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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
We   are   keen   to   raise   awareness   generally   of   the   dangers   posed   by   the coming   New   World   Order   and   the   forces   behind   it   -   and   to   do   so   from a born-again Christian perspective. The   accent   throughout   is   on   verifiable   facts,   namely   material   that   the reader   can   confirm   to   his   or   her   satisfaction   from   other   sources.   The site   tries   to   identify   and   describe   the   'big   picture'   and,   in   particular, how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible. Our   basic   premise   is   that   traditional   Bible-based   Christianity   is   under attack   in   a   systematic   and   often   insidious   way   in   all   parts   of   the   world today.   The   tragedy   is   that   most   Christians   do   not   seem   to   be   aware   of this.    Our    papers    are    designed    to    expose    this    strategy,    the    people behind   it,   and   the   methods   they   are   using   to   undermine   and   destroy Christianity. Our   papers   were   accessed   about   700,000   times   in   the   8-year   period 2009-2016.   Readers   who   wish   to   download   several   papers   at   once may   do   so   by   going   to   the   Internet   Archive   website   (where   our   papers are grouped by year) and searching on the name 'Jeremy James.'
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - The Pharaoh Akhenaten  is another Illuminati invention As   we   demonstrated   in   our   paper,   Eugenics,   Hybrids,   and the   Illuminati   Labyrinth   [#121],   the   British   Elite   have   been revising      history   and   inventing   historical   ‘facts’   to   suit   their purpose.   The   pharaoh   known   as   Akhenaten    is   supposed   to have   originated   the   concept   of   monotheism   -   belief   in   just one    God    -    around    the    time    of    the    Exodus.    However,    this pharaoh    did    not    exist    but    was    invented    by    the    British    to undermine    the    Biblical    foundation    of    both    Judaism    and Christianity.  [Posted 14/04/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Illuminati War on Natural Women Most    professing    Christians    are    unaware    of    the    extent    to which   the   Ruling   Elite,   along   with   their   closest   associates,   are transgendered   Luciferians.   Sadly,   they   are   even   unaware   of the   great   hatred   that   Satan   has   for   natural   women   and   how this      hatred      is      being      expressed      through      the      wicked transgender    agenda.    The    minds    of    our    children    are    being poisoned    by    this    sinister    program.    This    paper    reveals    the high   level   of   trickery   and   deception   that   the   Elite   are   using   to implement it.   [Posted 05/04/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Eugenics, Hybrids, and the Illuminati Labyrinth For    far    too    long,    Christian    pastors    and    elders    have    been failing   to   take   a   long   hard   look   at   who   is   really   running   the world.    They    claim    that    they    already    know.    Yes,    God    is   sovereign,   but   He   has   given   men   a   great   deal   of   freedom   to either   choose   Him   or   reject   Him.   Some   who   reject   Him   with a   great   intensity   are   working   secretly   together   to   further   the aims   of   the   Enemy.   This   paper   shows   that,   in   addition   to their   plans   to   control   the   future,   they   have   also   taken   steps   to control the past. [Posted 31/03/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Twelfth Apostle and Our Stationary Earth Many    faithful    Christians,    who    truly    love    the    LORD,    have difficulty   distinguishing   between   the   cosmology   of   the   Bible and   the   false   cosmology   of   NASA.   In   this   paper   we   show   why believers   today   are   obliged   to   address   a   brand   of   deception which our grandparents never thought possible.  [Posted 12/03/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Legalized Assault on Christianity The   Children   of   Wickedness   have   stepped   into   the   open,   as   it were,   and   shown   themselves   in   their   true   colors.   This   paper looks     at     an     amicus      brief     prepared     by     leading     hi-tech corporations    -    including    Apple,    Amazon    and    Microsoft    - which    reveals    in    stark    terms    a    trenchantly    anti-Christian agenda.  [Posted 07/03/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Children of Wickedness and Fake Science We   have   been   trained   from   childhood   to   trust   science.   It   is probably   the   last   place   we   would   expect   to   find   deception   and trickery,   but   the   Enemy   has   been   using   it   on   a   grand   scale   to twist   reality   and   mock   the   world   created   by   God.      The   lies devised   for   this   purpose   are   extremely   clever,   but   they   work primarily     because     Christians     have     forgotten     just     how dangerous Satan really is. [Posted 21/02/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Pope’s Worldwide Network of Supernatural Doors On    8    December    2015    Pope    Francis    opened    a    door    in    St Peter’s   Basilica   in   the   Vatican   in   a   special   public   ceremony. According   to   the   Pope,   as   stated   in   a   Papal   Bull,   any   Catholic who   passed   through   this   door   over   the   following   12   months would   receive   a   divine   pardon   in   respect   of   some   of   his   or   her sins.   He   also   authorised   the   temporary   creation   of   2800   or more   similar   doors   throughout   the   world.   The   door   in   the Vatican   was   later   officially   sealed   by   him   on   20   November 2016.   Bible-believing   Christians   need   to   understand   why   this is   happening   and   why   occult   acts   of   this   nature   are   adding greatly to the End Time darkness. [Posted 31/01/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Seriously defective tract on Freemasonry The   Lighthouse   Trails    ministry   is   one   of   the   better   known Christian   discernment   websites.   It   recently   released   a   tract on   Freemasonry   which   gave   a   very   indulgent   and,   in   places, highly   misleading   account   of   this   dangerous   occult   organiz- ation.     This     paper     examines     the     tract     and     shows     why Christians ought to be concerned by this development. [Posted 24/01/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Androgyny, European Royalty, and the War on Gender A   very   nasty   war   is   being   waged   in   secret   against   the   absolute distinction   between   male   and   female.   The   target,   as   usual,   is Christianity   and   the   natural   order   established   by   God.   This paper   examines   the   history   of   androgyny   and   shows   why   it   is central to paganism and the New World Order. [Posted 18/01/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Talk on Irish Radio about the New World Order This   talk   is   the   sixth   in   a   series   of   interviews   given   on   LMFM radio,    based    in    Drogheda.    The    subjects    discussed    include homosexuality,   abortion,   the   occult,   Israel,   Bible   prophecy, and the New World Order.  [Posted 18/01/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Scriptural Basis for the Lord’s Day   The    Biblical    foundation    for    the    Lord's    Day    is    not    well understood.   It   is   often   confused   with   the   Sabbath.   This   paper examines   its   origin   and   shows   why   believers   may   need   to reflect    more    deeply    on    its    significance    and    the    precious opportunity that it gives to draw closer to God.     [Posted 02/01/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The US Betrayal of Israel The   US   failed   to   veto   a   resolution   by   the   UN   Security   Council on   23   December   2016   which   is   deeply   hostile   to      Israel.   This has    given    rise    to    a    situation    which    is    now    irretrievable, regardless   of   the   attitude   of   the   incoming   President.   Obama’s calamitous    decision    will    have    major    implications    for    the Middle East, the US, and the rest of the world. [Posted 29/12/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Sign of Jonah - Three Days and Three Nights An   accurate   analysis   of   Scripture   will   show   that   Jesus   was crucified   on   a   Wednesday,   not   a   Friday,   and   that   he   was   three full   days   and   three   full   nights   in   the   tomb.   This   paper   also gives    strong    evidence    that    the    Crucifixion    took    place    on Wednesday 7th April, 32 A.D.  [Posted 18/12/2016]    
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“Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness; it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger.” - Zephaniah 2:3
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