The Babylonian Religion
The   Asherim ,   Craft   and   Magic   Circles   of   Babylonian   London As   born-again   Christians   we   are   expected   to   use   our   common   sense   and weigh   the   evidence   in   support   of   any   claim   or   theory.   Many   who   doubt the   existence   of   a   long-term   plan   to   eliminate   Christianity   and   bring   in   a New   World   Order   may   benefit   from   our   exposé   of   Babylonian   London (2014),   as   well   as   the   information   set   out   in   this   paper.   They   ought   to startle   anyone   who   is   truly   sincere   in   his   or   her   quest   for   proof   of   a   high- level secret conspiracy. [Posted 24/04/2017] The Pharaoh Akhenaten  is another Illuminati invention As   we   demonstrated   in   our   paper,   Eugenics,   Hybrids,   and   the   Illuminati Labyrinth    [#121],    the    British    Elite    have    been    revising        history    and inventing   historical   ' facts '    to   suit   their   purpose.   The   pharaoh   known   as Akhenaten    is   supposed   to   have   originated   the   concept   of   monotheism     belief   in   just   one   God      around   the   time   of   the   Exodus.   However,   this pharaoh   did   not   exist   but   was   invented   by   the   British   to   undermine   the Biblical foundation of both Judaism and Christianity. [Posted 14/04/2017] Seriously defective tract on Freemasonry The    Lighthouse    Trails     ministry    is    one    of    the    better    known    Christian discernment   websites.   It   recently   released   a   tract   on   Freemasonry   which gave   a   very   indulgent   and,   in   places,   highly   misleading   account   of   this dangerous   occult   organiz-ation.   This   paper   examines   the   tract   and   shows why Christians ought to be concerned by this development. [Posted 24/01/2017] Annual Oscar Ceremony re-enacts an Ancient Egyptian Festival Christians   everywhere   should   know   by   now   that   everything   that   comes out   of   Hollywood   is   laden   with   poison   of   one   kind   or   another.   Much   of the   propaganda   for   Satan's   war   on   Christianity   is   produced   in   Hollywood, and   virtually   everyone   of   influence   in   the   movie   industry   is   affiliated   in some   way   with   the   occult,   witchcraft,   a   New   Age   movement,   or   a   pagan religion.   This   paper   shows   how   the   annual   Academy   Awards   are   actually a   reenactment   of   a   religious   festival   from   ancient   Egypt,   and   the   famous Oscar   statuette   is   actually   a   representation   of   the   tripartite   god   Ptah- Sokar-Osiris.   [Posted 12/06/2015] Babylonian London, Nimrod, and the Secret War Against God              [Also accessible as seven separate papers - see below] This    lengthy    paper    sets    out    the    results    of    a    detailed    analysis    of    the monuments   of   London.   They   ought   to   be   of   great   concern   to   all   sincere Christians   since   they   give   tangible   proof   of   the   'conspiracy'   that   has   been under   way   for   some   time   to   destroy   true   Biblical   Christianity   and   replace it    with    a    one-world    religion.    The    paper    shows    that    London    has    been designed    as    a    kind    of    open-air    temple    to    the    gods    of    ancient    Egypt, Greece   and   Babylon.   The   chief   'god'   that   the   ruling   elite   worship   is   the Babylonian    Nimrod,    whom    they    equate    with    the    coming    'god-man', whom Christians call the Antichrist. The    Asherim    of    London    -    obelisks,    spires,    columns    and    towers    -    are organized   to   form   astrological   star   patterns,   solar   wheels,   a   planetary model,   and   tributes   to   the   pagan   gods   of   the   ancient   world.   Once   one understands   the   'language'   behind   these   monuments,   their   blasphemous nature   becomes   immediately   apparent.   Our   analysis   shows   that   the   dark character   of   'Babylonian   London'   has   intensified   in   recent   years,   to   the point    where    monuments    are    now    being    erected    to    'gods'    who    figure prominently in the occult and magic, such as Isis and Seth.   [Posted 14/06/2014] Babylonian London - Chapters 1-2 Babylonian London - Chapters 3-5 Babylonian London - Chapters 6-9 Babylonian London - Chapters 10-12 Babylonian London - Chapters 13-15 Babylonian London - Chapters 16-17 Babylonian London - Chapters 18-End Barack Obama and his Hindu Guru President    Obama    claims    to    be    a    Christian,    but    this    is    a    front.    The evidence   set   out   in   this   paper   proves   that   he   is   really   a   Hindu   (or   Hindu sympathizer)   and   that   his   guru   is   the   head   of   the   worldwide   Kriya   Yoga movement,   Paramahamsa   Prajnanananda.   He   is   also   a   firm   believer   in the   Goddess   and   the   blessings   that   her   veneration   will   bring   to   devotees. In    reality,    Obama    hates    traditional    Biblical    Christianity    and    is    a    key player in the secret movement to undermine and destroy it.  [Posted 16/07/2013] Witchcraft and Satanism in Hollywood Hollywood   is   content   to   appear   decadent   and   immoral   because   the   truth, if    it    were    known,    is    much    more    disturbing.    The    people    who    run Hollywood   are   active   practitioners   of   the   occult.   While   it   may   hide   behind a   façade   of   atheism,   Hollywood   is   one   of   the   most   religious   places   on earth.   However   the   'god'   that   these   people   worship   is   not   our   wonderful Creator,   but   the   Horned   One,   Lucifer.   In   recent   years   they   have   become so   arrogant   that   they   dare   on   occasion   to   broadcast   their   satanic   beliefs   in an   undisguised   manner.   This   paper   highlights   the   extent   to   which   this   is now happening.  [Posted 03/06/2013] The Externalization  of the Fallen Angelic Hierarchy Few    Christians    today    seem    to    recognize    the    dramatic    link    between developments   on   the   world   stage   and   End   Time   prophecy.   They   forget that   Satan   is   following   a   Plan.   The   significance   of   what   is   happening would   be   easier   to   understand   if   one   knew   the   main   features   of   his   Plan. Fortunately,   these   can   be   deduced,   at   least   in   part,   from   history,   from Scripture,   and   from   the   occult   writings   that   the   Elite   appear   to   regard   as their   'scripture'.   This   paper   examines   the   Plan   and   its   impact   on   world events.  [Posted 24/05/2013] Freemasonry and the Queen of England The   British   royal   family   has   long   pretended   to   be   Christian,   or   at   least sympathetic    to    the    traditional    values    of    Christianity.    However,    an analysis   of   the   annual   Christmas   Messages   broadcast   by   the   Queen   since 1953   prove   conclusively   that   she   is   definitely   not   a   Christian   but   a   strong advocate   of   Freemasonry.   From   the   evidence   -   her   own   words   -   it   is obvious   that   she   rejects   the   deity   of   Christ   and   espouses   the   ideals   of Freemasonry   and   its   unbiblical   gnostic   philosophy.   Christians   need   to consider   the   implications   of   this   very   carefully   since   it   is   a   clear   sign   that the   powerful   elite   who   control   Europe   and   America   are   following   a   very specific, anti-Christian agenda.   [Posted 09/05/2012] The Ark of the Covenant and the Eye of Horus Most   students   of   the   sinister   power   exercised   by   the   Illuminati,   or   Global Elite,    are    aware    of    the    importance    they    attach    to    the    Eye    of    Horus symbol,   especially   when   it   is   enclosed   in   a   pyramid   or   triangle.   But   few are    aware    of    its    connection    with    the    Ark    of    the    Covenant    and    the incredibly   blasphemous   nature   of   its   message.   This   paper   explains   its hidden significance [Posted 2010] Freemasonry in Ireland and the Dublin Occult Grid Few   Irish   people   are   aware   of   the   influence   which   Freemasonry   has   had, and   continues   to   have,   on   the   growth   and   development   of   their   country. Furthermore,   few   are   aware   of   the   distinctly   anti-Christian   ethos   which governs   Freemasonry.   This   paper   gives   convincing   evidence   that   Dublin is   criss-crossed   by   an   occult   grid   which   the   Masons   put   in   place   a   few hundred   years   ago   and   which   they   continue   to   maintain   and   expand. [This   paper   is   an   edited   version   of   a   more   detailed   paper,   previously published   on   this   website   -   The   Planned   Destruction   of   Christianity   in Ireland  .]  [Posted 2009]