The Coming New World Order
Medicated Nation: The Fluoridation Deception The public water supply in the U.S., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand is artificially fluoridated. Despite a mound of scientific evidence which  shows that this practise is harmful to human health, the national health  authorities - who are legally required to protect the public from  exposure to toxic substances - are actually enforcing this insane policy.  In this paper we show just how much harm is being done by  fluoridation and why the science behind it is bogus.  [Posted 12/03/2019] Why is Irish national television promoting witchcraft? When a society loses its grip on absolute moral values it slides gradually  into witchcraft. This may not be obvious for a while because many of the old institutions and practices, which were founded on such values,  continue to maintain a facade of respectability. But as the cracks  appear, a black light shines through. We are now seeing this in the Irish  media, which has abandoned all pretense of Christian legitimacy. On  February 11th, RTE, the Irish national television station, broadcast a  program - at a time when young children were watching - which  promoted an Irish temple devoted to witchcraft. The program portrayed it as a suitable place for tourists to visit! Witchcraft and goddess  worship are now moving into the mainstream in Ireland. [Posted 14/02/2019] The Starhawk Gang and the Rape of Ireland There are very few people in Ireland today who could be described as  patriots. Such people are prepared to go out on a limb and risk being  penalized in some way in order to defend the laws and principles, the  values and standards, that underpin the well-being of our society. They  are reviled by the parasites who exploit our nation, who fashion clever  lies to extract as much as they can from a gormless, uninformed  populace. In this paper we show how much we need these outspoken  patriots and why they deserve our wholehearted support. We also reveal  the true story behind the Irish banking crisis of 2008 and the extent to  which the Irish government - the Starhawk Gang - continue to work  hand-in-hand with the Ruling Elite to fleece the Irish people and  destroy the sovereignty of our nation. [Posted 09/02/2019] The Irish Ruling Elite are Baal-worshipping Deceivers The legislative program that the Irish government is implement-ing, as  well as its compliance with recent U.N. directives, is proof that it is  marching in step with the New World Order. The ruling elite, who  control the strings of government from behind the scenes, are  practitioners of the ‘Old Religion.’ Their god is Baal, and they despise  true Christianity. In this paper we reveal how the Irish political system  really works, the dark agenda it is ruthlessly pursuing, and the  complicity of the media in its nefarious schemes. Unless the people of  Ireland wake up and recognize the depth of this betrayal, which will  result before long in the loss of our sovereignty, it will be too late. These  are perilous times. Please share this paper with those you care about.  [Posted 18/01/2019]  Electromagnetic Radiation, Mass Insanity and the NWO It has long been known that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has a  biological effect, even at low energy levels. The levels generated by cell  phones are harmful if one is exposed to them for a long period. It takes  about 5-10 years exposure to run a greatly increased risk of cancer. The  planned new generation of this technology, known as the fifth  generation or 5G, which is scheduled for implementation in 2019, will  mark a major escalation in both the energy levels and exposure levels to  EMR which everyone will experience (not just cell phone users).  Scientific studies show beyond doubt that 5G will cause harmful health  effects across society, but these studies are being ignored by the cell  phone industry and the governments that are supposed to serve us. The  threat is very serious and many respected scientists are trying to raise  the alarm. The Illuminati are clearly planning to use 5G to greatly  weaken western society and make it easier to impose a New World  Order. Please share this paper. [Posted 14/12/2018] Connecting Adverse Health Events to Childhood Vaccines True Christians endeavor as best they can to separate themselves from  the ways of the world. However, in doing so we need to understand  what is happening in the world. After all, we need to know how to  protect our children and loved ones from the many traps and snares  that the Enemy has laid to enslave mankind. The way the Enemy is  using pharmakeia (or sorceries) is of particular relevance in the End  Time. There is no doubt that this must involve the pharmaceutical  industry in some way. In our paper we try to get an overview of how this  industry is affecting our children and what we can expect in the years  ahead. [Posted 07/11/2018] Why Congress is Serving the Luciferian Elite  When revealing the plan that the Elite are pursuing, perhaps the  greatest obstacle we face is the widespread reluctance to believe that  any confederacy on earth could be so evil. Evil generally hides itself  extremely well, but there are occasions when its presence is plainly  manifest for all to see. Alas, even these are overlooked by most people  since they have been trained to believe that Satan does not exist and  that all men (with some exceptions) are basically good. Today the  Children of Wickedness are so brazen that all true Christians should be  able to discern their existence - see our paper #119. In this paper (#170)  we give two astounding examples of the way these people are using the  U.S. Congress to serve their purposes. [Posted 03/09/2018]   Euthanasia - The NWO and its Culture of Death  The masterminds behind the New World Order are busy field-testing  their plan to impose involuntary euthanasia throughout the world. The  masses are being programmed to believe that human life is 'qualitative'  and that its net worth is measurable. The recent official report into the  systematic killing of 600-800 elderly patients at a hospital in the UK is  replete with clues as to how this programming will be carried out. It also reveals – with irrefutable evidence – the ruthlessness, cunning and  sadism of the NWO and the people behind it. [Posted 29/07/2018]   Severe Internet Censorship is Now Imminent   The European Union is about to introduce a sophisticated system of  surveillance over the Internet, using allegations of 'copyright infringe-   ment', 'hate speech' and 'fake news' to justify a sweeping system of  censorship. It will include a network of 'trusted flaggers' to serve as  Internet censors. Website hosting services will be compelled to  introduce surveillance software and could be held liable if they allow  undesirable content onto their platforms. Since this system of  censorship will not be fully effective until it applies also to hosting  services outside the EU, the Elite obviously envisage the swift roll-out of  their new censorship regime to all parts of the world. Free speech is  under severe attack and public criticism of the New World Order will  not be tolerated. Websites like this one may soon find it impossible to  post any meaningful material about the NWO or the planned  destruction of Bible-based Christianity. PLEASE download our papers  while you still can. If you want to be included on an email list (to be  used if our website is put out of action) please contact -        [Posted 05/06/2018] Bible Ban Pending in Ireland and California  The plan for a New World Order has advanced to the point where its  wizards and grandmasters are now attempting to ban the Bible. The ban is directed, as expected, at those passages in the Bible which condemn  homosexuality. Draft legislation in both California and Ireland is  designed to disbar any professional who provides sexual orientation  conversion therapy (California) or imprison anyone (anyone!) who  offers to do so, even if no fee is requested or expected (Ireland). The  Irish Bill even makes it an offense punishable by imprisonment to take a person outside the country to  receive such therapy. Pastors and  ministers of religion could be imprisoned if they attempted to provide  such counsel themselves, or even directed a person to travel abroad to  receive it. The generational Luciferian families who control Ireland are  pursuing the NWO agenda with a vengeance. They seem to be using the  Abortion Referendum as a smokescreen to get this Bill quietly through  parliament, just as they used the Marriage Referendum in 2015 to  deflect attention from the venomous Gender Recognition Bill. The  wickedness behind all of this is truly horrifying. Please bring this paper  to the attention of your pastor and elders. [Posted 26/05/2018]   The Legalized Assault on Christianity The Children of Wickedness have stepped into the open, as it were, and  shown themselves in their true colors. This paper looks at an amicus   brief prepared by leading hi-tech corporations – including Apple,  Amazon, and Microsoft – which reveals in stark terms a trenchantly  anti-Christian agenda. [Posted 07/03/2017] The Phoenix and the New World Order There are strong indications that the New World Order will be launched very shortly. To be effective this 'launch' will need to embody a powerful emotional and political shock. It will also need to conform with the  Illuminati symbolism of the Phoenix, which rises from the fire of its  own ashes. This paper explains how these twin goals are likely to be  achieved. [Posted 03/09/2015] Strange Signs, John the Baptist, and the New World Order Christians are encouraged to keep a close eye on world events. While we  need to track the more obvious indicators – political, economic, and  military – we cannot afford to ignore those which are less dramatic but  just as informative. This paper examines the role that Malaysia Airlines  flight MH370 may have in the coming years and the significance of a  recent Illuminati ritual in Berlin. [Posted 28/06/2015]