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“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - Asking God for greater understanding With each passing day we hear of further attempts by the Marxist goons who rule the West to impose yet another layer of totalitarian control.  Pandemic ‘passports’ are on the way, while children in Canada will soon be able to avail of “assisted suicide”. It is now possible in most, if not all  states in the US to forcibly remove children from their parents if they  refuse to have them vaccinated. The parents can be declared mentally  incompetent and guilty of “medical neglect.” This prospect is one of the  most frightening that any family could face. These are evil days. Before  long we will likely see a shift into a new phase of the Communist plan to  control the world. When that happens Christians everywhere will need  to come to a greater understanding of Satan’s scheme to usurp Christ,  destroy the church, and enslave humanity. [Posted 02/12/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Century of Denial It is very hard to land a blow on an enemy one cannot see. It is equally  difficult to avoid being struck by such an enemy. The Word of God  warns again and again of the many devices that wicked men use to  deceive and exploit the righteous. It is incumbent upon us to learn, as it  were, the art of self defense. This applies, not only to individuals, but to  the church as a whole. In this paper we examine the efforts made by two Popes to expose the vile cult of Freemasonry and to impress upon  Catholics, and the world as whole, the terrible harm it would do if left  unchecked. [Posted 22/11/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Diabolical Snare One of the least used words in our modern world is repentance. In this  paper we give copious evidence to show that the institutional church is  in dire need of repentance. Its leaders have behaved abominably and  the vast majority of its members have failed to ask the most obvious  questions about their wholesale endorsement of official government  policy regarding ‘Covid’. The Word of God has been cast aside and  replaced with pseudo-scientific dogma and Marxist propaganda. There  is little recognition of the great harm which these grievous sins are  causing the visible church or their implications for its future well-being. [Posted 10/11/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Face to Face In his appalling pride, man likes to imagine that he will someday  become a god. What is more, he believes he can do this through his own  ingenuity and intelligence. Alas, the Enemy has greatly deceived him  and a dreadful judgment awaits all who reject the salvation offered  freely by Jesus. The great End Time judgment is described in the Book  of Revelation, a work in which the Wrath of God finds full expression.  However it is preceded by six Epistles which collectively serve as a  thoughtful, almost gentle, introduction to the terrible events described  in the Book of Revelation. These Epistles contain blessed insights into  these events and show why they are central to the program of  Redemption. [Posted 30/10/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Order Out of Chaos  The Babylonians want to create a new world order. Satan has convinced them that this can only be achieved by completely destroying the  existing order. If they can do this, they believe, the new world order will  emerge of itself from the wreckage of the old one, almost through a  process of alchemical transformation. They are currently finalizing their preparations for these catastrophic events, but are doing so in a way  that will disguise their involvement. In this paper we will show how the  public has been conditioned to believe, in due course, the official  account so that, when the Great Reset occurs, very few will discern a  hidden hand behind these awful events. [Posted 14/10/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Dark Winter  The behavior of liars and psychopaths is difficult to predict. An honest  man, on the other hand, will seldom surprise us. There is generally a  fair and just way to do something, and he does it that way. The servants  of Satan are in a different category entirely. They have many ways of  behaving badly and causing harm. They also exploit the integrity and  predictability of others to advance their own agenda. Thankfully, the  Word of God tells us where they are going and what they want to  achieve. We know also that they are planning a “dark winter” and a  “great reset”. Our task, as Christians, is to anticipate these events as  best we can and expose the criminality behind it. [Posted 07/10/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Children of Wickedness have lit the fuse The wicked cabal who currently exercise an iron grip over humanity are  about to take their dark plan to a whole new level. Through messages  broadcast in the media - in plain view - they are telling their fellow  Luciferians across the world to get ready. These deceivers got to where  they are today by patiently accumulating small victories and following a strict plan. They now seem to think their time has come. Please read  this paper in conjunction with our earlier paper #241: The Illuminati  Showcase their god Osiris on British Television. [Posted 27/09/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Cautionary words on the End Time by H A Ironside Very few Christians today seem to study the old writers. If a book is  more than thirty years old, it is considered out-of-date. In reality, in our  experience, if a book was published in the last thirty years, it is probably full of compromise, ecumenical nonsense, mystical ideas, and beguiling  neo-pagan opinions. Harry Ironside (1876-1951) was a remarkable  expositor of Bible truth. He also wrote with great clarity and precision.  In this paper we present some important ideas which he enunciated  about the End Time and show how they relate to current events. [Posted 17/09/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Mutual support and encouragement In the times ahead we will need to reserve a special place in our hearts  for those who find their burden too hard to bear. There may not be  much we can do for them in a physical sense, but we can pray with them and listen to their troubles. We may even find words we can share that  will lift them a little. And we can sing hymns and read Scripture  together. In this set of cartoons we depict two animal friends who are  pretty good at listening to each other and discussing their spiritual  needs. God bless. [Posted 11/09/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Old World Order is about to slide into chaos Events over the past three years have clearly shown that the Enemy and  his earthly servants have prepared some nasty surprises for the closing  months of 2022 and much of 2023. In this paper we discuss the  undeclared war in Europe and where it is leading. The road ahead will  be immensely challenging. We urge our readers to lean upon the LORD  and trust in His Mercy. Remember Paul and Silas in their dark prison  cell with their feet held fast in stocks. They never lost hope. They prayed  and sang praises unto God at midnight! They were so cheerful and loud  that other prisoners could hear them. [Posted 09/09/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Beast System The public today has lost the ability to think critically. Worse still,  Christians who profess to believe in the Bible appear to be blind to the  remarkable correspondence between End Time Bible prophecy and  events that are now taking place on the world stage. In this paper we  give further evidence that the Beast System described in the Book of  Revelation has already been developed and, as far as we can tell, is set  to go live in the very near future. We urge readers to weigh the evidence  for themselves. [05/09/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - A Bear of Very Little Brain Perhaps at no time in history have people been more proud of their  knowledge or their intellect. The ability to recite a stream of facts,  irrespective of its value, is universally admired. Quiz shows and talent  shows abound. One would think such mental fertility and creative  expression were a sign of independent thought, but this is far from the  case. This is actually the most brainwashed generation in history, by far  the most gullible, and the one least able to protect itself from  exploitation and fraud. This paper is the last in a series of four which  are designed to explore these issues through the lens of satire, using  humorous and provocative images to stimulate reflection. [Posted 30/08/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Covid Injections - The Unfolding Disaster Only a handful of concerned scientists and medical professionals are  shouting “Wolf!” loudly and clearly. One of these is Purnima Wagh, a  medical technician based in California who has recently given a number of interviews denouncing the hoax vaccine program that is being  pushed by our corrupt governments. She is saying, The Covid injections  are poisonous! Don’t touch them! The people behind this appalling  crime are lying psychopaths, deluded servants of Satan who want a  ‘New World Order’. We examine the case made by Dr Wagh and reveal  what these deadly ‘vaccines’ really contain. [Posted 26/08/2022] Note: After our paper was published it emerged that Ms Wagh has  dubious credentials and is widely seen as a shill.    As we said in our paper, “We are not aware of any scientific  publications in her name.... For obvious reasons we are not in a position to substantiate her claims. However, we have no reason to believe she is  fabricating any part of her testimony. Much of what she says, including  material which we have not addressed in this paper, is consistent with  the views expressed on this website over the past two and a half years.  We strongly encourage our readers to look at one or more of Dr Wagh’s  videos and form their own opinion. If you find her testimony  convincing, as we do, then please share the link with others.”    If she is a shill, then one must ask what the Mind Control people had  intended? Normally, in a situation like this, when the messenger is  discredited, so is the message. If her professional credibility could easily be shown to be bogus, as seems to be the case, then her exposure was  intended from the outset. The purpose of this intelligence operation –  in which she would have participated – was to confuse the public and,  in particular, following her exposure, to discredit anything she said. The public was meant to ridicule her message and revert, instead, to the  official, government-approved narrative.    For this reason, we are leaving the paper on our website. It clearly  contains information which the Elite do not want the public to consider. [05/09/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Enemy has a Plan and Man has none There is a huge demand today for comforting lies. As more and more  evidence accumulates to prove that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right, the sceptics run here and there for reassurance, for some sign that  everything will work out fine. Actually, if they all came to their senses  and behaved like responsible adults, the future would look a whole lot  brighter. Numerically speaking, the Babylonian cabal is tiny relative to  the rest of mankind. But they have the guns, the money and, most  important of all, the lies. They deploy these lies to great strategic effect,  confident that most people will continue to believe them. In this paper  we reveal some of these lies via a series of satirical cartoons (as in our  two previous papers). Please feel free to share them with others. [Posted 18/08/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Lying Vanities The papers on this website are freely available to all. We mark them  with a copyright notice to prevent misappropriation and abuse.  However, our readers are free to post extracts from any of our papers  on social media and share them with others. The current system of  censorship means that many who try to find this website  (www.zephaniah.eu) will not succeed. If the search engines functioned  impartially, our traffic would be 5-10 times greater than it is. Before  long our content may be completely blocked out. The attached paper,  along with #318, provides an easy way to share content that may nudge  some of your friends and neighbors out of their complacency. Time is  short. Use it well. [Posted 09/08/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Ezekiel’s Tile As Christians who can see what the ‘New World Order’ really entails, we are naturally very keen to find ways of alerting others. Most of the time  our words fall on deaf ears. In this paper we make use of satirical  cartoons to do what words often cannot. Perhaps they will make a  difference to those who know something is wrong but, up to now, have  been unable to accept that the governments of the world are actively  working against their own people. Please feel free to share this paper  with your friends and loved ones. [Posted 30/07/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Israel and the End Time We have written several papers about Israel and its role in End Time  prophecy. In this paper we discuss the sharp distinction between the  ‘remnant of Jacob’ and the ‘Synagogue of Satan’. Serious errors are  being made by modern commentators when they confuse the two. We  focus on a book, The Matrix of Gog, which makes more errors than  most. Christians are failing to test these spurious claims against  Scripture and establish with certainty what the LORD has revealed. The coming turmoil on the world stage will see a massive increase in the  animus directed at Jews. [Posted 18/07/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The approaching food supply crisis Society can function normally for only 4-5 days at most if the food  supply is cut off. Great social unrest can also be created by driving the  price of basic food items beyond the means of lower income families.  Following a multitude of mergers and acquisitions in the food industry  over the past twenty years or so the security of our food supply now  depends on the good will of a relatively small number of mega-   corporations. In addition to this, energy and fertilizer, the two major  inputs into food production, are also dominated by just a few  corporations. The Elite now have all the tools they need to tighten the  food supply and generate great social distress. In this paper we discuss  both the methods they have been using to obtain this level of control  and the pattern of recent events which strongly suggests that they will  shortly put their plan into effect. [Posted 04/07/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Synagogue of Satan Jesus told us to beware of the Synagogue of Satan. This is a highly  secretive group which purports to be Jewish, but is not. It has grown  enormously in power and influence since it was mentioned by name in  the Book of Revelation around 95 AD. In this paper we examine several  passages from the Bible which reveal its true character and the awful  threat it poses to mankind. In doing so we distinguish between Biblical  Zionism and Secular Zionism and discuss the problems that arise when  society fails to see the vast difference between the two. [Posted 18/06/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Harming children via porn Most adolescents are watching porn since it is freely available online,  and many are suffering emotional damage as a result. The idea is  current that there are two types of porn, “good” and “bad”, and that  adolescents can safely watch the former. This lie is being promoted by  experts and institutions who ought to know better. Plans are far  advanced in Ireland to make porn watching an integral part of child sex education, under the label ‘porn literacy’. In this paper we reveal what is really happening and why parents should be greatly concerned at the  way the state is sexualizing young children in order to advance the  Marxist agenda. [Posted 07/06/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Child Rape and Secret Societies Through his control over secret societies Satan is able to manipulate the  political and corporate leaders of mankind and set the agenda that his  followers must implement. He is imposing a ‘New World Order’ and is  using every kind of perversion to undermine the existing one. Chief  among these is child rape. In this paper we examine the way the  Masonic network in the UK has, for thirty years or more, enabled  Muslim rape gangs to cause untold suffering in English towns and  cities. [Posted 29/05/2022] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Countdown to World Tyranny The World Health Organization (WHO) will consider proposals in the  coming days which, if agreed, would confer on its Director-General the  power to declare a world pandemic emergency under international law.  Up to now the WHO issued “recommendations” which member states  could implement at their discretion. Also, it could do so only after  consulting and reaching agreement with a representative number of  member states. It was also necessary for the pandemic affected region  to report a significant number of fatalities before a declaration could be  made. The proposed amendments are revolutionary. If agreed, they will  enable the Director-General, at his sole discretion, to override the rights  and freedoms of billions of people. He won’t even be required to  produce hard medical evidence that a contagious pathogen has killed a  significant number of people and will likely kill a great many more. The  sovereignty of independent nation states is being erased by world  Communism. [Posted 20/05/2022]  
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the ‘big picture’ and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. [2009] Papers on this website were accessed around a million times over the past three years. Readers who wish to download a large number of  papers for future reference should contact us and request a Dropbox  link to our complete archive, grouped by year.   
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