The Marxist Agenda
The Marxist War Machine is Moving into High Gear Our parents were very familiar with the awful threat that Communism  poses to Christianity and the existing world order. Alas the masses today  are oblivious to this threat. Under the seemingly benign guise of  socialism, pluralism, globalization, and multiculturalism, it has infiltrated nearly all western democracies and is busily setting the stage for the  violent events that will usher in the so-called New World Order. The  German Illuminati recently flashed a message - for those who care to see -   which spells out the future that they envisage for America, where Marxists exercise despotic control over all aspects of life and freedom as we know it  has come to an end.  [Posted 01/08/2013] Pieces in the Globalist Jigsaw As with any box of jigsaw pieces, if the lid (with the picture) is missing  then we don't know "what it is" until a large portion of the jigsaw has been assembled. The Marxist-Illuminati cabal has put so many pieces of its  globalist jigsaw in place that even a casual observer should now be able to  see that something truly sinister is emerging. This paper identifies sixteen  pieces in the jigsaw and how they fit together. [Posted 25/06/2013] Two remarkable videos on YouTube The Internet continues to be the only reliable source of hard information  about current events and the forces behind them, provided one exercises  due care and discernment. Here are links to two unusually frank  revelations about the Illuminati-Communist programme. The first is an  interview with a former KGB agent who explains how their strategy of  'demoralisation' has been used to such powerful effect in the US and  elsewhere. The interview took place in the early 1980s, so events  thereafter only serve to underscore the extraordinary accuracy of his  pronouncements. The second is the official video-recording by the House  of Lords of a 15-minute speech in the House on 1 November 2010 by Lord  James of Blackheath. It gives a disturbing insight into the way the  Illuminati control the world from behind the scenes. Clearly, in his haste  to chastise his critics, Lord James said a good deal more than is normally  considered prudent in such a setting. He gave advance notice of the social  and political turmoil that was about to explode across North Africa. He  even gave high-level confirmation of the colossal quantity of gold bullion  that is secretly owned by the Vatican - yet another major player in the  subversive strategy to bring about a New World Order. These two videos should prove eye-opening for anyone who still has a  hard time accepting that a truly malign, totalitarian regime is at work in  our modern world:        Interview with a KGB defector        Speech by Lord James of Blackheath, 1 November 2010