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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
We   are   keen   to   raise   awareness   generally   of   the   dangers   posed   by   the coming   New   World   Order   and   the   forces   behind   it      and   to   do   so from a born-again Christian perspective. The   accent   throughout   is   on   verifiable   facts,   namely   material   that   the reader   can   confirm   to   his   or   her   satisfaction   from   other   sources.   The site   tries   to   identify   and   describe   the   'big   picture'   and,   in   particular, how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible. Our   basic   premise   is   that   traditional   Bible-based   Christianity   is   under attack   in   a   systematic   and   often   insidious   way   in   all   parts   of   the   world today.   The   tragedy   is   that   most   Christians   do   not   seem   to   be   aware   of this.    Our    papers    are    designed    to    expose    this    strategy,    the    people behind   it,   and   the   methods   they   are   using   to   undermine   and   destroy Christianity. Our   papers   were   accessed   nearly   a   million   times   in   the   9-year   period 2009-2017.   Readers   who   wish   to   download   several   papers   at   once may   do   so   by   going   to   the   Internet   Archive   website   (where   our   papers are grouped by year) and searching on the name 'Jeremy James.'
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - The Gall of Dominionism The   Enemy   has   an   astonishing   arsenal   of   lies   with   which   to   attack Biblical    Christianity.    Among    his    very    best    is    the    lie    known    as Dominionism,   the   false   belief   that   the   church   itself   will   bring   in   the kingdom    and    that,    only    when    this    task    is    complete,    will    Christ return.   Our   paper   shows   just   how   dangerous   this   doctrine   is   and why   Christians   must   study   carefully   the   passages   of   Scripture   which prove conclusively that it is false. [Posted 09/04/2018]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Jesuit College Blasphemes Jesus and Attacks Gender Blasphemy   is   one   of   the   great   marks   of   the   End   Time.   The   Enemy takes   immense   pleasure   in   perverting   God’s   Word   and   mocking   His wonderful    Son.    Today    blasphemy    of    the    worst    kind    is    being committed    to    print    and    treated    as    legitimate    academic    research. What   is   more,   it   is   being   quietly   endorsed   by   the   Society   of   Jesus (the    Jesuits)    and    transmitted    to    unwitting    students.    Our    paper examines    a    disturbing    example    of    this    and    reveals    what    the leadership   of   the   Roman   Catholic   Church   is   secretly   doing   behind the scenes.   [Posted 31/03/2018]    - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Star of Isis over Britain As   we   have   shown   in   recent   papers,   the   Babylonian   Elite   who   rule Britain    and    most    other    countries    from    behind    the    scenes    have erected    numerous    public    monuments    to    exalt    their    god.    In    this paper    we    reveal    how    some    of    the    most    prestigious    obelisks    in Britain   have   been   arranged   in   such   a   way   that   they   sketch   out   the five-pointed   Star   of   Isis.   What   is   more,   they   have   done   so   in   a   very precise   and   measurable   way.   By   doing   this,   they   are   violating   God’s Word and deliberately blaspheming His holy Name.   [Posted 15/03/2018]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Strange Baal Circles around Nashville Baptist College In   our   recent   papers   we   have   shown   how   obelisks   are   used   by   the Babylonian   Elite   to   form   ' sacred '    circles   in   honor   of   Baal.   In   this paper   we   reveal   how   the   American   Baptist   College   in   Nashville,   TN, is   surrounded   by   at   least   13   such   circles.   We   also   show   how   this obsession   with   obelisks   is   affecting   the   church.   The   blasphemy   and deception   behind   all   of   this   should   be   of   great   concern   to   true   Bible- believing Christians. [Posted 27/02/2018]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Concentric Baal Circles on the Continental Grid As    we    have    shown    in    previous    papers,    the    US    and    Canada    are covered   with   a   network   of   obelisks   which   are   designed   to   honor   the false   god,   Baal.   The   obelisks   are   arranged   in   such   a   way   that   they form   ' circles ' ,   in   accordance   with   the   Babylonian   principle,   ' point within   a   circle ' .   This   paper   gives   many   examples   of   this,   as   well   as some   startling   examples   of   nested   or   concentric   circles.   Christians need   to   recognize   that   the   Enemy   has   his   own   religion   and   that   he intends to impose it on all mankind. [Large file (50MBs)] [Posted 16/02/2018]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Seeming Enigma of North Korea The    Elite    are    following    a    timetable    and    North    Korea    has    an important   place   in   that   timetable.   This   paper   examines   the   reason for    creating    the    so-called    ' rogue    state. '    It    also    shows    how    recent propaganda    -    such    as    the    alleged    N    Korean    missile    tests    and President Trump’s " rocket man "  jibe - all point to a planned event. [Posted 04/02/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Babylonian Blasphemy and the Washington Monument The   spiritual   darkness   across   America   is   far   greater   than   many   have imagined.   The   Washington   Monument   in   D.C.   is   the   largest   obelisk in     the     world     and     therefore     of     particular     significance     in     the Babylonian   religion.   It   is   quite   simply   a   massive   monument   to   Baal, the   god   of   this   world.   In   this   paper   we   examine   the   meaning   and purpose   of   obelisks   in   Freemasonry,   the   importance   of   blasphemy to   the   Babylonians,   and   a   strange   object   next   to   the   Washington Monument known as the Jefferson Pier. [Posted 03/02/2018]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Consecrated Ground and the Gettysburg Triangle As   we   have   shown   in   previous   papers,   the   United   States   is   covered by   an   elaborate   array   of   obelisks,   arranged   in   accordance   with   the Babylonian   system.   In   this   paper   we   look   at   the   alignment   of   these obelisks   and,   in   particular,   how   twelve   of   great   stature   have   been arranged   to   produce   a   right-angled   triangle   over   an   area   of   great historical   significance.   We   also   show   how   the   Civil   War   marked   an important   step   forward   in   the   Illuminati   plan   to   bring   about   a   New World Order.  [Posted 26/01/2018]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Continental Obelisk Grid We   have   consistently   made   the   case   in   these   papers   that   a   small group   of   ultra-rich   people   control   the   governments   and   media   of   the world.   Their   god   is   Baal   and   they   make   obeisance   to   him   by   erecting a   network   of   obelisks   in   his   honor   across   regions   of   strategic   and political    importance.    Citing    evidence    that    is    easy    to    verify,    this paper   explains   how   they   have   set   in   place   a   network   of   this   kind across   the   US   and   Canada,   using   the   same   ' point   within   a   circle '   principle that informs all their works. [Posted 15/01/2018] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The 13 Obelisks of Babylonian Rome The    Popes    of    Rome    have    installed    a    network    of    obelisks,    some weighing   hundreds   of   tons,   in   accordance   with   the   religious   system of   ancient   Babylon.   The   main   obelisk   is   in   front   of   St   Peter’s   Basilica in   the   Vatican,   while   the   rest   are   arranged   in   an   occult   pattern   on   its eastern    side.    This    paper    gives    an    in-depth    description    of    the network   and   its   role   in   honoring   and   venerat-ing   the   pagan   god, Baal. [Large file (26MBs)] [Posted 20/12/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Mind Control Technique known as 'Magical Thinking' Mind   control   is   a   key   component   in   the   Illuminati   program   to   bring about    a    New    World    Order.    Virtually    everything    on    this    website addresses   some   aspect   of   mind   control.   In   this   paper   we   explore   a mind   control   technique   that   seems   to   be   little   understood   but   which is   having   an   enormous   impact   on   the   way   we   perceive   the   world around   us.   Known   as   ' magical   thinking '    it   neutralizes   our   ability   to think    rationally    and    greatly    enhances    the    impact    of    other    mind control techniques. [Posted 30/11/2017]    - NEW  NEW  NEW - Is the Kingdom of Christ a Tiny Speck? In   this   paper   we   ask   a   very   simple   question:   Is   the   earth   a   tiny   speck in    the    dark    depths    of    space?    The    Luciferian    cult    that    controls modern   science   insists   that   it   is,   while   the   Bible   clearly   teaches   that this    is    impossible.    Scripture    tells    us    that    the    earth    is    by    far    the largest   ' object '   in   existence,   and   that   the   sun,   moon   and   stars   are tiny    in    comparison.    Christians    who    ignore    the    evidence,    both Scriptural   and   physical,   are   failing   to   " prove   all   things "    and   " hold fast   that   which   is   good "    (1   Thessalonians   5:21).   Close-up   photos   of the    stars    show    that    they    are    not    huge    homogenous    spheres    of compressed   gas,   but   something   entirely   different      " lights "    in   the sky,    exactly    as    the    Word    of    God    describes    them.    Our    heavenly Father   made   a   Kingdom   of   staggering   beauty   for   His   Son,   not   a   tiny speck in a cavern of darkness. [Posted 12/11/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Hoax Earthrise  Photos Released by NASA Christians   don ' t   understand   how   much   Satan   hates   them.   If   they   did they   would   acknowledge   that   he   is   certain   to   tell   whatever   lies   are necessary   to   deceive   them,   no   matter   how   outrageous.      Some   of   his most   ambitious   lies   are   aimed   at   the   truth   of   God ' s   Word   in   Genesis. This    paper    shows    how    NASA    is    producing    fake    photos    which purport   to   prove   that   the   earth   is   a   globe,   a   tiny   planet   spinning   in the infinite depths of space. [Posted 11/11/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Goddess, Abortion, and the Irish Government The   connection   between   abortion   and   witchcraft   is   very   real.   The feminist   obession   with   the   Goddess   and   goddess   worship   reveals   in graphic   form   just   how   strong   this   link   really   is.   This   paper   explains the   rise   of   goddess   worship   in   feminism   and   its   corrupting   effect   on maternal   responsibility.   The   Irish   govern-ment   is   currently   erasing traditional   Biblical   values   from   Irish   law   and   replacing   them   with those   of   the   New   World   Order.   The   introduction   of   abortion-on- demand will mark a major milestone in its Luciferian agenda. [Posted 03/11/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Abolition of Gender and the Persecution of Christians Christians   seem   oblivious   to   the   array   of   sinister   forces   working against   them.   The   Luciferian   cabal   who   are   bringing   in   the   New World   Order   are   imposing   a   system   of   values   and   morality   that   is utterly   anti-Biblical.   The   plan   includes   the   abolition   of   gender.   They know    that    this    will    provide    them    with    an    extremely    powerful platform    from    which    to    target    Bible-believing    Christians.    Please take   the   time   to   study   and   understand   what   they   are   doing   because this is going to affect you and your family whether you like it or not. [Posted 25/10/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Corruption of Christian Worship by Transgenders Most   Christians   are   hardly   aware   that   transgenderism   is   endemic   in our     world     today     and     that     the     Illuminati     ( " the     children     of wickedness " )   are   using   it   to   destroy   Biblical   Christianity.   One   of their   principal   targets   is   true   Christian   worship.   For   decades   they have   been   infiltrating   their   agents   into   the   Christian   music   ' scene '   and   redefining   the   meaning   and   purpose   of   Christian   worship.   Our paper   provides   ample   evidence   of   this   and   reveals,   in   consequence, the immense damage already inflicted on the professing church. [Posted 11/10/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Next Choreographed War Wars,   especially   large-scale   ones,   are   carefully   planned   events.   The Elite    prepare    for    them    decades    in    advance,    putting    in    place    the various   flash-points   and   zones   of   conflict   so   that,   when   all   is   ready, they   can   press   the   button   and   set   yet   another   murderous   campaign in   motion.   The   preparations   for   World   War   III   would   seem   to   be nearing    completion.    It    will    likely    be    timed    to    coincide    with    a worldwide   economic   collapse.   This   paper   examines   the   background to   this   and   shows   how   leaders   like   Trump   and   Kim   Jong-un   are merely   actors   in   a   drama   scripted   and   directed   by   the   network   of ultra-rich families who control the world (for now). [Posted 02/10/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - MTF Transgenders in the US House of Representatives Bible-believing    Christians    are    being    called    to    address    a    great challenge   today.   Christ   Jesus   asked   us   to   " Watch! "    as   the   End   Time approached.   Everything   he   discussed   in   Matthew   24   related   to   signs and   deceptions.   Transgenderism   is   both   a   great   sign   and   a   great deception.   Christians   who   ignore   it   or   dismiss   it   as   a   frivolous   side- show   are   making   a   serious   mistake.   In   this   paper   we   reveal   the extent   to   which   it   pervades   Capitol   Hill.   We   would   urge   our   readers to   study   this   topic   carefully   since   it   cuts   to   the   very   heart   of   the   New World Order. [Posted 25/09/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - So-called Female CEOs and Satan’s War on Women   The   nasty   attack   on   natural   women   continues   unabated.   The   New World    Order    is    in    the    process    of    abolishing    the    natural    order established   by   God   and   replacing   it   with   sodomy,   gender   fluidity, and   transgenderism.   The   acclaimed   female   CEOs   who   run   some   of America’s   biggest   corporations   are   not   natural   women   at   all,   but closet    transgenders.    This    paper    gives    ample    evidence    of    this. Christians need to wake up to this appalling deception.   [Posted 20/09/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Biblical Zionism and Its Enemies All   roads   lead   to   Jerusalem.   The   LORD   chose   a   people,   but   He   also chose   a   land   and   a   city.   The   people   rebelled   but   they   will   one   day return    to    the    state    of    perfect    obedience    which    the    LORD    had envisaged   for   them   initially.   This   will   involve   exercising   undisputed sovereignty   over   the   territory   which   the   LORD   granted   for   their   use, under   the   leadership   of   the   Messiah.   This   is   the   true   meaning   of     Zionism.   However,   Satan   wants   the   same    city   and   the   same    land   for his   own   false   messiah,   the   Antichrist.   Thus,   as   this   paper   explains, there   are   two   ' Zionisms '    in   the   world   today,   Biblical   Zionism   and Secular   Zionism.   Christians   will   need   to   distinguish   between   the two   if   they   are   to   correctly   interpret   Bible   prophecy   in   the   years ahead. [Posted 09/09/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The LORD Chose Jerusalem for His Son The   political   situation   in   the   world   today   is   almost   impossible   to understand   unless   one   sees   what   the   Enemy   is   trying   to   achieve.   He wants    to    own    and    control    Jerusalem.    Toward    that    end    he    is engineering   world   events   so   that,   when   the   Antichrist   arrives,   he will    be    able    to    take    the    Holy    City    for    himself.    This    paper    gives extensive   scriptural   evidence   to   show   why   this   is   happening.   We would   urge   all   our   readers   to   consider   the   extraordinary   role   that Jerusalem will continue to play in God’s plan for mankind. [Posted 28/08/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Biblical View of the Holocaust   The   Shoah    or   Holocaust   was   a   real   historical   event.   More   and   more professing   Christians   are   listening   to   the   sceptics   and   being   drawn into   the   strange   world   of   ' Holocaust   denial ' .   This   paper   examines the    Holocaust    from    a    Biblical    perspective    and    shows    how    the ultimate   death   toll      between   5   and   6   million   –   was   estimated   by historians.      Christians      need      to      understand      the      prophetic implications   of   this   tragic   event   and   the   way   it   aligns   with   the   Word of God. [Posted 18/08/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Answers in Genesis and Our Flat, Stationary Earth The   creation-and-discernment   ministry,   Answers   in   Genesis ,   led   by Ken   Ham,   is   intensely   opposed   to   the   teaching   that   the   earth   is   flat and   stationary.   This   paper   examines   two   critical   papers   published on   its   website   by   Dr   Danny   Faulkner   which   try   desperately   to   refute the    truth    of    the    flat    earth.    We    show    how    insubstantial    and unscientific   these   papers   really   are   and   how   little   credence   they   give to God ' s Word. [Posted 26/07/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The British Crown is financing the killing of Irish Children The    Irish    media    continues    to    push    for    abortion-on-demand    and repeal   of   the   8th   Amendment.   In   doing   so   it   uses   every   devious   and deceitful   trick   it   can,   including   the   suppression   of   information   that would   expose   the   virulently   anti-Christian   philosophy   of   the   ' pro- choice '     brigade    and    the    extent    of    foreign    interference    in    Irish internal    affairs.    This    paper    gives    the    background    to    a    recent decision   by   the   British   government   to   cover   the   cost   of   abortions   by Irish mothers. [Posted 21/07/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Babylonian London and the Secret of the Solar Barque Demons   never   die.   Few   Christians   seem   to   understand   the   methods that   the   Enemy   is   using   to   control   mankind.   The   fallen   angels   are exploiting   every   means   they   can   to   infiltrate   more   deeply   into   the structures   and   institutions   that   underpin   western   society.   Their   task is   made   considerably   easier   by   the   deliberate   co-operation   of   the small   but   highly   influential   cabal   that   is   trying   to   bring   about   a   New World   Order.   This   paper   shows   how   the   gods   of   ancient   Egypt,   who opposed    Moses    and    defied    the    Living    God,    are    working    today through the English ruling elite and their international associates. [Posted 15/07/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Toxic Music or True Christian Worship? Believers     receive     great     spiritual     strength     from     true     Christian worship.    The    Bible    tells    us    how    to    worship    the    LORD    as    He intended,   but   few   churches   today   are   doing   this.   A   great   source   of strength   and   spiritual   blessing   is   being   lost   as   a   result.   This   paper examines   the   principles   of   true   Christian   worship   and   highlights   the damage   being   inflicted   on   the   church   through   the   widespread   use   of synthetic music. [Posted 26/06/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Burning Tower was a Planned Event Humanly   we   like   to   think   that   the   leaders   of   this   world   are   basically good,   albeit   deeply   flawed,   greedy,   and   self-important.   But   if   that were   the   case   the   Enemy   would   have   a   very   hard   time   deceiving   the masses   and   luring   millions   into   his   great   End   Time   delusion.   This paper   examines   a   recent   tragic   event   and   shows   how   it   could   not possibly have happened by accident. [Posted 18/06/2017]
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