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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - Rockefeller Report (2010) proves the pandemic was planned We would encourage readers to get as much objective evidence as  they can about the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. If they do they  will begin to see the lies and propaganda. In this paper we give  verifiable evidence that the ‘pandemic’ was planned as a stepping-   stone toward a New World Order. [Posted 6/04/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - What does the Word of God say about ‘Lockdowns’? As Christians, at a time when the church is under severe attack,  we need to study the Bible carefully and follow the directions of  the Holy Spirit as recorded in His Word. What does Scripture say  about ‘lockdowns’? Are they legitimate in the eyes of God? In this  paper we examine this question by reference to God’s Word and  find that the answer is emphatically “No!” Please share this paper  with professing Christians whom you think will be glad to receive  it (We suspect many will not.) [Posted 3/04/2020]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic is a Planned Hoax Having been fed a staggering quantity of propaganda about Covid- 19, many will find it impossible to believe that the “deadly virus” is no more dangerous or infectious than a seasonal flu. Several  highly respected medical experts reject the official account. They  can see how a great many deaths, which have nothing to do with  Covid-19, are being cunningly reclassified as ‘Covid-19’ cases. The  long-planned tyranny has arrived, where Western society is  brought firmly under totalitarian control. The ‘lockdown’ is a  massive exercise designed to disguise the real cause of the coming  economic collapse. PLEASE email copies of this paper to people  you think would be glad to receive it. [Posted 2/04/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Medical Martial Law and Forced Vaccinations The tyranny that many will shortly recognize as ‘The New World  Order’ is arrogating to itself the powers that it needs to control the  masses. The Danes have legalized compulsory vaccination, while  the UK has just passed the Coronavirus Act 2020 which grants the  authorities powers of enforcement akin to those of a police state.  It allows the police to detain anyone on specious grounds for an  indefinite period at an undisclosed location. How does that  sound? Anyone who thinks the UK is still a democracy ought to be  horrified by what is happening. Alas, most British citizens have no  idea because their media - press and TV - are saying next to  nothing about the draconian nature of the new legislation. The US is likely to follow suit, especially as its existing code for handling  disease outbreaks, which was introduced in 2017, is already  ominously close to the one now in force in the UK.   [Posted 28/03/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Ireland is Facing a Serious Health Crisis from 5G The authorities in this country rarely use the term 5G because too  many people are aware that it is harmful. So instead of referring to 5G technology, which is now being rolled out at great speed across  Ireland, they use terms like ‘super-fast service’, ‘vastly improved  download times’, ‘massive data transfer rates’, and so forth. But it  all means only one thing – 5G. This technology utilizes high  frequency EMR (electromagnetic radiation) which numerous  scientific studies have shown will harm our health. When used in  the 60 GHz range in a phased array (where multiple antennas  work together), it can serve as a weapon, producing symptoms  identical to those of the so-called Coronavirus. This is not a  coincidence. The citizens of our country are greatly deceived. They have not yet realized that our ‘leaders’ are working for the New  World Order and that the future they have planned for our  country is unbelievably bleak. [Posted 26/03/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Stand on the Rock! We are witnessing the imposition of martial law under the guise of a medical emergency. Many are being greatly demoralized by the  incessant media focus on this alleged pandemic. In this paper we  examine the effect this is having on some Christians and what we  can do to address it. The actions being taken by world leaders,  where entire countries are being shut down, is part of a dark plan  to destroy national sovereignty and, along the way, crush what is  left of true Christianity.  [Posted 22/03/2020] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Real Story of HIV As we move further into the turmoil generated by the architects of  the coming New World Order, it will help to reflect on steps they  have taken in the past to get to where they are today. HIV/AIDS  was part of their great ‘Virus Deception’, which is now being used,  in the form of “Covid-19”, to create mass fear in Europe and the  US, to the point where entire countries are now closing down. The  nations are deceived by their sorceries, just as the Bible foretold  (Revelation 18:23). [Posted 18/03/2020]     - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Coming Coup in the U.S. The cycles of history are manipulated by men. In reality there are  no historical cycles, nor a huge impersonal matrix called History  (as the Marxists would have us believe). There are simply men in  rebellion against God. History is but a record of this rebellion and  the sordid deeds imagined by a power-hungry elite to oppose His  will for mankind. The coming coup in the U.S. will take most  people by surprise. It will hardly seem possible. However, in this  paper we will show how and why it is likely to happen. [Posted 7/03/2020]     - NEW  NEW  NEW - Comparing the Wuhan virus with the 1918 flu pandemic In times of war, information is a weapon. So, too, is discernment.  If we analyze the reports coming out of China about the Wuhan  ‘coronavirus’, along with those emanating from the World Health  Organization and the international media, we find many  inconsistencies. In this paper we examine these inconsistencies by  reference to the last great world pandemic and ask a number of  questions which strongly suggest that there is no biological basis,  either viral or bacterial, to this alleged disease. [Posted 25/02/2020]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - As for these sheep, what have they done? We stated in our posting of 10 January that the Elite seem about  ready to press the button. The ‘button’ of course refers to the  trigger event that will set the world economic collapse in motion  and deflect all blame and responsibility for this calamity from the  wicked cabal who planned it. The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is  now looking like that event. [Posted 14/02/2020]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Complete Armor of God As the forces of darkness on the earth intensify, all who believe in  objective truth and absolute moral values will become targets.  Every Christian must know how to put on the armor of God, not  only for defensive purposes but simply to live as God intended.  Spiritually speaking, the world is in a state of war. We need to  familiarize ourselves with the methods that the Enemy is using to  attack us. Those who live from day to day without the armor that  God has provided are being incredibly foolish. [Posted 6/02/2020]       - NEW  NEW  NEW - Our Original Parents Lived in a Garden of Music Music is possibly the most ubiquitous phenomenon in our world  today, compared to a hundred years ago. We can hear any kind,  any time, anywhere, and listen to it all day long. Something that  should be rare and special has become mundane and  commonplace. In this paper we look at music from a Biblical  perspective and the way the Enemy is using it to control society.  We also consider the steps we can take to incorporate it more  successfully into our spiritual lives. [Posted 21/01/2020]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Decapitating D.C. The Elite have given many signals over the past year which  suggest that they are about ready to press the button. President  Trump, in compliance with the instructions that he is receiving  from his high-ranking Illuminati controllers, is putting America in the firing line like never before. In this paper we compare recent  events with the collapse scenario that we have been analyzing over  the past decade, with particular reference to an essay which was  published by the U.S. military in 1992. [Posted 10/01/2020]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Message ‘Bible’ is Pure Poison One of the greatest barriers to the creation of a New World Order  is the Word of God. The Luciferians hate the Bible and are doing  all they can to defile it. Numerous ‘translations’ have been  produced in recent years to increase confusion, debase God’s  Word, and corrupt key verses in Scripture which underpin the  main tenets of Christian doctrine. Perhaps the most outrageous  ‘translation’ of all is The Message, The Bible in Contemporary  Language, by Eugene Peterson. This wicked work is promoted by  celebrities like Bono of U2. Young people are the main target.  Christians need to warn their sisters and brothers of the harm that this and similar corruptions will cause if they continue to gain  ground. We give ample evidence in this paper to illustrate what we are talking about. [Posted 01/01/2020]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - BBC Videos are Harmful to Children and Families The Enemy is determined to inflict serious harm on the next  generation and pervert their sexuality. The latest ‘sex education’  videos from the BBC are a nasty addition to the arsenal of  weapons that they are using to get inside the minds of our  children and indoctrinate them with vile Marxist garbage. Please  share this paper with others. The mainstream media is taking  great care to avoid releasing any information that would alert  parents, whether Christian or not, to the dangers they are facing   and the outrageous threat to their parental authority. [Posted 14/12/2019]    - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Third Phase of Mass Insanity The Bible says a great deal about the time we are living in, the  enemy we are facing, and the weapons he is using. In this paper  we examine the Four Phases of mass insanity, with particular  emphasis on the Third, namely the one we are in now. We draw  on examples which reveal how much the Enemy hates the nuclear  family and natural parenthood, and how far he is prepared to go  to destroy them. This paper may be a wake-up call for some  readers. Please share it with others. [Posted 02/12/2019]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - Weaving Spiders: The Illuminati are Testing the Veil The Elite use a wide range of indicators to test and re-test how  well their plans are progressing. The Internet is a major boon to  them since it gives a highly detailed, up-to-date picture of what  virtually all members of society are thinking about, what matters  to them, what opinions they hold, and so forth. However, they also like to test the success of their methods in other ways. One of the  most dramatic is what we call “testing the veil” or “testing the  trance.” In this paper we show what this involves and how it  relates to an important prophetic passage in Isaiah. [Posted 17/11/2019]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - Hate speech legislation: Censorship by Stealth Censorship is a central feature of totalitarian control. The New  World Order is making extensive use of it, aided by the vastly  expanded range of censorship tools that technology provides. The  Irish government has expressed its intention to bring in new ‘hate  speech’ legislation which will attack and suppress free speech,  both online and off. The penalties will be severe and the burden of  proof almost non-existent. In future, any criticism of government  policy in a number of areas, notably in relation to gender,  sexuality, abortion, and immigration, will not be tolerated. The  Irish police are already using a ‘working definition’ of hate speech, which has no legal basis, to speed up the imposition of this  draconian law. [Posted 10/11/2019]     - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Lie in the Sky: Manmade Global Warming The Antichrist agenda is moving ahead very rapidly. The Elite are  determined to “de-carbonize” the economy, using the hoax of  global warming. In their language, this is merely a euphemism for   de-industrialization in the West, followed by a massive reduction  in population. In this paper we explain the many reasons why  global warming is a sham based on false data, false models, non-   scientific deductions, and relentless propaganda. [Posted 1/11/2019]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Sexualization of Children is Unwarranted and Harmful This paper is the text of a submission made to the National  Council for Curriculum and Assessment in Dublin. It strongly  opposes the government plan to teach humanistic sexuality to our  children. The paper is in 5 parts, the first of which comprises the  text of the paper published on this website on 28 March of this  year. The other 4 parts will be new to our readers. [Posted 21/10/2019]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - False Flag The world is currently in a state of high tension, politically and  economically. It is at times like this that great changes are set in  motion by a single tumultuous event. This is how the Elite move  closer to their proposed ‘utopia’, the New World Order. We  examine how the flashpoints that were put in place decades ago  will be ignited when the time is right, possibly by engineering such an event. Christians need to remind themselves that the world is  ruled, for now, by very evil people. [Posted 12/10/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Vaccines are the perfect vector for mass infection As the proportion of the general population who are concerned  about vaccine safety continues to increase, the Elite are pressing  hard to make vaccines mandatory. In our review we examine the  tactics being used by the pharmaceutical industry to bully and  mislead the public, to cover up evidence of the harm caused by its  vaccines, to exploit corrupt politicians, to protect itself from  criticism of any kind, and to subvert the regulatory system that is  supposed to protect the public. [Posted 6/10/2019]                    
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