Transgenders with Serpentine Necks The    wicked    transgender    agenda    is    endemic    in    society,    and    yet    most people   are   not   aware   of   its   existence.   This   paper   draws   attention   to   a physical   characteristic   which   is   very   rarely   found   in   natural   women   but which    is    becoming    increasingly    common    among    MTF    transgenders, namely    a    serpentine    or    elongated    neck.    The    evidence    for    this    is disturbing.   It   is   also   undeniable.   Unless   true   Christians   understand   the nature   and   extent   of   this   agenda,   they   will   leave   the   Enemy   with   a   huge strategic advantage in the invisible End Time war.  [Posted 08/06/2017]   Amélie , Stella , Saskia and Total Hypnosis The    professing    church    has    severely    underestimated    the    wickedness, cunning,   and   determination   of   the   Enemy.   While   the   shepherds   sleep, the   god   of   this   world   is   beguiling   the   flock,   not   only   with   false   teachings and    a    false    gospel,    but    with    a    completely    false    sense    of    reality.    The androgyne   agenda   would   appear   to   have   a   central   role   in   all   of   this.   Just like   subjects   under   hypnosis,   Christians   are   failing   to   see   what   ought   to be   obvious.   Instead   of   challenging   and   exposing   this   great   deception, they   are   allowing   the   Enemy   to   enslave   the   minds   and   hearts   of   their children.  [Posted 05/06/2017]    Karl Lagerfeld and ‘Female’ Beauty in the New World Order The   fashion   and   movie   industries   are   stealthily   changing   the   paradigm   of feminine   beauty.   It   is   now   no   longer   the   natural   beauty   long   known   to mankind,   but   the   androgynous   form   developed   by   the   Enemy.   This   paper examines    yet    another    aspect    of    this    pernicious    attack    on    the    life- sustaining   natural   order   established   by   God.   The   Ruling   Elite   are   waging war against natural women and twisting the minds of our children. [Posted 28/05/2017] Closet Androgynes are Redefining Our Insane Society The   wicked   transgender   agenda   is   undermining   the   spiritual   fabric   of Western    society.    We    are    now    at    the    stage    where    the    public    is    being conditioned   to   accept   the   androgynous   or   transgender   state   as   normal. This   is   doing   real   harm   to   our   children,   causing   serious   sexual   confusion, and   making   it   very   difficult   for   them   to   find   suitable   partners   and   form   a natural   marital   bond.   This   paper   shows   how   this   sinister   conditioning   is being   carried   out.   Christian   pastors   need   to   wake   up   to   the   awful   reality of what is happening.  [Posted 21/05/2017] The Illuminati War on Natural Women Most   professing   Christians   are   unaware   of   the   extent   to   which   the   Ruling Elite,   along   with   their   closest   associates,   are   transgendered   Luciferians. Sadly,    they    are    even    unaware    of    the    great    hatred    that    Satan    has    for natural    women    and    how    this    hatred    is    being    expressed    through    the wicked    transgender    agenda.    The    minds    of    our    children    are    being poisoned   by   this   sinister   program.   This   paper   reveals   the   high   level   of trickery and deception that the Elite are using to implement it.  [Posted 05/04/2017] Androgyny, European Royalty, and the War on Gender A   very   nasty   war   is   being   waged   in   secret   against   the   absolute   distinction between   male   and   female.   The   target,   as   usual,   is   Christianity   and   the natural   order   established   by   God.   This   paper   examines   the   history   of androgyny   and   shows   why   it   is   central   to   paganism   and   the   New   World Order.  [Posted 18/01/2017] Most Feminist Icons are male-to-female Transgenders The   attack   on   Christian   values   and   Biblical   Christianity   in   general   is   very far   advanced.   The   Feminist   movement   has   been   an   important   part   of   this campaign.    While    it    may    have    seemed    constructive    on    the    surface,    it served   a   very   dark   purpose.   Most   of   its   leaders   were   not   natural   women at all, but male-to-female transgenders.  [Posted 27/09/2016] The Curse of Abortion in Ireland The   government   of   Ireland   is   likely   to   announce   very   shortly   the   date   of   a national   referendum   on   whether   or   not   to   repeal   the   Eighth   Amendment to   the   Constitution.   This   amendment   protects   the   life   of   the   unborn   and is   a   major    obstacle    to    the   introduction   of   abortion   on   demand.   This   paper sets   out   the   real   story    behind   the   forth-coming   referendum   and   the dark    Luciferian    agenda    behind    it.    The    Baal-worshipping    families    that have   ruled   Ireland   for   generations   are   very   anxious   to   get   into   step   with their   Illuminati   counterparts   in   other   countries,   where   the   slaughter   of unborn children is commonplace. Please share this paper with others [Posted 22/09/2016] The Illuminati Attack on Women Continues The   Sunday   Times    published   an   article   in   its   magazine   on   4   September which   raised   –   inadvertently   –   the   whole   question   of   transgenderism among   prominent   public   figures.   The   Irish   parliament   enacted   legislation in   2015   which   makes   it   impossible   to   identify   transgenders   by   referring to   their   birth   certificates.   The   multi-faceted   attack   on   the   God-ordained distinction   between   men   and   women   continues,   as   does   the   attack   on women   in   general.   The   degree   to   which   male-to-female   trans-genders   are taking   over   from   natural   women   in   society   is   truly   sinister,   a   trend   which is   set   to   accelerate   unless   Bible-believing   Christians   open   their   eyes   and see the evil in their midst. [Posted 10/09/2016] Internet Censorship in Ireland The    ruling    elite    in    Ireland    are    pushing    hard    to    suppress    any    public discussion   of   their   plans,   such   as   the   intro-duction   of   abortion,   future   ties with    the    UK,    or    the    advancement    of    their    Baal-worshipping,    anti- Christian   agenda.   An   Irish   web   log   that   ran   for   two   years   has   suddenly ceased   operation.   It   raised   many   issues   of   great   concern   to   the   people   of Ireland,   notably   the   incidence   of   transgenderism   in   high   places   and   the use   of   mind   control   in   the   media   and   entertainment   industry.   Please share this information with neighbors and friends. [Posted 31/08/2016] Transgenderism, Pharmakeia and Sorcery The   Bible   warns   that   pharmakeia    or   sorcery   will   be   used   extensively   by the    Elite    (”the    great    men    of    the    earth”)    in    their    wicked    End    Time deception.    This    paper    explains    how    this    devious    strategy    is    being implemented,   at   least   in   part,   through    their    secret    transgender    program.   [Please    read   this   paper   in   conjunction   with   our   previous   one   on   the   same subject, posted 15 August, 2016.]  [Posted 26/08/2016]   The Wicked Transgender Agenda Few    Christians    seem    to    be    aware    of    the    truly    dark    nature    of    the      supernatural   war   that   is   being   waged   against   the   church.   Fewer   still   seem to   recognize   Satan   as   a   demonic   adversary   of   great   cunning   who   will   stop at    nothing    to    win    this    war.    This    may    explain    why    the    transgender deception   has   been   so   successful.   Not   many   Christians      have   guessed   that Satan,   through   his   earthly   servants,   has   been   using   transgender   men   to pose    as    ‘normal’    female    celebrities.    This    has    been    happening    to    an alarming   degree   in   movies,   television,   fashion,   and   the   popular   music industry.   Be   advised,   the   information   in   this   paper   will   come   as   a   shock to many readers. [Posted 15/08/2016] Humanism and the Irish Referendum on Homosexual 'Marriage' Increasingly   we   hear   of   people   who   just   attended   their   first   'humanist' wedding   or   funeral,   but   few   understand   what   humanism   is   really   about. Drawing   on   the   official   principles   of   humanism,   this   paper   reveals   the intensely    anti-Christian    agenda    that    humanism    is    pursuing    and    the influence   that   it   had   on   the   recent   constitutional   referendum   in   Ireland which approved homosexual 'marriage'.   [Posted 12/06/2015] Homosexuality: Ireland is on the Brink of a Spiritual Catastrophe A   few   decades   ago   Ireland   was   one   of   the   most   morally   conservative countries   in   the   world.   Today   it   is   one   of   the   most   radical.   On   22   May,   the country   will   hold   a   Referendum   to   decide   whether   or   not   to   amend   the Constitution   to   include   the   recognition   of   'marriage'   between   couples   of the   same   sex.   Polls   strongly   suggest   that   the   proposal   will   be   approved. Sadly,   the   people   of   Ireland   are   sleepwalking   into   a   spiritual   catastrophe. Somehow   they   imagine   they   have   the   right   to   change   the   natural   order that   God   has   instituted.   Their   deplorable   political   and   religious   leaders have   chosen   to   ignore   the   awful   spiritual   consequences   of   such   hubris. Much   is   expected   of   those   who   are   blessed   with   a   knowledge   of   God's righteous     laws.     Have     they     forgotten     that     He     will     judge     wanton disobedience?   [Posted 01/05/2015] Same Sex 'Marriage' - Our Insane Society Needs to Wake Up The   Irish   Constitution   is   currently   under   review   and   submissions   were sought   from   members   of   the   public   on   a   range   of   issues,   including   same- sex   'marriage'.   It   is   a   mark   of   the   moral   collapse   of   nominally   Christian countries    such    as    Ireland    that    this    deplorable    prospect    can    even    be considered.    This    submission    to    the    Convention    on    the    Constitution highlights   the   moral   insanity   that   now   pervades   our   society.   It   also   draws attention   to   the   Marxist/Humanist   agenda   that   is   being   pursued   by   the Irish   government   and   the   determination   of   its   members   -   some   of   whom had   links   with   the   Communist   Party   of   the   Soviet   Union   -   to   destroy   the moral   fabric   of   Irish   society   and   prepare   it   for   servile   membership   of   the coming New World Order.   [Posted 28/03/2013]
Abortion, Homosexuality, and Gender Confusion