/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Maranatha or a Protestant Purgatory? The early Christians lived each day in the real expectation that Christ  could come for his Bride at any time. They often used the expression  Maranatha! – ‘Our Lord, come!’ – to remind each other of the Lord’s  imminent return. This attitude has been almost entirely lost today. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find Christians who glow with this  certainty. Too many are falling for the false Arminian belief that there  is something we must do to supplement what Jesus did for us on  Calvary. This has caused some to wonder if the Church must go  through part of the Tribulation. In this paper we provide sound  Scriptural reasons to cast aside all doubt and live more fully in the joy  of our salvation. [Posted 21/01/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The attack on the Lord’s Supper The ordinance known as the Lord’s Supper, the eucharist or  communion is at the heart of Christian worship. To attack it in any  way, as the Illuminati did in 2020 under the cover of ‘Covid’, is to  attack Christianity itself. In this paper we reflect on this attack, on the  way it was carried out, and why the institutional church has been so  blind to the harm it has caused. Christians will need to deepen their  understanding of this wonderful ordinance if they are to fend off the  next attack and stand firm against the Enemy. [Posted 14/01/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Five Hundred Year War Every day our televisions broadcast a segment known as ‘The News’.  This recurring item has conditioned us to believe that the issues that  really matter are being brought to our attention. But we know this  simply isn’t true. More often than not ‘The News’ is being used to  confuse and distract us. The issues that really matter have been around for a long time, but we are not meant to think about them. Chief  among these is the Five Hundred Year War. [Posted 02/01/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Televised Fear One of the most potents weapons being used against mankind is fear.  To be really effective, however, this fear needs to be controlled.  Television is ideal for this purpose. It enables fear-inducing scenarios  to be generated, packaged and streamlined. The public absorbs the  imagery and the message, both of which can be tailored as required.  The impact of a shocking event can be greatly amplified by television,  where everyone is fed the approved narrative and interprets the event  accordingly. Television also enables the shock footage to be repeated  over and over again, driving the fear and associated anxieties further  into the mind and heart of the viewer. [Posted 17/12/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - COP27 and the new ‘ten commandments’ Christians have difficulty recognizing just how wicked and duplicitous  their world leaders have become. They are now engaging in activities  in plain view which show that they intend to inflict great harm on  humanity. In this paper we examine the recent UN conference on  ‘climate change’, known as COP27, where further strides were made  toward the enslavement of Europe and N America using the hoax  known as global warming. They have even published their own version  of the Ten Commandments and intend to formulate a ‘Third  Covenant’. [Posted 12/12/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Asking God for greater understanding With each passing day we hear of further attempts by the Marxist  goons who rule the West to impose yet another layer of totalitarian  control. Pandemic ‘passports’ are on the way, while children in Canada will soon be able to avail of “assisted suicide”. It is now possible in  most, if not all states in the US to forcibly remove children from their  parents if they refuse to have them vaccinated. The parents can be  declared mentally incompetent and guilty of “medical neglect.” This  prospect is one of the most frightening that any family could face.  These are evil days. Before long we will likely see a shift into a new  phase of the Communist plan to control the world. When that happens  Christians everywhere will need to come to a greater understanding of  Satan’s scheme to usurp Christ, destroy the church, and enslave  humanity. [Posted 02/12/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Century of Denial It is very hard to land a blow on an enemy one cannot see. It is equally  difficult to avoid being struck by such an enemy. The Word of God  warns again and again of the many devices that wicked men use to  deceive and exploit the righteous. It is incumbent upon us to learn, as  it were, the art of self defense. This applies, not only to individuals, but to the church as a whole. In this paper we examine the efforts made by  two Popes to expose the vile cult of Freemasonry and to impress upon  Catholics, and the world as whole, the terrible harm it would do if left  unchecked. [Posted 22/11/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Diabolical Snare One of the least used words in our modern world is repentance. In this  paper we give copious evidence to show that the institutional church is  in dire need of repentance. Its leaders have behaved abominably and  the vast majority of its members have failed to ask the most obvious  questions about their wholesale endorsement of official government  policy regarding ‘Covid’. The Word of God has been cast aside and  replaced with pseudo-scientific dogma and Marxist propaganda. There is little recognition of the great harm which these grievous sins are  causing the visible church or their implications for its future well-   being. [Posted 10/11/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Face to Face In his appalling pride, man likes to imagine that he will someday  become a god. What is more, he believes he can do this through his  own ingenuity and intelligence. Alas, the Enemy has greatly deceived  him and a dreadful judgment awaits all who reject the salvation  offered freely by Jesus. The great End Time judgment is described in  the Book of Revelation, a work in which the Wrath of God finds full  expression. However it is preceded by six Epistles which collectively  serve as a thoughtful, almost gentle, introduction to the terrible events  described in the Book of Revelation. These Epistles contain blessed  insights into these events and show why they are central to the  program of Redemption. [Posted 30/10/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Order Out of Chaos  The Babylonians want to create a new world order. Satan has  convinced them that this can only be achieved by completely  destroying the existing order. If they can do this, they believe, the new  world order will emerge of itself from the wreckage of the old one,  almost through a process of alchemical transformation. They are  currently finalizing their preparations for these catastrophic events,  but are doing so in a way that will disguise their involvement. In this  paper we will show how the public has been conditioned to believe, in  due course, the official account so that, when the Great Reset occurs,  very few will discern a hidden hand behind these awful events. [Posted 14/10/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Dark Winter  The behavior of liars and psychopaths is difficult to predict. An honest  man, on the other hand, will seldom surprise us. There is generally a  fair and just way to do something, and he does it that way. The  servants of Satan are in a different category entirely. They have many  ways of behaving badly and causing harm. They also exploit the  integrity and predictability of others to advance their own agenda.  Thankfully, the Word of God tells us where they are going and what  they want to achieve. We know also that they are planning a “dark  winter” and a “great reset”. Our task, as Christians, is to anticipate  these events as best we can and expose the criminality behind it. [Posted 07/10/2022]    
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