One World Government 
The Killing has Started The blindness of humanity is hard to understand. We would take  immediate action if a total stranger verbally abused a member of our  family, but we are prepared to let the same family member receive a potent experimental vaccine that hasn’t even been tested on animals. In this  paper we examine the shocking betrayal of the Irish people by their own  medical profession. We show how this betrayal is made even more evident  by a recent study which exposes the fraud and deception of the Irish  government. The criminal activity by our government was made possible  only by the sinister indifference of the medical profession and active  support from key health personnel. Sadly, elderly men and women across  Ireland are now dying from the Covid vaccines. The killing has started and  a great tragedy is unfolding. [Posted 20/04/2021] Fraud, Lies and Treachery by the Irish Government Ireland is at a crossroads. So too is every other democratic nation on earth. Our governments are working against us to impose a New World Order.  The Covid ‘pandemic’ is being used to advance this agenda. In this paper  we give conclusive evidence that the Irish government is out of control and  behaving in a criminally irresponsible way. We would ask all patriots to  bring this paper to the attention of friends and neighbors, and in particular anyone of integrity who can help to raise the alarm. We are calling on the  Director of Public Prosecutions to intervene as a matter of urgency. [Posted 02/03/2021] Twelve reasons why no-one should take the Covid vaccine The Covid vaccines are experimental, high risk, and unnecessary. The  media is working in concert with the pharmaceutical industry and the  government to frighten and mislead the public. As a result a large  percentage of the population are willing to take the vaccine. If you know  someone who may be about to take that step and you wish to inform them  of the risks, this paper may help. [Posted 24/02/2021] The Irish are Being Told Appalling Lies about Covid The patriot movement, Anti-Corruption Ireland, submitted a number of  requests to the Health Service Executive under the Freedom of  Information Act in late December 2020. The HSE was asked to provide a  list of records in its archive in relation to lockdowns, mask-wearing, social  distancing and Covid vaccines where the record addressed the scientific  basis or justification for each. Incredibly the HSE replied that it had no  records of this nature. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. So our country is  being destroyed, both economically and socially, by ruinous lockdowns  and draconian rules which have no scientific justification whatever. The  wealthy elite who control our country, and the politicians who serve them,  are guilty of very serious crimes. [Posted 11/01/2021] Downright Dangerous  The so-called Covid pandemic is a spiritual war on humanity. Satan and  his earthly servants are bringing in a new social order where the average  person is docile and obedient, in thrall to propaganda (in the form of  ‘education’, entertainment, ‘news’, and ‘science’), and highly receptive to  subliminal mind control techniques. To perfect this new social order he  needs to eliminate our will to resist. Pharmacology holds the key, while  vaccines provide the ideal means of delivery. The Covid vaccine will be the  first in a series of vaccines, all of which will be deemed essential in a world  where pandemic terror is stoked continually by lying scientists and odious  politicians. In this paper we will explore some of the factors which show  that these vaccines are “downright dangerous,” as one prominent expert  put it. [Posted 04/01/2021] Covid isolation facilities will be used to intern dissidents The average person today is so detached from the lessons of history that he  doesn’t see how its recurring themes are bound to affect him somewhere  along the line. As the Word of God tells us, there is nothing new under the  sun. This means the same forces that shaped our past are still shaping the  world we see around us today. In this paper we discuss the ‘Covid’ test  centers that are being built around Ireland, their connection with mental  health facilities, and the scope they will give our de facto Marxist overlords to intern ‘undesirables’. We also examine a very troubling CDC document  which shows that the USA is heading down the same road. [Posted 16/11/2020] Besieged and Betrayed – a Nation in Peril Ireland is in crisis. Covid is a Marxist invention. Even after the hammer  falls a large proportion of the population will still believe the version of  events given in the mainstream media. In this paper we examine the dark  history that led to this crisis and show how, a year from now, the country  could be under totalitarian rule. The people, working together to defend  the Constitution, have only a short time to avert this impending  catastrophe. [Posted 08/11/2020] The Great Pandemic Lie Destroys our God-given Rights It is difficult to know which is greater, the audacity of the Elite for foisting  such outrageous lies on mankind, or the credulity of the general  population for believing them. In this paper we identify two novel legal  concepts – which have no precedent in Western law – that are being used  to obliterate our God-given Rights. Even countries with a written  Constitution have been unable, so far, to repel this illegal assault. By using  these pernicious legal concepts, the state can ensure that the law now  means only what the government says it means. Habeas corpus, due  process and many other basic rights are simply set aside and replaced by  Marxist diktat. [Posted 26/10/2020] Face Masks are a tool of Satan Bullies hate common sense because it undermines their authority. They  make unreasonable demands to see how much fear they can instil. Then,  having identified their victim, they use the same tactic again and again  until he breaks. This how a vile gang of elected bullies is causing havoc in  Ireland today. With each insane demand, the fear level rises and their  victims squirm even more. Unless the people of Ireland turn on these  bullies and assert their freedom and dignity, their country will be  destroyed. [Posted 18/10/2020] GMO Fluenz Tetra: Schoolchildren are now a target The more power our governments have, the more they abuse it. The Irish  government has announced its plan to vaccinate all children in the age  bracket 2-12 years in the coming weeks. The flu vaccine will be a GMO  called Fluenz Tetra, marketed by AstraZeneca. In this paper we offer 9  solid reasons why all Irish parents should reject and oppose this  dangerous plan. The government is following the international Marxist  agenda and cannot be trusted. [Posted 03/09/2020] The Removal of Children from their Parents The coronavirus ‘pandemic’ and the current ‘race’ riots are all part of the  plan to destabilize America. The next step will accelerate this process, as  our paper reveals. At least one US state has made drastic changes to its  child care standards during an ‘emergency’. This deplorable contraction in standards would suggest that the authorities are preparing for a massive  influx of new cases. The proclamation by the Governor of Idaho on 23  March will enable the state to quickly recruit unqualified staff and, without any preliminary training, put them in charge of large numbers of children  in facilities where overcrowding and minimal supervision will be  commonplace. Parents will be compelled to place their children in these  facilities during the ‘emergency’ but will not be allowed to visit them or  even communicate with them. This substandard regime will be so  injurious to the families affected that the proclamation should be seen as a  flashing red light that the Elite are prepared to do whatever it takes to  impose, without further delay, a New World Order.  [Posted 18/06/2020] Gaelic Gulag: Ireland is now under Marxist rule The governments of north America and western Europe, as well as other  parts of the world, are exploiting the ‘Covid-19’ scare to introduce  legislation that will greatly increase the control they can exercise over their  citizens. These powers include indefinite imprisonment without a warrant. Under the guise of ‘emergency’ legislation the Irish parliament recently  approved two Bills which confer astonishing powers on the government. In this paper we examine these tyrannical statutes and the deadly threat they  pose to the future well-being of our society. Ireland is now effectively  under Marxist rule. We urge our Irish readers - whether resident in  Ireland or in another country - to share this paper with as many of their  fellow countrymen as they can.  [Posted 10/04/2020] Rockefeller Report (2010) proves the pandemic was planned We would encourage readers to get as much objective evidence as they can  about the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. If they do they will begin to see the lies and propaganda. In this paper we give verifiable evidence that the  ‘pandemic’ was planned as a stepping- stone toward a New World Order. [Posted 06/04/2020] What does the Word of God say about ‘Lockdowns’? As Christians, at a time when the church is under severe attack, we need to  study the Bible carefully and follow the directions of the Holy Spirit as  recorded in His Word. What does Scripture say about ‘lockdowns’? Are  they legitimate in the eyes of God? In this paper we examine this question  by reference to God’s Word and find that the answer is emphatically “No!” [Posted 03/04/2020] Stand on the Rock! We are witnessing the imposition of martial law under the guise of a  medical emergency. Many are being greatly demoralized by the incessant  media focus on this alleged pandemic. In this paper we examine the effect  this is having on some Christians and what we can do to address it. The  actions being taken by world leaders, where entire countries are being shut down, is part of a dark plan to destroy national sovereignty and, along the  way, crush what is left of true Christianity.  [Posted 22/03/2020] The Coming Coup in the U.S. The cycles of history are manipulated by men. In reality there are no  historical cycles, nor a huge impersonal matrix called History (as the  Marxists would have us believe). There are simply men in rebellion against  God. History is but a record of this rebellion and the sordid deeds  imagined by a power-hungry elite to oppose His will for mankind. The  coming coup in the U.S. will take most people by surprise. It will hardly  seem possible. However, in this paper we will show how and why it is  likely to happen. [Posted 07/03/2020]     The NWO will Abolish the Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments are the foundation of a society based on  righteousness and spiritual well-being. For this reason alone they will have  no place in the coming New World Order, where the only rules and laws  will be those made by ‘wise’ men. In this paper we examine the strategy  taken to date to undermine the Ten Commandments and erase them from  our laws and social norms. Very few Christians seem to be aware that this  is happening or that it is a carefully planned program. Also, most of them  appear to underestimate the extent of the damage already inflicted to date. [Posted 15/6/2019] Donald Trump’s allegiance to the sun god Apollo President Trump has long tried to maintain that he is an outsider,  beholden to no-one. But is that really the case? In this paper we show that  Trump is in reality a high-ranking insider with a strong allegiance to the  sun god Apollo. He is merely acting out the script prepared for him by his  Illuminati handlers. [Posted 03/03/2019] Beware of the Sinister ‘Noahide Laws’  We are increasingly hearing references to the so-called Noahide Laws.  These are allegedly seven laws that the LORD gave, via Adam and Noah, to all mankind. In this paper we will show that, not only is this completely  untrue, but it is being exploited by the architects of the New World Order  to impose a worldwide system of judicial control. The Elite would appear  to have picked the largest Hasidic sect in America to raise awareness of  these laws, both in the U.S. and around the world. The U.N. and the  Vatican are also involved. Incredibly, the last seven U.S. Presidents have  all promoted these laws, the sect concerned, and the late rebbe (leader) of  the sect, whose followers expect him to be resurrected in the near future  and to reign on earth as the ‘messiah’. Christians need to understand the  sinister way this strange program is unfolding. [Posted 31/01/2019]  The U.N. Migration Compact attacks National Sovereignty The U.N. is the enemy of all who love truth and justice. It continues to  undermine the absolute sovereignty of nations. Its latest foray is incredibly  arrogant, even for the U.N. With its so-called Migration Compact, it plans  to abolish national borders by turning migration into a human right and  allowing unrestricted movement from one country to another to take up  permanent residence. What is more, the receiving country covers virtually  all costs, much as it does when receiving asylum seekers (refugees). In  effect, the U.N. has declared war on the absolute sovereignty of nations.  What is more, our own governments are siding with the U.N. and  permitting this silent invasion without any consultation with their citizens. The Compact is an act of treachery. [Posted 09/01/2019]  The Unfolding Constitutional Crisis in the US Christians who truly love God’s Word will continue to “Watch!”, just as  Jesus instructed. Many aspects of Bible prophecy do not appear from  nowhere but manifest gradually through mundane events. The world  leader described in the Book of Revelation will not be able to emerge until  the US has undergone ‘radical reconstruction’. This paper examines the  way the Illuminati have been preparing for this transformative event. [Posted 06/10/2018] The Seeming Enigma of North Korea The Elite are following a timetable and North Korea has an important  place in that timetable. This paper examines the reason for creating the so- called 'rogue state.' It also shows how recent propaganda  such as the  alleged N Korean missile tests and President Trump’s “rocket man” jibe -   all point to a planned event. [Posted 04/02/2018] The Next Choreographed War Wars, especially large-scale ones, are carefully planned events. The Elite  prepare for them decades in advance, putting in place the various flash-   points and zones of conflict so that, when all is ready, they can press the  button and set yet another murderous campaign in motion. The  preparations for World War III would seem to be nearing completion. It  will likely be timed to coincide with a worldwide economic collapse. This  paper examines the background to this and shows how leaders like Trump  and Kim Jong-un are merely actors in a drama scripted and directed by  the network of ultra-rich families who control the world (for now). [Posted 02/10/2017] The possibility of a Constitutional crisis in the US The political situation in the US at present is very volatile. The failure to  fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court, in violation of the Constitution, may be part of a plan to provoke a crisis. This paper examines the background  to this and the speed with which the situation could spiral out of control.   [Posted 12/11/2016] The Marxist Pope and UN Agenda 2030 The most public and detailed statement to date about the New World  Order will be launched in New York by Pope Francis at a meeting of the  General Assembly of the UN on September 24. The document is called  Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It will confer an exceptional range of powers on one or more global  authorities which, between them, by availing of these powers, will be able  to take control by stealth of independent sovereign nations. Of course, it is  not being sold as a blueprint for 'world government' but as a program to  'save the planet'. This paper explains the extent to which Marxist ideology,  combined with the bogus science of 'climate change', is being used by the  UN to establish a system of world government. It also exposes the dark  Marxist affiliations of the Roman Catholic leadership and its current Pope, Francis I.  [Posted 21/09/2015] The Globalist Plan for the US and the Middle East In 2006 an American military journal published a map that predicted  much of what we are seeing today in the Middle East. The map seems to be a blueprint for change across a vast area. Meanwhile the forthcoming Jade Helm exercise by the US military will be held in the same southern states  that we identified in an earlier paper. Truly born-again Christians need to  pay careful attention to what is happening. This paper shows how closely  these changes accord with Bible prophecy and form a pattern of events  leading to the End Time. [Posted 19/05/2015] Sorcery, Marxism, and Central America We have constantly striven on this website to alert readers to the dangers  of witchcraft and humanism, respectively. In both Mexico and El Salvador  these happen to be the dominant spiritual and socio-political philosophies. Despite the presence of such neighbors, whose territory may be used by  her enemies to compromise her sovereignty, the US remains inexplicably  complacent.  [Posted 03/08/2015]