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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - The Controlled Opposition The Satanic World System is moving into top gear. The governments  of the world are working together to poison and enslave the nations.  Alas millions of people who ought to know better are stepping back  and letting them do it. They are rolling up their sleeves, not to brace  for a fight, but to accept an injection which could potentially kill them. They even encourage their family and friends to do likewise. This kind  of suicidal programming took many years to achieve, but its now  getting results. The mental conditioning techniques that made this  possible included one known as “the controlled opposition.”  Christians need to understand, even at this late hour, the extent to  which the Enemy has used this technique to dupe the unwary and lure countless millions into a deadly trap. [Posted 17/06/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Hate Crime legislation to suppress free speech Time is running out. The government is bringing in legislation to   silence dissent and criminalize anyone who dares to challenge their  Marxist lies or expose their sordid schemes. The Criminal Justice  (Hate Crime) Bill is a farrago of nonsense, but a dangerous farrago. If  it is passed into law, all public discussion of what the government is  doing to weaken and enslave our nation will be suppressed. The  ultimate target is Christianity in Ireland. Please share this paper  widely. [Posted 07/06/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A satirical look at the New World Order Increasingly we are asked, ‘How on earth do I get my friends to  understand the threat we are facing?’ The blindness seems to be  universal. After all, who in their right mind would take a potent  experimental vaccine which had never been properly tested, not even  on animals? In this overview we try to spell out the dangers that lie  ahead, but in a new, graphical format. Perhaps it will offer our readers an additional way of alerting their sceptical friends, church members,  and social circle. Please share it widely. [Posted 25/05/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Warning Signs of End Time Treachery If you are lost in the hills in a storm, a compass can save your life. A  tiny needle which just happens to point north – unfailingly – can  make the difference between narrow survival and a lonely death. A  great spiritual darkness has descended on the world. Millions are lost  and a tremendous storm is brewing. Alas, most of them don’t know it  yet. They have no compass, the “still small voice” which guides our  soul (1 Kings 19:12). Without it, they can easily give credence to fables, fallacies and lies. For those who can see where this is leading, the vista is unnerving. It is like watching a bus filled with carefree tourists  careen over a cliff – in slow motion. Sadly, the pastors and shepherds  who purport to care for and protect the flock have turned their backs  on God’s Word. Blinded by disobedience, they too are sitting in the  coach, singing merrily, and pretending that everything is “nice”. In  this paper we examine these and other disturbing signs of End Time  treachery. [Posted 17/05/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why the Covid vaccines are dangerous The world is in crisis. The mainstream media will not tell you this  because the big media outlets are controlled by the people who are  creating the crisis. The worldwide propaganda machine is  implementing a medical tyranny, where only those are are deemed  “well” will be allowed to enjoy their liberty, albeit within the  parameters set by the ruling elite. Anyone who refuses to take the  Covid vaccine will automatically be categorized as a potential health  hazard and placed in some form of quarantine, from self-isolation at  home to semi-permanent relocation in an internment camp. If the  public understood what was happening, they could resist. But the vast majority seem to understand nothing. In particular they are ignoring  all the evidence which shows that the Covid vaccines are dangerous.  In this paper we set out the reasons for this, drawing extensively on  the views expressed by Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a very distinguised  microbiologist based in Germany. Please share this paper with as  many people as you can. [Posted 04/05/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Killing has Started The blindness of humanity is hard to understand. We would take  immediate action if a total stranger verbally abused a member of our  family, but we are prepared to let the same family member receive a  potent experimental vaccine that hasn’t even been tested on animals.  In this paper we examine the shocking betrayal of the Irish people by  their own medical profession. We show how this betrayal is made  even more evident by a recent study which exposes the fraud and  deception of the Irish government. The criminal activity by our  government was made possible only by the sinister indifference of the  medical profession and active support from key health personnel.  Sadly, elderly men and women across Ireland are now dying from the  Covid vaccines. The killing has started and a great tragedy is  unfolding. [Posted 20/04/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Judas and the coming One World Religion The long-running war against God is now being fought at a greatly  accelerated pace. The Enemy is exploiting his iron grip on advanced  technology to press forward like never before. The sleeping church is  being brushed aside as though it never existed. Space is being cleared  for the coming One World Religion. In step with this we are  witnessing a violent assault on the concept of sin. Traditional values  are being attacked in the most insolent way. To top it all, the Pope is  trying to convince the world that Judas has been greatly  misunderstood and that his role in the Gospel narrative needs to be  re-evaluated. In this paper we reveal the blueprint that Rome is  following and the degree to which it is now being driven by occult  beliefs. [Posted 12/04/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Warning of Genocide Modern technology offers remarkable scope for inflicting harm on  humanity. Overt acts of violence will normally elicit a defensive  response, but if the attack is disguised beneath a cloak of altruism and good-will, the intended victims will likely open their front door and  invite the killer into the kitchen. Vaccine campaigns are an ideal way  to debilitate, disable or kill large numbers of people. Since few dare to  question the integrity of the medical profession, rumors of bad faith  and unethical conduct tend not to travel very far. Also, they are  usually extremely difficult to prove. However, warnings sometimes  issue from very credible sources and deserve to be taken seriously. In  this paper we examine the case made in the past few months by three  individuals whose backgrounds lend great weight to their claim that  the Covid vaccine program is part of a dangerous and well  orchestrated attack on western society. [Posted 05/04/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Vaccine Propaganda and the Hidden Hand Four former US Presidents recently made a couple of videos in which  they shamelessly endorsed the Covid vaccine program. Seemingly  everything will return to normal as soon as the American people do  what they’re told. One of the videos was a sinister Masonic ritual  which confirmed the astonishing contempt which the ultra-rich ruling elite have for the average citizen. Having inflicted immense harm on  their economy and their social fabric, these Christ-hating deceivers  are now trying to coerce millions of innocent people into taking a  high-risk, medically useless ‘vaccine’. [Posted 27/03/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Blessed Hope The post-Covid normality that so many crave will not return. The  Communists will continue to dangle this prospect before the people,  using it as a tool to lead them by the nose into the next phase of their  enslavement. Christians who love the literal truth of God’s Word,  however, can see how this cunning trap has been designed. They are  sustained by a better hope rooted firmly in the promises of God. When a sense of despondency threatens to overwhelm us, we can remind  ourselves of this blessed hope and retrieve our peace of mind - “for  His mercy endureth forever.” [Posted 17/03/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Fraud, Lies and Treachery by the Irish Government Ireland is at a crossroads. So too is every other democratic nation on  earth. Our governments are working against us to impose a New  World Order. The Covid ‘pandemic’ is being used to advance this  agenda. In this paper we give conclusive evidence that the Irish  government is out of control and behaving in a criminally  irresponsible way. We would ask all patriots to bring this paper to the  attention of friends and neighbors, and in particular anyone of  integrity who can help to raise the alarm. We are calling on the  Director of Public Prosecutions to intervene as a matter of urgency. [Posted 02/03/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Twelve reasons why no-one should take the Covid vaccine The Covid vaccines are experimental, high risk, and unnecessary. The  media is working in concert with the pharmaceutical industry and the  government to frighten and mislead the public. As a result a large  percentage of the population are willing to take the vaccine. If you  know someone who may be about to take that step and you wish to  inform them of the risks, this paper may help. [Posted 24/02/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Worldwide Jewish Prayer of 21 February In this paper we discuss the worldwide Jewish prayer scheduled for  18.00 Jerusalem time on Sunday 21 February. The prayer calls for the  immediate public appearance of the Moshiach (Messiah) and the  revelation of the “Great and One” name of the “Master of the  Universe.” It also calls for the restoration of the divine presence to the  temple which the Jews are planning to build in Jerusalem. All Jews  around the world are being invited to participate – “all Jews as one.” [Posted 20/02/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Those who Twist Romans 13 Christians cannot remain silent while elderly members of the church  are being threatened with high-risk, experimental Covid vaccines. The people who run the world from behind the scenes are waging a deadly  campaign against democracy and constitutional government.  Christians are being told by counterfeit teachers and pastors that their governments are “God-ordained” and that they must do as their  political leaders decree. These false teachers – Masonic imposters,  Marxists, and Jesuit coadjutors – are deliberately twisting Romans 13  in order to keep their flocks under subjection and fully compliant with the rules and regulations imposed by the Illuminist cabal. Even  though there is a mountain of evidence to show that these vaccines are dangerous, a great many Christians are blind to what is happening. [Posted 06/02/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Pandemic Panic and the Ten Commandments The so-called Covid pandemic has been designed by the Elite to inflict  great damage on society. It has also been designed to harm the  Church. In doing so it is exploiting the great gap that exists between  true Christian leaders, who are a small minority, and the institutional  office holders who seem perfectly genuine until they are called upon  to defend Biblical truth. These spineless imposters find endless  excuses to justify their inaction, their indifference and – incredibly –  their willingness to ignore or set aside several of the Ten  Commandments. In this paper we show just how far this betrayal has  gone. [Posted 26/01/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Lion of Judah Christians today, by and large, have forgotten the Lion of Judah. Most of them have no idea who he is or why he is so important to the future  of mankind. In this paper we explore the verses of Scripture which  describe this wonderful being – the Son of God in his martial aspect –  and the fatal, devastating blow that he will deal to the Children of  Wickedness when he returns. Let those who grieve reflect with joy on  these immensely uplifting verses. [Posted 20/01/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Irish are Being Told Appalling Lies about Covid The patriot movement, Anti-Corruption Ireland, submitted a number  of requests to the Health Service Executive under the Freedom of  Information Act in late December 2020. The HSE was asked to  provide a list of records in its archive in relation to lockdowns, mask-   wearing, social distancing and Covid vaccines where the record  addressed the scientific basis or justification for each. Incredibly the  HSE replied that it had no records of this nature. None. Nada. Zip.  Zero. Zilch. So our country is being destroyed, both economically and  socially, by ruinous lockdowns and draconian rules which have no  scientific justification whatever. The wealthy elite who control our  country, and the politicians who serve them, are guilty of very serious  crimes. [Posted 11/01/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Downright Dangerous  The so-called Covid pandemic is a spiritual war on humanity. Satan  and his earthly servants are bringing in a new social order where the  average person is docile and obedient, in thrall to propaganda (in the  form of ‘education’, entertainment, ‘news’, and ‘science’), and highly  receptive to subliminal mind control techniques. To perfect this new  social order he needs to eliminate our will to resist. Pharmacology  holds the key, while vaccines provide the ideal means of delivery. The  Covid vaccine will be the first in a series of vaccines, all of which will  be deemed essential in a world where pandemic terror is stoked  continually by lying scientists and odious politicians. In this paper we  will explore some of the factors which show that these vaccines are  “downright dangerous,” as one prominent expert put it. [Posted 04/01/2021] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Seven Seal Judgments The Book of Revelation tells us where mankind is going. The  wickedness in the heart of man will eventually culminate in a dreadful rebellion against all that is holy and righteous. When this happens the  LORD will afflict all who dwell upon the earth with a series of severe  judgments or trials. In this paper we examine the seven ‘Seal’  judgments and show how they are connected to events and trends  already taking place across the world. We begin with an examination  of the chemtrail phenomenon, a program designed to destroy our  environment which, incredibly, has been operating in plain view for  nearly 40 years. [Posted 30/12/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Deadly Experiment on Humanity Many fondly imagine that mankind got past the threat of ‘mutual  assured destruction’ with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. We had  come of age, apparently. But thermonuclear devices do not exist and  both the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis were a hoax. The  crisis we face today, however, where there are plans afoot to inject the  whole of humanity with an unknown substance, is very real. In a  sense, this is a new ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’, but with vaccines instead of  missiles. And this time the threat of wholesale destruction is  grounded in established science. For the first time in history, Satan  has an opportunity to inflict serious physical harm on the whole of  humanity. [Posted 13/12/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - First Strike Warning A former high-ranking member of Russian Military Intelligence, the  KGB, issued a warning to America on 10 November 2020. It echoes in  many ways what we have been saying in our recent papers. As a born  again Christian and qualified medical doctor living in America, he  cares greatly for his adopted country. He warns in very stark terms of  the turmoil and distress that America will suffer in 2021 and beyond if its people do not wake up and act now. Please read this paper and  heed his words. [Posted 01/12/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Green Zone internment camps coming to America If the CDC had not set out their plans in a published document, most  people would not believe that something so extreme is about to  happen to the United States. The CDC even compares these ‘Green  Zones’ to refugee camps found in other parts of the world, including  Kenya, Syria, Chad and Myanmar. The ‘old’ world order is being  systematically torn down. The planned internment camps are clear  evidence – for those who choose to see it – that America is now under  totalitarian rule. Read this paper and judge for yourself. [Posted 24/11/2020]    
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the 'big picture' and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. Papers on this website were downloaded more than half a million  times in the past 12 months. Readers who wish to download several  papers at once may do so by going to the Internet Archive website  (where our papers are grouped by year) and searching under the term  'Jeremy James New World Order.'  
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