One World Government 
The Seeming Enigma of North Korea The Elite are following a timetable and North Korea has an important  place in that timetable. This paper examines the reason for creating the  so-called 'rogue state.' It also shows how recent propaganda  such as  the alleged N Korean missile tests and President Trump’s “rocket man”  jibe - all point to a planned event. [Posted 04/02/2018] The Next Choreographed War Wars, especially large-scale ones, are carefully planned events. The Elite prepare for them decades in advance, putting in place the various flash-   points and zones of conflict so that, when all is ready, they can press the  button and set yet another murderous campaign in motion. The  preparations for World War III would seem to be nearing completion. It will likely be timed to coincide with a worldwide economic collapse.  This paper examines the background to this and shows how leaders like  Trump and Kim Jong-un are merely actors in a drama scripted and  directed by the network of ultra-rich families who control the world (for  now). [Posted 02/10/2017] The possibility of a Constitutional crisis in the US The political situation in the US at present is very volatile. The failure to  fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court, in violation of the Constitution,  may be part of a plan to provoke a crisis. This paper examines the  background to this and the speed with which the situation could spiral  out of control.  [Posted 12/11/2016] The Marxist Pope and UN Agenda 2030 The most public and detailed statement to date about the New World  Order will be launched in New York by Pope Francis at a meeting of the  General Assembly of the UN on September 24. The document is called  Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable  Development. It will confer an exceptional range of powers on one or  more global authorities which, between them, by availing of these  powers, will be able to take control by stealth of independent sovereign  nations. Of course, it is not being sold as a blueprint for 'world  government' but as a program to 'save the planet'. This paper explains  the extent to which Marxist ideology, combined with the bogus science  of 'climate change', is being used by the UN to establish a system of  world government. It also exposes the dark Marxist affiliations of the  Roman Catholic leadership and its current Pope, Francis I.  [Posted 21/09/2015] The Globalist Plan for the US and the Middle East In 2006 an American military journal published a map that predicted  much of what we are seeing today in the Middle East. The map seems to  be a blueprint for change across a vast area. Meanwhile the forthcoming Jade Helm exercise by the US military will be held in the same southern  states that we identified in an earlier paper. Truly born-again Christians need to pay careful attention to what is happening. This paper shows  how closely these changes accord with Bible prophecy and form a  pattern of events leading to the End Time. [Posted 19/05/2015] Sorcery, Marxism, and Central America We have constantly striven on this website to alert readers to the  dangers of witchcraft and humanism, respectively. In both Mexico and  El Salvador these happen to be the dominant spiritual and socio-   political philosophies. Despite the presence of such neighbors, whose  territory may be used by her enemies to compromise her sovereignty,  the US remains inexplicably complacent.  [Posted 03/08/2015]