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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - His Name is Jesus  Christianity is under attack from several directions. One of these  is co-ordinated by Talmudic Judaism which, by various means, is  seeking to redefine Christianity as a misconceived offshoot of  Judaism, a wayward branch which needs to be reinterpreted and  reformulated along Talmudic lines. Only when this Judaization  process is carried out will Christians discover the ‘real’ gospel. [Posted 14/8/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - On the Brink: Castor and Pollux The general population of the world has little understanding of  the wickedness that lies at the heart of the ruling establishment.  A great many Bible-believing Christians appear to have forgotten  this too. The Book of Daniel tells us that we are currently in the  Fourth Kingdom, the latter phase of which will witness a brutality unlike any ever seen in world history. The spirit behind this  brutality will not arrive at some time in the future, but is already  at work. In fact it has to be at work today in order to prepare the  ground for what is to come. In this paper we examine some  salient developments on the world stage, including the ongoing  ‘special relationship’ between the US and the UK. [Posted 31/7/2019]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Wrath of God and the Bride of Christ The Rapture will be a glorious day in the history of the church.  We need to understand it! The Enemy hates this gift from heaven  and wants as much as possible to confuse the saints regarding  both the nature and the timing of this event. Relevant verses in  nearly all of the modern translations of the Bible have been  deliberately corrupted to hide the truth of the Rapture. The NIV  is an especially corrupt piece of work. In this paper we raise  issues which all believers need to consider with great diligence  and objectivity. [Posted 12/7/2019]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - UNICEF and FIFA are promoting pedophilia The sexualization of children is an important part of the sinister  program to bring about a New World Order. By eroding  traditional sexual values and norms and replacing them with the  promiscuity, androgyny, sodomy and pedophilia enshrined in  ancient paganism, the promoters of the NWO are preparing the  next generation to embrace a worldwide occult religion. Many  international organizations and corporations are working  together on this program of sexual subversion. In this paper we  examine the role played by UNICEF, FIFA, McDonalds and  Cadbury in breaking down barriers to pedophilia. [Posted 21/6/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The NWO will Abolish the Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments are the foundation of a society based on righteousness and spiritual well-being. For this reason alone they  will have no place in the coming New World Order, where the  only rules and laws will be those made by ‘wise’ men. In this  paper we examine the strategy taken to date to undermine the  Ten Commandments and erase them from our laws and social  norms. Very few Christians seem to be aware that this is  happening or that it is a carefully planned program. Also, most of them appear to underestimate the extent of the damage already  inflicted to date. [Posted 15/6/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Biblical Zionism or Christian Zionism? The Word of God tells us to study the signs of the End Times and  relate them (as best we can) to Bible prophecy. This is a task  which few professing Christians bother to address. By failing to  do so they allow the Enemy to twist and misinterpret the Word of  God to suit his purposes. Some of these distortions are rather  crude, but many are subtle and, unless we are careful, we will  take our cue from the wrong sources. In this paper we examine  the difference between Biblical Zionism, which is the LORD’s  plan for Israel, and the movement known as Christian Zionism,  which departs in many respects from God’s Word. [Posted 29/05/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Pope Francis - Vicar of Chaos The Roman Catholic Church is in crisis. The current Pope has  been accused of heresy by several Catholic leaders, including at  least two prominent theologians. This has never happened in  recent times. The allegations are backed by copious evidence  which shows beyond doubt that Francis - the Argentinian Jesuit,  Jorge Bergoglio - is deliberately undermining the traditional  Catholic teaching on sexual morality and causing deep divisions  within the Roman Church. Please consider sharing this paper  with Catholics who are genuinely concerned about the future of  their church. [Posted 15/05/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Ritual Decapitation of Notre Dame As they move closer to establishing their ‘New World Order’, the  Illuminati are breaking down the symbols and structures of the  ‘old’ order. Notre Dame was a classic example of this. They are  focusing, not just on real institutions, but on those with symbolic  value. As a religious symbol, Notre Dame was a truly prestigious  emblem of the Christian ethos that they wish to eradicate. They  didn’t just decapitate the building but, in addition, beheaded the  icons which symbolised the foundation of the church founded by  Christ.  [Posted 04/05/2019]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why are the Irish failing to protect their children? Gender perversion is rampant in Ireland, to the point where  children as young as three are now being targeted. Even more  horrifying is the complete failure of otherwise rational or ‘normal’ people to defend them. Professing Christians have entered the  spiritual condition in which, according to God’s Word, they  acquire a “reprobate mind.” Our paper examines this sordid  collapse.  [Posted 27/04/2019]    - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Reality of Eternal Judgment In his fallen condition, man hates the idea of divine judgment. It  irks him intensely to think that his freedom might be constrained  in any way. The church today is led largely by people who fall into this category. This is why we no longer hear passionate preaching  against sin or any mention of hell or eternal damnation. It suits  the architects of the coming New World Order to hide from  natural man the devastating consequences of sin and to teach  instead the false doctrine of Universalism. [Posted 18/04/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Disney and Smart Phones are corrupting our children The further our society marches down the dark road of moral  relativism the easier it is to manipulate and deceive otherwise  rational people. In this paper we show the extent to which  parents have become complicit in the corruption of their own  children. They don’t seem to understand that Satan is waging a  war against them and, under the glamorous camouflage of Walt  Disney Corporation, is redefining and perverting the family unit.  The porn industry, meanwhile, is busily working away behind the scenes, using the ubiquitous smart phone to beguile and poison  innocent minds.  [Posted 12/04/2019]    - NEW  NEW  NEW - An EMP Attack - yet another NWO Deception Lies can be immensely destructive. That’s why the masters of  chaos make such extensive use of them. Mass mind control is  achieved by constructing one lie on top of another so that, bit by  bit, tens of millions of people can be made to believe highly  irrational things. The threat of an EMP attack on the U.S. by  North Korea is yet another lie, a deception that would appear to  have a critical role to play in the planned transition to a ‘new  world order.’ [Posted 04/04/2019]    - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Perverse Sexualization of Our Children The Objective Sex Education Bill, which is currently being  considered by the Irish parliament, will enable the state to  indoctrinate very young children in sexual matters.  It is one  more step towards the planned destruction of Christianity in  Ireland. The ‘We Rule Ireland Party’ - the collection of political  parties which control Ireland, facilitate corruption on a broad  front, and impose one Marxist law after another - is now  planning to sexualize our children through the educational  system. This wicked plan will be a boon to pedophiles. They will  now have vastly more sexual material to work with as they groom  children, both online and face to face. Irish parents should be  outraged by what is happening. Please share this paper with  others. [Posted 28/03/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Medicated Nation: The Fluoridation Deception The public water supply in the U.S., Ireland, Australia and New  Zealand is artificially fluoridated. Despite a mound of scientific  evidence which shows that this practise is harmful to human  health, the national health authorities - who are legally required  to protect the public from exposure to toxic substances - are  actually enforcing this insane policy. In this paper we show just  how much harm is being done by fluoridation and why the  science behind it is bogus.  [Posted 12/03/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Donald Trump’s allegiance to the sun god Apollo President Trump has long tried to maintain that he is an  outsider, beholden to no-one. But is that really the case? In this  paper we show that Trump is in reality a high-ranking insider  with a strong allegiance to the sun god Apollo. He is merely  acting out the script prepared for him by his Illuminati handlers. [Posted 03/03/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Curse ye Meroz, Curse ye Bitterly  The Laodicean church is a strange entity indeed. It is numbered  among the seven churches in chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of  Revelation, but in the description provided it seems more like a  non-church than a church. Doubtless, there were true believers  among its congregation (which made it a church) but the vast  majority were seemingly going through the motions and had  neither a love of truth nor a hatred of evil. In this paper we look  at the church today with reference to the ancient town of Meroz.  [Posted 20/02/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Why is Irish national television promoting witchcraft? When a society loses its grip on absolute moral values it slides  gradually into witchcraft. This may not be obvious for a while  because many of the old institutions and practices, which were  founded on such values, continue to maintain a facade of  respectability. But as the cracks appear, a black light shines  through. We are now seeing this in the Irish media, which has  abandoned all pretense of Christian legitimacy. On February 11th, RTE, the Irish national television station, broadcast a program -   at a time when young children were watching - which promoted  an Irish temple devoted to witchcraft. The program portrayed it  as a suitable place for tourists to visit! Witchcraft and goddess  worship are now moving into the mainstream in Ireland. [Posted  14/02/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Starhawk Gang and the Rape of Ireland There are very few people in Ireland today who could be  described as patriots. Such people are prepared to go out on a  limb and risk being penalized in some way in order to defend the  laws and principles, the values and standards, that underpin the  well-being of our society. They are reviled by the parasites who  exploit our nation, who fashion clever lies to extract as much as  they can from a gormless, uninformed populace. In this paper we  show how much we need these outspoken patriots and why they  deserve our wholehearted support. We also reveal the true story  behind the Irish banking crisis of 2008 and the extent to which  the Irish government - the Starhawk Gang - continue to work  hand-in-hand with the Ruling Elite to fleece the Irish people and  destroy the sovereignty of our nation. [Posted 09/02/2019] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Beware of the Sinister ‘Noahide Laws’  We are increasingly hearing references to the so-called Noahide  Laws. These are allegedly seven laws that the LORD gave, via  Adam and Noah, to all mankind. In this paper we will show that,  not only is this completely untrue, but it is being exploited by the  architects of the New World Order to impose a worldwide system  of judicial control. The Elite would appear to have picked the  largest Hasidic sect in America to raise awareness of these laws,  both in the U.S. and around the world. The U.N. and the Vatican  are also involved. Incredibly, the last seven U.S. Presidents have  all promoted these laws, the sect concerned, and the late rebbe  (leader) of the sect, whose followers expect him to be resurrected  in the near future and to reign on earth as the ‘messiah’.  Christians need to understand the sinister way this strange  program is unfolding. [Posted 31/01/2019]                  
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the 'big picture' and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. Our papers were accessed about 1.25 million times in the 10-year  period 2009-2018. Readers who wish to download several papers at  once may do so by going to the Internet Archive website (where our  papers are grouped by year) and searching on the name 'Jeremy  James.'
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