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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
We   are   keen   to   raise   awareness   generally   of   the   dangers   posed   by   the coming   New   World   Order   and   the   forces   behind   it   -   and   to   do   so   from a born-again Christian perspective. The   accent   throughout   is   on   verifiable   facts,   namely   material   that   the reader   can   confirm   to   his   or   her   satisfaction   from   other   sources.   The site   tries   to   identify   and   describe   the   'big   picture'   and,   in   particular, how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible. Our   basic   premise   is   that   traditional   Bible-based   Christianity   is   under attack   in   a   systematic   and   often   insidious   way   in   all   parts   of   the   world today.   The   tragedy   is   that   most   Christians   do   not   seem   to   be   aware   of this.    Our    papers    are    designed    to    expose    this    strategy,    the    people behind   it,   and   the   methods   they   are   using   to   undermine   and   destroy Christianity. Our   papers   were   accessed   about   700,000   times   in   the   8-year   period 2009-2016.   Readers   who   wish   to   download   several   papers   at   once may   do   so   by   going   to   the   Internet   Archive   website   (where   our   papers are grouped by year) and searching on the name 'Jeremy James.'
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - Androgyny, European Royalty, and the War on Gender A    very    nasty    war    is    being    waged    in    secret    against    the absolute   distinction   between   male   and   female.   The   target,   as usual,   is   Christianity   and   the   natural   order   established   by God.    This    paper    examines    the    history    of    androgyny    and shows   why   it   is   central   to   paganism   and   the   New   World Order. [Posted 18/01/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Talk on Irish Radio about the New World Order This   talk   is   the   sixth   in   a   series   of   interviews   given   on   LMFM radio,   based   in   Drogheda.   The   subjects   discussed   include homosexuality,   abortion,   the   occult,   Israel,   Bible   prophecy, and the New World Order.  [Posted 18/01/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Scriptural Basis for the Lord’s Day   The    Biblical    foundation    for    the    Lord's    Day    is    not    well understood.    It    is    often    confused    with    the    Sabbath.    This paper   examines   its   origin   and   shows   why   believers   may   need to   reflect   more   deeply   on   its   significance   and   the   precious opportunity that it gives to draw closer to God.     [Posted 02/01/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The US Betrayal of Israel The    US    failed    to    veto    a    resolution    by    the    UN    Security Council    on    23    December    2016    which    is    deeply    hostile    to      Israel.    This    has    given    rise    to    a    situation    which    is    now irretrievable,    regardless    of    the    attitude    of    the    incoming President.    Obama’s    calamitous    decision    will    have    major implications   for   the   Middle   East,   the   US,   and   the   rest   of   the world. [Posted 29/12/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Sign of Jonah - Three Days and Three Nights An   accurate   analysis   of   Scripture   will   show   that   Jesus   was crucified   on   a   Wednesday,   not   a   Friday,   and   that   he   was three   full   days   and   three   full   nights   in   the   tomb.   This   paper also   gives   strong   evidence   that   the   Crucifixion   took   place   on Wednesday 7th April, 32 A.D.  [Posted 18/12/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Gene Splicing is a Major Sign of the End Time Genetic   engineering   is   so   advanced   that   hybrid   species   and chimeras   can   now   be   made   in   a   lab.   The   technique   known   as CRISPR,   along   with   stem   cell   research,   has   made   it   possible to   alter   the   human   genome.   If   this   is   taken   too   far,   man   will no   longer   be   made   in   the   image   and   likeness   of   God.   This has   major   implications   for   our   understanding   of   End   Time prophecy.  [Posted 09/12/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why Dinosaurs are a Hoax Many   people   will   find   it   difficult   to   accept   that   dinosaurs   are pure   fiction.   They   have   never   existed.   Their   only   purpose   is to   contradict   the   Bible   and   reinforce   the   bogus   belief   that the   earth   is   billions   of   years   old.   This   paper   shows   how   the hoax    was    initiated    and    why    the    ‘science’    behind    it    is pathetically flawed.  [Posted 26/11/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The possibility of a Constitutional crisis in the US The   political   situation   in   the   US   at   present   is   very   volatile. The    failure    to    fill    the    vacancy    on    the    Supreme    Court,    in violation    of    the    Constitution,    may    be    part    of    a    plan    to provoke   a   crisis.   This   paper   examines   the   background   to   this and   the   speed   with   which   the   situation   could   spiral   out   of control.  [Posted 12/11/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Alpha Course , Ecumenism, and Romanism One   of   the   best   ways   to   suppress   the   gospel   is   to   teach   a   false one.   This   has   several   advantages:   It   gets   naive   people   to   co- operate   in   its   suppression;   it   meets   with   little   resistance; and   it   creates   large   numbers   of   false   converts.   The   latter   is especially   troubling   since   someone   who   falsely   believes   he   is saved   is   much   less   likely   to   hear   the   true   gospel   message when   it   is    preached.   The   Alpha   Course    is   one   of   the   most subversive    programs    in    the    evangelical    church    today.    Its overriding     purpose     is     to     bring     Roman     Catholics     and Evangelicals   closer   together,   with   a   view   to   creating   a   single worldwide       Christian       institution.       It       is       Ecumenism, Romanism,   and   the   false   gospel,   all   rolled   together   into   one program.   No   Bible-believing   church   should   have   anything   to do with it.  [Posted 01/11/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why the Enemy Hates the Pre-Tribulation Rapture The   Roman   Catholic   church   has   placed   many   of   her   people in    positions    of    influence    among    the   Evangelical   community. These    profess    to    defend    true    Biblical    Christianity    but    in practise    they    work    together    to    lure    born-again    Christians into    the    grip    of    Rome.    One    of    her    shills    could    attack    a particular   doctrine,   while   another   would   pretend   to   defend it.   This   is   how   the   Great   Apostasy   is   being   engineered.   One doctrine    they    really    seem    to    hate    is    the    Pre-Tribulation Rapture.   This   paper   reveals   a   depressing   example   of   this   vile strategy.  [Posted 06/10/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Most Feminist Icons are male-to-female Transgenders The   attack   on   Christian   values   and   Biblical   Christianity   in general   is   very   far   advanced.   The   Feminist   movement   has been   an   important   part   of   this   campaign.   While   it   may   have seemed   constructive   on   the   surface,   it   served   a   very   dark purpose.   Most   of   its   leaders   were   not   natural   women   at   all, but male-to-female transgenders.  [Posted 27/09/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Curse of Abortion in Ireland The   government   of   Ireland   is   likely   to   announce   very   shortly the    date    of    a    national    referendum    on    whether    or    not    to repeal    the    Eighth    Amendment    to    the    Constitution.    This amendment   protects   the   life   of   the   unborn   and   is   a   major   obstacle     to     the   introduction   of   abortion   on   demand.   This paper    sets    out    the    real    story     behind    the    forth-coming referendum   and   the   dark   Luciferian   agenda   behind   it.   The Baal-worshipping     families     that     have     ruled     Ireland     for generations    are    very    anxious    to    get    into    step    with    their Illuminati     counterparts     in     other     countries,     where     the slaughter   of   unborn   children   is   commonplace.   Please   share this paper with others [Posted 22/09/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Simple Scientific Proof that the Earth is Flat The   best   way   to   establish   the   truth   of   any   proposition   is   to test   and   prove   it   for   oneself.   This   paper   shows   how   anyone with   a   good   quality   telescopic   camera   can   prove   that   the earth   is   flat.   It   is   important   that   Christian   leaders   take   this question   seriously   and   challenge   the   false   cosmology   taught by    modern    science.    The    earth    is    exactly    as    the    Bible describes   it   –   flat,   stationary,   and   infinitely   larger   than   the sun.  [Posted 14/09/2016]    
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