The Coming New World Order
The Legalized Assault on Christianity The Children of Wickedness have stepped into the open, as it were,  and shown themselves in their true colors. This paper looks at an  amicus brief prepared by leading hi-tech corporations – including  Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft – which reveals in stark terms a  trenchantly anti-Christian agenda. [Posted 07/03/2017] The Phoenix and the New World Order There are strong indications that the New World Order will be  launched very shortly. To be effective this 'launch' will need to  embody a powerful emotional and political shock. It will also need  to conform with the Illuminati symbolism of the Phoenix, which  rises from the fire of its own ashes. This paper explains how these  twin goals are likely to be achieved. [Posted 03/09/2015] Strange Signs, John the Baptist, and the New World Order Christians are encouraged to keep a close eye on world events.  While we need to track the more obvious indicators – political,  economic, and military – we cannot afford to ignore those which  are less dramatic but just as informative. This paper examines the  role that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have in the coming  years and the significance of a recent Illuminati ritual in Berlin.  [Posted 28/06/2015]