One World Religion
The Coming Persecution of Christians Christians who truly love the LORD and are obedient to His holy Word  will need to prepare themselves spiritually for the years ahead. Unless  they understand what is happening - from a clear Biblical perspective -   they may  lose the joy of their salvation and succumb to despair. This  paper addresses the question at the heart of coming events.  [Posted 08/09/2015]                                            Major Step by the Vatican to Create a One World Religion Most Roman Catholics are unaware of what their leaders in the Vatican  are planning in their name. As one of the most powerful organizations in  the world today, the Roman Catholic Church is moving toward the  creation by stealth of a One World Government. Its influence would then  be such that it could impose its religious beliefs on others and even carry  out forced conversions. This paper examines the serious threat posed to  true Biblical Christianity by this sinister strategy and focuses in particular  on a recent Vatican paper in which details of its plan for world  government were clearly set out.  [Posted 2011]  The True Biblical Jesus and the False Jesus of Vatican Theology If one takes the time to examine the Bible and come to a clear  understanding of Christ (as every Christian ought to do), one is struck by  the huge contradiction between the true Biblical Jesus and the counterfeit  version taught by Vatican theology. The first is true and the second false;  the first is our saviour and high priest, the second a misleading imitation  with no power to save. Consider the evidence set out in this paper and  decide for yourself.  [Posted 2011] The New Age Movement - Designed to Destroy Biblical Christianity Despite its sweet, tolerant exterior, the New Age movement is a dangerous  deception. The many different cults and 'new religious movements', which seem to have sprung up spontaneously and in an unrelated way, are  actually part of a long-term plan to destroy Christianity. The real face  behind the so-called angelic light of the New Age is Lucifer, the Light  Bearer. This paper gives detailed information about the New Age by a  former New Age practitioner. It exposes the lie and sounds a loud warning to all who are involved in New Age practices of any kind.  [Posted 2011] The Emerging Church Movement is a Corruption of Christianity The basic teachings of Christianity are being eroded by the seemingly  well-meaning pastors and theologians who are embracing the tenets of  what is often called the Emerging Church movement. This paper  examines the modus operandi of the Emerging Church, its false cotton-   wool gospel, and the threat it poses to true biblical Christianity. Ideally it  should be read in conjunction with the New Age paper posted above,  which includes a table showing the remarkable parallels between the  tenets of the Emerging Church and those of the New Age.  [Posted 2011] The Masonic Subversion of the Catholic Church Piers Compton published a startling book, The Broken Cross, in 1983,  which exposed the alarming extent to which the Masons had taken over  the Vatican. He was forced to withdraw the book after only six weeks. The  attached copy is supported by extensive photographic evidence. If you are  a Catholic, please take the time to weigh his arguments and draw your  own conclusions.  [Posted 2011] Eighteen New Age Lies - An Occult Attack on Christianity Virtually all the main tenets of the New Age movement are occult, though  presented in a disguised form. The so-called spirituality of these groups is  based on something other than the Holy Spirit. This 'something' is The  Force. When witches part after their coven meetings, they bid farewell to  one another with the words, "The Force be with you." The Force is the  energy of Lucifer. If you are a member of a New Age group, or using any of the therapies or meditation practices taught by them, then you are  unwittingly partaking of The Force and inviting it to work with you. Any  Christian who participates in these activities, many of which seem very  innocent on the surface, are putting themselves in danger. For example,  practitioners of Reiki are exposing themselves to demonic entities which  could do them great harm.  [Posted 2009]