The Coming New World Order - part two
Wilful Blindness There is a strong tendency in our fallen human condition to imagine  that everything will continue much as it has for the past few decades.  We don’t like change and we don’t adjust easily to anything that  rattles our assumptions. Bible believers trust the sovereignty of God  and keep this tendecy in check, but unbelievers have no defense. The  Enemy can exploit this weakness in subtle ways, to the point where  even obvious threats are ignored. We don’t want to know! This  induced blindness can bring tragedy at a personal level, but when it  affects the nation as a whole, it can open a path to catastrophe. In this paper we examine what this is doing to America and Europe today. [Posted 08/09/2023] The Age of Electricity Advances in technology are opening up more and more ways to  control mankind. Electrical machines have come to dominate  everything we do. Civilization is literally under the control of the  small number of families who have the ability to increase or reduce  the availability of electricity. This means they can ‘shut down’  civilization if and when it suits them to do so. The media never refers  to this remarkable concentration of political and economic power in  the hands of the same families who direct the World Economic  Forum. In this paper we show why the Age of Electricity is central to  Satan’s plan to bring in the Antichrist. [Posted 09/03/2023] An Overview of Medical Tyranny One sometimes hears of sadistic killers who were well-respected  members of the community. Their public persona was so convincing  that, even after they are convicted and sent to prison, many of their  friends and neighbors refuse to believe they are guilty. They are  unable to accept that this seemingly good person was really a  monster. This shows how well evil can hide itself and how unwilling  we are to accept the evidence, even when it is set out in detail before  us. The Covid hoax and the follow-up vaccine scandal are hidden from public view by a similar wall of disbelief. How could so many people  in high positions, the people we trust to protect our community, turn  out to be so wicked and deceitful? In this paper we examine a  multitude of evidence showing the extent of their guilt.  [Posted 05/02/2023] Dark Winter  The behavior of liars and psychopaths is difficult to predict. An  honest man, on the other hand, will seldom surprise us. There is  generally a fair and just way to do something, and he does it that way.  The servants of Satan are in a different category entirely. They have  many ways of behaving badly and causing harm. They also exploit the integrity and predictability of others to advance their own agenda.  Thankfully, the Word of God tells us where they are going and what  they want to achieve. We know also that they are planning a “dark  winter” and a “great reset”. Our task, as Christians, is to anticipate  these events as best we can and expose the criminality behind it. [Posted 07/10/2022] The Children of Wickedness have lit the fuse The wicked cabal who currently exercise an iron grip over humanity  are about to take their dark plan to a whole new level. Through  messages broadcast in the media - in plain view - they are telling their  fellow Luciferians across the world to get ready. These deceivers got  to where they are today by patiently accumulating small victories and  following a strict plan. They now seem to think their time has come.  Please read this paper in conjunction with our earlier paper #241: The Illuminati Showcase their god Osiris on British Television. [Posted 27/09/2022] The Old World Order is about to slide into chaos Events over the past three years have clearly shown that the Enemy  and his earthly servants have prepared some nasty surprises for the  closing months of 2022 and much of 2023. In this paper we discuss  the undeclared war in Europe and where it is leading. The road ahead will be immensely challenging. We urge our readers to lean upon the  LORD and trust in His Mercy. Remember Paul and Silas in their dark  prison cell with their feet held fast in stocks. They never lost hope.  They prayed and sang praises unto God at midnight! They were so  cheerful and loud that other prisoners could hear them. [Posted 09/09/2022] Child Rape and Secret Societies Through his control over secret societies Satan is able to manipulate  the political and corporate leaders of mankind and set the agenda that his followers must implement. He is imposing a ‘New World Order’  and is using every kind of perversion to undermine the existing one.  Chief among these is child rape. In this paper we examine the way the  Masonic network in the UK has, for thirty years or more, enabled  Muslim rape gangs to cause untold suffering in English towns and  cities. [Posted 29/05/2022]  
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