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“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - The Minefield known as Near-Death Experiences The phenomenon known as a ‘near-death experience’ [NDE] was first  given this name in 1975. Literature based on NDEs has since become a  leading way of disseminating New Age philosophy. Christians who are  reading NDE material are leaving themselves wide open to deception.  Beguiled by highly seductive accounts of visits to “heaven” they are  starting to reinterpret the Bible to fit this new paradigm. Some are  even wondering if they, too, should be having these experiences. In our paper we examine the way this ancient pagan phenomenon has been  re-packaged by the Enemy to undermine faith in God’s Word. [Posted 11/05/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - How to slowly crush a small country Ireland is governed by a Marxist regime which is doing everything it  can to harm our country. These liars are growing more brazen by the  day. In their latest stunt they have opened the country to a flood of  Ukrainian ‘refugees’. These immigrants, who will increase our  population by at least 4 per cent, will receive free housing and a range  of social benefits, all at the expense of the Irish taxpayer. The country  is already sinking under a mountain of debt, but it would seem that  this godless regime is not satisfied with the current rate of decay. It  also plans to amend the Constitution to enable the state to expropriate  private property. All of this is Marxist to the core. They despise the  order established by God and will continue along their existing course  unless they are stopped. [Posted 04/05/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Source of Spiritual Blindness The depth of spiritual blindness in the world today is breathtaking.  The Bible warned that this would come about in the End Time. Men  are certainly lovers of themselves, covetous, proud, boastful,  blasphemers, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.  We can see evidence of this everywhere. In this paper we examine  passages of Scripture which address this awful spiritual phenomenon  and the way it has accelerated in recent years. [Posted 24/04/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Green Man symbolism in the Irish Passport The occult Elite are like animals that go around putting their scent on  everything in their domain, claiming it as their own. For centuries they  have had to do this via symbolism since outright claims of ownership  and dominance would be met with serious resistance. But times have  changed and the level of discernment among the general population  has fallen through the floor. As a result, the frequency, character and  audacity of these symbols has grown considerably over the past ten  years, to the point where they now spell out a sinister message. The  new Irish passport is a brazen example of this. [Posted 15/04/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Coming transition to Digital Money The New World Order will use advanced technology and powerful  computer systems to control mankind. This will entail the abolition of  cash and the transition to a financial system based entirely on a digital  currency. There are strong indications that this transition could take  place in 2022. The Elite may stage a major crisis in the banking system to justify the radical changes that they are now planning to make. We  would urge all of our readers to weigh the implications of this for their  families and their community. [Posted 06/04/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Any discussion of the Rapture of the church must be accompanied by a careful examination of Scripture. Our opinions are irrelevant. If we  take the Bible as the revealed Word of God then we are obliged to use  it as our sole guide in determining where the Rapture fits in the  sequence of End Time events. Alas, many who claim to be faithful to  His Word are not doing so. In this paper we highlight some of the  main areas of confusion and show how Scripture itself provides the  answers. [Posted 02/04/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Artificial intelligence and the supernatural Artificial intelligence technology has advanced in leaps and bounds  over the past ten years. The transhumanist future that the Elite are  planning for mankind will make significant use of this technology. A  new kind of computer processor has also been developed which  allegedly works by performing computations at a quantum or  interdimensional level. This offers processing speeds that are vastly  greater, by orders of magnitude, than the fastest supercomputers in  operation today. The interdimensional nature of this technology  compels one to ask whether a non-physical intelligence could interact  with it and, if so, what implications this would have for mankind? [Posted 27/03/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Wireless mind control Many scientific papers have been published over the past 15 years or  so dealing with aspects of wireless mind control. The public is largely  unaware of these papers and, while some may attract comment from  time to time in the mainstream media, the ‘big picture’ behind them is  ignored. Collectively they set out a technology that is far more  advanced than most of us realize. This is all part the Antichrist  transhumanist agenda being pursued by the New World Order. In this  paper we show how this system of mind control will work and why it  has the potential to inflict great harm on humanity. [Posted 17/03/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Face of Tyranny It is hard for the average person to accept that they are easily deceived. We all like to think we are immune to the tricks that conmen employ  to steal what is rightfully ours. The Ruling Elite, however, are masters  of deception. They got to where they are by using lies of immense  sophistication, lies which they artfully direct at our weakest points.  Over many generations they have been moving steadily toward a  worldwide system of control where they alone own everything. The  tyranny and enslavement that they envisage for mankind is horrifying.  In this paper we examine the face behind this tyranny and the strange  reluctance by most of society to believe that this could ever happen. [Posted 10/03/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Official Government figures prove the vaccines are harmful For those who believe most of what their government is telling them  about Covid, this paper will be an eye-opener. We look at the official  figures for England and Scotland on hospitalizations due to ‘Covid’.  The medical authorities who publish these statistics are pretending  that they are easily misinterpreted and are deliberately suppressing  the troubling truth behind them. The stark reality is that these figures,   which are endorsed by the government itself, reveal very clearly the  harmful impact of the Covid vaccines to date and the underlying trend  toward greater harm in the future. [Posted 27/02/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The LORD’s memorial scroll  On 15 December the people of Ireland were given what might well  amount to a final warning. The wicked are in the driving seat and seem determined to inflict as much damage on our country as they possibly  can. Meanwhile the corporate media gloss over their crimes in typical  Marxist fashion. The public at large are steeped in propaganda and  unable to evaluate anything in an objective, rational fashion. Their  continued failure to read and believe God’s Word is certain to have  dire consequences. [Posted 16/02/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Song of Solomon Many Bible commentators have tied themselves in knots trying to  unravel the narrative in The Song of Solomon. Most of them treat it  from the outset as an allegory and interpret it accordingly, guided by  assumptions which have no scriptural justification. Few treat it as a  series of actual events, expressed in cryptic, poetic language. Once one  sees the general plot line, it is not too difficult to identify the speaker  in each instance and make sense of every verse. It is important today  that all believers grasp the significance of this book and take to heart  its wonderful central message. [Posted 05/02/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Baruch and The Rapture Many elements in the Illuminati plan to create chaos have been  activated. More are on the way. The list keeps getting longer. If  believers allow themselves to be distracted or upset by all that the  Enemy is doing, they could lose sight of the one task that really  matters, namely spreading the Gospel. In this paper we examine one  of the main reasons why professing Christians are unable to recognize  how serious the world situation has become. [Posted 31/01/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Rest in the LORD  The hour is late, the world is changing, and many End Time signs are  coming into view. As the author of the letter to the Hebrews said,  believers must continue to meet and exhort one another, and to do so  even more as they “see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25). The  Enemy will try to prevent this, just as he did during the height of the  so-called pandemic. All kinds of rules and restrictions will be invented  to limit the assembly of the saints. In this paper we examine the way  fear will be used to unsettle the faithful and keep them from  proclaiming the Gospel. [Posted 20/01/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Ten Plagues of Egypt Great advances in technology have been made over the past four  decades or so but much of this has been achieved under the cover of  military secrecy. The Enemy is preparing a number of “weapon  systems” for use against mankind. Some will be based on outright  deception, such as an alien invasion, while others will focus on social  control. The same technology would also appear to allow the Enemy to  counterfeit the Ten Plagues of Egypt and thereby “avenge” the  humiliation recorded in the Book of Exodus. This paper examines how  it might be done. [Posted 09/01/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why Covid vaccines will harm children Many of our readers are greatly perplexed by the general failure across  society to see that the Covid vaccines are dangerous and should not be  given to children. Adults may choose to harm themselves with these  experimental, untested hi-tech concoctions, but they have no authority to inflict them on their children. We hope this short paper will provide  our readers with a respectful way of urging friends and colleagues,  who may be planning to take this step, to think again. [Posted 30/12/21] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Biosensors are being implanted via Covid vaccines There is a wealth of information on the Internet, for those who care to  look, showing that the Covid “vaccines” contain numerous ingredients  which have nothing to do with human health issues. The World  Economic Forum has boasted that biosensors are being used to collect  huge quantities of data on “the surveillance and tracking of  coronavirus.” They are calling this technology “The Internet of  Bodies.” The bodies in question are human bodies, and the biosensors  in question have been implanted, without their knowledge or approval, in all recipients of a Covid vaccine shot. The Ruling Elite are building a worldwide surveillance and tracking system, a prison without walls. [Posted 23/12/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why most church leaders are silent We have heard many expressions of disbelief at the collapse of the  professing Christian church. Who would have thought that an  institution with so many seemingly upstanding members could submit so easily and so quickly? Virtually none of our pastors and elders have  dared to question the unfolding Covid tyranny, even as Austria has  made these dangerous vaccines mandatory and other EU member  states, including Germany, appear ready to follow suit. The quarantine camps are being prepared. We examine the reasons for this appalling  betrayal by our so-called Christian leaders and the awful impact that  this will have on our society, in particular the future well-being of our  children. [Posted 14/12/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Irish parents are being taught to obey orders We are now witnessing great crimes against humanity. The rule of law  has been replaced by a creeping tyranny. Bit by bit the masses are  being drawn into an iron net. Propaganda plays a key role in all of this. The public continues to believe that their governments “care” for them  and that their policies are designed to promote their welfare. In years  to come Irish children (those who survive) will ask their parents why  they allowed the state to inject them with an untested, experimental  genetic serum, and their parents will reply: “Dearest child, we were  only following orders.” [Posted 06/12/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Lone Voices and Vaccine Harm We live in an age of extremes – extreme stupidity, extreme  indifference, extreme selfishness. Few people bother to consider a  matter in a rational manner, based on the evidence. Instead they  simply shrug their shoulders and accept the conventional opinion. In  this paper we highlight the work of two brave individuals, men who  took serious risks to expose the dark world of vaccine carnage. Please  share this paper with those (who are likely to listen) who intend to  take a vaccine booster. [Posted 01/12/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The world is under demonic attack The modern secular mindset is unable to process the notion that  demons exist, that they can cause harm to humans, or that certain  individuals actually choose to work with demons for personal gain.  The chaos in the world at this time is largely a product of deception.  The architects of the coming ‘New World Order’ are working with high ranking demons to foment chaos and confusion, to deceive the masses,  and to lure society as a whole into a deadly trap. In this paper we show  how this plan, which is highly organized and which has now reached a  critical phase, is in every sense a demonic attack on humanity. [Posted 25/11/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Satirizing insanity is not easy Many commentators on the existing state of the world have baulked at  the need to continually report on one sickening development after  another. Satire, however, has traditionally allowed us to talk about  very unpleasant things in a slightly tongue-in-cheek manner, with less  personal discomfort. Alas, it is not easy to satirize the New World  Order, but we have done our best in this paper. Perhaps our sense of  humor will be a bit opaque in places but we hope most of our readers  will find some light relief. God bless. [Posted 10/11/2021]  
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the 'big picture' and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. Papers on this website were downloaded around a half million times  over the past 12 months. Readers who wish to download a large  number of papers for future reference should contact us and request a  Dropbox link to all of our papers, grouped by year.   
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