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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - A pharmakeia warning in the Old Testament There are aspects of God’s Word that have particular relevance for the  time we are living in. Most would seem to be well understood, but there  may still be a few whose full significance has been overlooked. In this  paper we examine what we believe to be one such instance. As a warning against the dangers of using mind-altering substances, or unwittingly  exposing oneself to such substances, the passage in question – Ezekiel  13:18-21 – is particularly important, especially given the role that  vaccines now play in modern life. [Posted 12/07/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Germany is being dismantled Political changes on the world stage are happening so fast that we have  difficulty keeping up. Their speed tells us that they are part of a schedule agreed in advance by the parties concerned and, in the rare instances  where the public are told anything, they are given the typical phony  narrative spun by the world powers. Russia, the UK, the US, and China  are all following the same game plan. They are intent on war. Their  leaders work for the same cabal of ultra-rich Luciferians – the so-called  ‘globalists’ – and have no allegiance to the people they profess to serve.  In this paper we provide hard evidence that the top brass in Germany –  politicians, military and industrialists – have betrayed the German  people and are leading their nation into a deadly trap. [Posted 21/06/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Unacceptable Damage The powerful cabal that manipulates world affairs would seem to be on  the point of initiating the chaos that they are convinced is needed to  bring about a ‘new world order’. The Western media are completely  downplaying the incredible political tension that now exists between  Russia and the imposing military alliance known as NATO. In this paper we present documented evidence that the Russians are preparing to  carry out a major attack, seemingly ‘nuclear’, on an undisclosed  European target. We also give compelling evidence that the US regime is deliberately provoking this attack and are fully aware that the Russians  intend to inflict “unacceptable damage”. [Posted 06/06/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - What should the church be doing at this time? Many believers are grieving over the rank indifference by church leaders  to the awful program of moral subversion which our respective  governments have been pursuing over the past ten years. These so-   called leaders are behaving as though the corruption of Christian  morality was a matter of little or no concern to them. In this paper we  examine the many verses in Scripture which condemn their silence,  their failure to sound the alarm and warn the flock. We would encourage our readers to share this paper as widely as possible.  [Posted 03/06/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The number of the beast As political tensions across the world reach a pitch of intensity not seen  since 1945, Christians will need to familiarize themselves with the End  Time events described in the Word of God. They will all come to pass,  just as the Bible foretold. The fact that they are given in Bible prophecy  is reason enough to study them well and come to an understanding of  what they might mean for our respective nations and for the world as a  whole. In this paper we examine the number of the beast, which is  mentioned only in the New Testament, and contrast it with verses in the  Old Testament which appear to anticipate it. [Posted 25/05/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Glamorizing Witchcraft at the Eurovision Song Contest We are witnessing scenes today which would have seemed impossible  ten years ago. When a witch can represent her country at a televised  international event and perform an homage to Satan, we know a line has been crossed. We are now living in dangerous times. And when top  politicians in Ireland broadcast their approval of this wicked act, we  must ask how much further this can go before the LORD God sends a  deafening judgment on this proud, rebellious nation? [Posted 10/05/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - God Answers Job  The modern preoccupation with ‘science’ and ‘reason’ has blinded many  to the fact that their lives are driven by coercive influences which are  grounded in neither science nor reason. The pride of man has convinced  him that he has all the answers, but what use are the ‘answers’ if they  address all the wrong questions? The Enemy does all he can to keep us  from asking the only question that matters. Until we do, we are at the  mercy of our own fallen nature. [Posted 05/05/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - There is no Gematria in the Bible The Enemy is using every cunning device in his bag of tricks to mislead  the unwary and lure them into his den of darkness. Christians ought to  see what he’s up to, but all too often they trust the soothing voices of  those who pedal these empty ideas and seductive novelties. One such  distraction is Gematria, the attribution of numerological significance to  letters and words. In this paper we explain why the Bible is not to be  interpreted by this means. [Posted 22/04/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - What should faithful Christians do at this time? Many sincere Christians are seemingly unaware of the true spiritual  condition of the world around them. Others, however, can see how close  we are to the End Time and the awful events that Bible prophecy  foretells. Many in the latter category are asking what they can do to  awaken their brethren or even get them to weigh the evidence. In this  paper we address this question at length and, in the course of doing so,  reveal the sinful silence that afflicts Christian leaders in most parts of  the world. [Posted 13/04/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The false nuclear radiation narrative There are strong indications that the ‘special military operation’ that  Russia is conducting in the Ukraine will soon escalate into a full-scale  war involving a number of countries. President Putin has expressed his  intention to use nuclear weapons if the US sends troops into the conflict.  In light of this we need to consider whether Europe could be threatened  at some stage by radioactive fallout. In this paper we show why, in our  opinion, explosive nuclear devices do not exist and that the threat of  radiation poisoning is merely a psychological ploy. We also discuss the  Illuminati plan to greatly expand the conflict in the Middle East. [Posted 30/03/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Prince of Peace We are a frail and sin-damaged creation, filled with pride and easily  deceived. Alas, this is not what we teach our children and it is definitely  not the message they receive via the media. Even among those who  profess to be Christian there are few who seem to see and accept this.  Where the Bible warns of war and turmoil, deceivers promise peace and  prosperity to mankind. But the Prince of Peace and the Lion of Judah  are the same person. Peace will only come on this earth when the wicked  are destroyed by the Lion of Judah. The peace that we enjoy as believers  is not the ‘peace’ that the world admires. In this paper we explore the  true meaning of Our Lord’s divine title, The Prince of Peace. [Posted 20/03/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Marriage and the Family The ruling Marxist regime failed in its recent attempt to change the  traditional legal meaning of marriage and the family. In the Referendum of March 8th the Irish electorate resoundingly rejected what the  government was trying to do. The Marxists were not allowed to inflict  any further damage on our Constitution. In this paper we examine the  background to this special moment and consider the factors which had a bearing on the outcome. [Posted 11/03/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Great Reset and La Palma We can’t predict the future but we can carefully examine existing  conditions and, on the basis of what happened when similar conditions  existed in the past, make a reasonable assessment of what the future  may hold. This is just common sense. Alas, the majority of people today  believe ‘history’ stopped in 1991 with the break up of the Soviet Union.  The awful conflicts in the Ukraine and Gaza prove beyond doubt that  ‘history’ is as real and raw as ever. So too does the perilous state of the  world financial system. In order to hide their role in the latter, the  architects behind these unfolding events may be preparing a ‘natural’  disaster on the volcanic island of La Palma. A massive landslide on the  island could produce a mega-tsunami that would crash the stock market and bring down the international banking system.  [Posted 01/03/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - AI Censorship Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to underpin much of the  infrastructure that will be used to support the totalitarian New World  Order. It is already playing an important role in surveillance and  censorship. The Internet is being closely monitored by AI to identify  individuals or groups who may oppose the changes which the ‘Elite’  intend to impose. Already AI is conducting low-level censorship through  its inspection of documents that are submitted to online translation  services. In this paper we show how this type of censorship works and  why it points to a much more severe form in the years ahead as AI  secures a ubiquitous presence across all sectors of society. [Posted 26/02/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Zodiac is Babylonian Astrological ideas have come to permeate Western culture in recent  decades. They are based on ancient pagan beliefs and are seen by most  people as harmless. In reality they are a springboard to the occult and an invitation to supernatural entities. There is now a trend to accept Zodiac  signs as remnants of an ancient science, as star configurations ordained  by God. When these vain and foolish ideas are used to interpret Bible  prophecy, great confusion results. In this paper we explain how and why the Enemy devised this harmful Antichrist philosophy.   [Posted 21/02/2024]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Irish government is now attacking the family The Marxist regime that controls Ireland is coercing the electorate to  change the meaning of the term “family” in the Irish Constitution. They  want to dilute this important legal concept to the point where its moral  force is entirely lost. The traditional Christian view of the family in Irish  law will thus be obliterated. The date scheduled for the Referendum is  8th March. Voters will also be asked to remove the existing provision in  Article 41 which states that, where a woman chooses to stay at home to  raise her children, her important contribution to society in doing so will  be recognized. It would appear that the electorate will be swayed once  again by the lies told by our government and will allow the Communists  to take our benighted nation two steps closer to Satan’s ‘New World  Order.’ [Posted 12/02/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Anatomy of End Time Deception We would be fooling ourselves is we thought we could predict everything that the Enemy might do in the period leading into the End Time. He is  much smarter than any of us. Having said that, we know that his work is based on deception. We know also that technology plays a big role in  shaping how people think and what they believe. If we understand the  relevant technology, we can guess how it might be used to deceive us. In  this paper we look at how forgeries and counterfeits have been used in  the past to advance the cause of the Wicked and how they are likely to be used in the years ahead for the same purpose, but in a much more  sophisticated way. [Posted 06/02/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Pandemic Treaty and World Tyranny The fake Covid pandemic worked so well for the architects behind the  coming New World Order that they are certain to run with it a second  time. To achieve maximum effect they need to give binding legal force to edicts issued by the World Health Organization. The proposed  Pandemic Treaty, which is due to be ratified in May, will turn that  organization into an instrument of tyranny. The proponents of the  Treaty are trying to pretend that individual nations will continue to  enjoy complete legal autonomy in an ‘emergency’ situation, but they are  lying. In this paper we provide ample proof that the Treaty is designed  to deal a hammer blow to Western democracy and lay the foundation for world tyranny.  [Posted 22/01/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - When Christian prayer becomes a criminal offense The Church is under severe demonic attack. The state of Victoria in  Australia has passed a law that makes it a criminal offense to pray for  someone who is battling homosexual tendencies. This goes further than  the Irish Bill prohibiting the provision of ‘conversion’ therapy or  counselling for homosexuals. We are now at a watershed moment in the  history of Christianity. The Marxists have finally got a western nation to  treat prayer in relation to certain matters as a crime punishable by law.  The new Australian legislation provides for a prison sentence of up to  ten years for an offense under the Act! Christians everywhere need to  understand that similar laws are planned for other countries and that,  unless believers stand together against this tide of wickedness, the  outcome will be appalling. [Posted 11/01/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Censorship under Ireland’s Marxist regime Ireland is about to become the first Western democracy to criminalize  free speech. The World Economic Forum wants to field test its planned  censorship laws and see how well they work in practise. Ireland’s  Marxist ‘government’ has been quietly preparing legislation for this  purpose. The proposed new law will carry a threat of fines and  imprisonment for a spurious offense known as “hate speech.” The aim is  to silence dissent and intimidate the small minority who might dare to  criticize the ruling regime. Anyone accused of an offense under the new  legislation will be deemed guilty from the outset and treated  accordingly. Their home will be invaded by the police and property  confiscated. When their case finally comes before a court of justice they  will have very little scope under this bizarre new law to contest the  outrageous charges brought against them. Be warned - This legislation is revolutionary. It will undermine Irish democracy and destroy some of  our most cherished Constitutional rights. [Posted 01/01/2024] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Rabbis who opposed the creation of the state of Israel In this paper we examine the attitude generally among Jews to the  creation of the state of Israel in 1948. Many Christians are now asking  themselves whether the formation of the new state was in accordance  with Bible prophecy. If it was, then how are we to understand the forces  that are driving her today and motivating her leaders? Given the role  that Israel plays in End Time prophecy it is important that we study  carefully what God has revealed about these events for our benefit.  [Posted 16/12/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Church has not replaced Israel The tragic events in Gaza are causing many to question the legitimacy of  Israel as a sovereign nation. This is related in part to a doctrine taught  by the Catholic church, as well as many Christian denom-inations,  known as Replacement Theology. It teaches that the Church replaced  Israel in God’s promises when the Jews rejected their Messiah. This  means that all Bible prophecies relating to Israel were fulfilled when  Christ left the earth and none pertain to the End Time. In this paper we  endeavor to show that this not true, that Replacement Theology is  seriously flawed, and that, despite appearances, a sizeable proportion of  world Jewry will accept Jesus as the Messiah when he returns. [Posted 07/12/2023]    
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the ‘big picture’ and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. [2009] Papers on this website were accessed around a million times over the past three years. Readers who wish to download a large number of  papers for future reference should contact us and request a Dropbox  link to our complete archive, grouped by year.  
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