The Marxist Agenda
Green Zone internment camps coming to America If the CDC had not set out their plans in a published document, most  people would not believe that something so extreme is about to happen to the United States. The CDC even compares these ‘Green Zones’ to refugee  camps found in other parts of the world, including Kenya, Syria, Chad  and Myanmar. The ‘old’ world order is being systematically torn down.  The planned internment camps are clear evidence – for those who choose  to see it – that America is now under totalitarian rule. Read this paper  and judge for yourself. [Posted 24/11/2020] Marxist Blitzkrieg We are witnessing a momentous earthquake in human affairs. The old  ‘normal’ is gone. For many this wrenching change is too deep and too  painful to acknowledge. In this paper we show how the façade of  democracy is being pulled down in the UK and America. The brazen way  this is happening is truly jawdropping. Please share this paper with  friends and neighbors who cannot yet see the villainy that is unfolding on  the world stage. [Posted 01/11/2020] The Plot behind the U.S. Presidential Election Anyone who interprets political drama in terms of a two-party paradigm  is unlikely to understand that a carefully planned crisis is brewing in the  United States. In this paper we review the lead-up to this crisis and  examine some of the steps that are being taken - by people in positions of  trust - to undermine constitutional democracy in that country. The extent to which mainstream, ‘establishment’ institutions are complicit in this  plan may shock some readers. [Posted 07/10/2020] Vaccines for children and Marxist chicanery The Irish government plans to give a genetically modified flu vaccine to  all children between the ages of 2 and 12 years in the coming weeks. Most  parents have no idea that this is about to happen, nor that the vaccine  contains four attenuated live viruses. The question of parental consent –  meaning informed consent – is being entirely pushed aside. They would  be shocked to know that the World Health Organization endorses  vaccination without parental consent, even in cases where parents have  stated in writing that their child is NOT to receive a vaccine. The  government is adopting the Marxist position that every child is a ward of  the state. Its actions amount to reckless endangerment and directly  violate both HSE policy and Irish law concerning consent. [Posted 26/09/2020] Call to prosecute the Irish Minister for Health A former employee and whistleblower at the Department of Finance in  Dublin has requested the Director of Public Prosecutions to bring a  charge of reckless endangerment against both the Minister for Health  and the Chief Medical Officer for approving a vaccination program for  children which takes virtually no account of the risks involved. The  government is merely following the dictates of the pharmaceutical  industry and embarking on a course of action which could easily cause a  serious flu epidemic in Ireland this winter. The risks involved are being  deliberately concealed from Irish parents. The vaccine that the  government proposes to give to every child in the age bracket 2-12 years  is genetically modified and contains four attenuated live strains of flu  virus. On the other hand, the vaccine that it has approved for use by  adults contains only deactivated viruses and is not genetically modified.  [Posted 16/09/2020] The Eagle Beheaded As part of their planned transition to a new world order, the Elite are  doing as much damage as they can to the symbols and monuments which  reflect the values and beliefs of the ‘old’ world order. The partial  demolition of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is an example of this (see  our paper #194). So too is the ongoing desecration of public monuments  in the United States. We have evidence that they are also undermining an  intangible symbol of importance to all patriotic Americans, namely the  bald eagle which appears on the Great Seal of the United States. [Posted 27/08/2020] When Words Disappear When we wrote our paper, ‘The Third Phase of Insanity’ (#211) at the end  of last year, we did not expect the insanity to escalate as quickly as it has.  The general inability to think clearly and rationally is evident everywhere. Whether among Christians or non-Christians, words now mean only  what our governments say they mean. Our pastors and elders now listen  to their oracular pronouncements before they listen (if at all) to the real  Word, and act accordingly. In this paper, where we look at worship  through the eyes of David, we reveal a ‘betrayal’ which ought to shock all  who love God and tremble at His Word. [Posted 25/07/2020]  The Third Phase of Mass Insanity The Bible says a great deal about the time we are living in, the enemy we  are facing, and the weapons he is using. In this paper we examine the  Four Phases of mass insanity, with particular emphasis on the Third,  namely the one we are in now. We draw on examples which reveal how  much the Enemy hates the nuclear family and natural parenthood, and  how far he is prepared to go to destroy them. This paper may be a wake-   up call for some readers. Please share it with others. [Posted 02/12/2019]  False Flag The world is currently in a state of high tension, politically and  economically. It is at times like this that great changes are set in motion  by a single tumultuous event. This is how the Elite move closer to their  proposed ‘utopia’, the New World Order. We examine how the  flashpoints that were put in place decades ago will be ignited when the  time is right, possibly by engineering such an event. Christians need to  remind themselves that the world is ruled, for now, by very evil people. [Posted 12/10/2019] An EMP Attack - yet another NWO Deception Lies can be immensely destructive. That’s why the masters of chaos make  such extensive use of them. Mass mind control is achieved by  constructing one lie on top of another so that, bit by bit, tens of millions  of people can be made to believe highly irrational things. The threat of an  EMP attack on the U.S. by North Korea is yet another lie, a deception that would appear to have a critical role to play in the planned transition to a  ‘new world order.’ [Posted 04/04/2019]    The Marxist War Machine is Moving into High Gear Our parents were very familiar with the awful threat that Communism  poses to Christianity and the existing world order. Alas the masses today  are oblivious to this threat. Under the seemingly benign guise of  socialism, pluralism, globalization, and multiculturalism, it has  infiltrated nearly all western democracies and is busily setting the stage  for the violent events that will usher in the so-called New World Order.  The German Illuminati recently flashed a message - for those who care to  see - which spells out the future that they envisage for America, where  Marxists exercise despotic control over all aspects of life and freedom as  we know it has come to an end. [Posted 01/08/2013] Pieces in the Globalist Jigsaw As with any box of jigsaw pieces, if the lid (with the picture) is missing  then we don't know "what it is" until a large portion of the jigsaw has  been assembled. The Marxist-Illuminati cabal has put so many pieces of  its globalist jigsaw in place that even a casual observer should now be  able to see that something truly sinister is emerging. This paper identifies  sixteen pieces in the jigsaw and how they fit together.  [Posted 25/06/2013] Two remarkable videos on YouTube The Internet continues to be the only reliable source of hard information  about current events and the forces behind them, provided one exercises  due care and discernment. Here are links to two unusually frank  revelations about the Illuminati-Communist programme. The first is an  interview with a former KGB agent who explains how their strategy of  'demoralisation' has been used to such powerful effect in the US and  elsewhere. The interview took place in the early 1980s, so events  thereafter only serve to underscore the extraordinary accuracy of his  pronouncements. The second is the official video-recording by the House  of Lords of a 15-minute speech in the House on 1 November 2010 by Lord  James of Blackheath. It gives a disturbing insight into the way the  Illuminati control the world from behind the scenes. Clearly, in his haste  to chastise his critics, Lord James said a good deal more than is normally  considered prudent in such a setting. He gave advance notice of the social and political turmoil that was about to explode across North Africa. He  even gave high-level confirmation of the colossal quantity of gold bullion  that is secretly owned by the Vatican - yet another major player in the  subversive strategy to bring about a New World Order. These two videos should prove eye-opening for anyone who still has a  hard time accepting that a truly malign, totalitarian regime is at work in  our modern world:        Interview with a KGB defector        Speech by Lord James of Blackheath, 1 November 2010