Financial Control
Dire Economic Indicators The media is not telling the public what is really happening with the  world financial system. When they speak of a ‘downturn’ or the  ‘possibility of a recession’ they are deliberately understating the true  extent of the problems that besiege the banking network and the  international money markets. In this paper we present a number of easy- to-understand charts pertaining to the US economy which show the real  situation and the factors at play behind the scenes. They also show  beyond doubt that the current crisis was deliberately engineered. [Posted 25/10/2023] The proposed UK digital pound Few people will have read the recent report released jointly by the  Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Governor of the Bank of England  about the proposed digital pound system. Fewer still will have studied its contents in any detail. In this paper we take a close look at what this  revolutionary report is actually saying and highlight, with direct  quotations, the dangerous monetary experiment which the UK  authorities intend to conduct on the British people. [Posted 28/05/2023] The Unfolding Financial Crisis Most of the population believe what they are told in the mainstream  media, but they are being deceived. The deception works on many levels.  One of the most important of these is the false depiction of the financial  system. While discerning consumers of this seedy propaganda may feel  that something is not quite right, they can hardly imagine how rotten the system really is. The level of debt across all economies is staggering –  whether sovereign, corporate, municipal, or household. Tension is  growing as various legislatures vote to approve ever higher levels of  borrowing. The main ‘debt ceiling’ is that of the US which, if it is not  raised by Congress in the coming months, will trigger an international  banking crisis. Christian leaders need to understand the background to  all of this. [Posted 27/04/2023] The Moneychangers The really, really rich are experts at hiding the extent of their wealth.  Most of it is obtained through fraud and theft and then laundered  through the banking system to make it appear legitimate. The fractional- reserve banking system itself is nothing but a printing press for the ultra- rich. Every loan issued is the property of the institution that issues it.  Since the banking system, with the central bank at its helm, is owned  and controlled by a cabal of ultra-rich families, the money created in this way goes straight into their pockets. They can then use this vast wealth  to buy political parties and media organizations. If the public bothered to look beyond the media smokescreen, they would find that these families  are generational Luciferians, that they despise Christianity and the  LORD God of the Bible, and that they are preparing to use war and  mayhem on a scale never seen before to usher in a new world order  where they will end up owning everything. [Posted 21/02/2023] The Beast System The public today has lost the ability to think critically. Worse still,  Christians who profess to believe in the Bible appear to be blind to the  remarkable correspondence between End Time Bible prophecy and  events that are now taking place on the world stage. In this paper we give further evidence that the Beast System described in the Book of  Revelation has already been developed and, as far as we can tell, is set to  go live in the very near future. We urge readers to weigh the evidence for  themselves. [05/09/2022] The Coming transition to Digital Money The New World Order will use advanced technology and powerful  computer systems to control mankind. This will entail the abolition of  cash and the transition to a financial system based entirely on a digital  currency. There are strong indications that this transition could take  place in 2022. The Elite may stage a major crisis in the banking system  to justify the radical changes that they are now planning to make. We  would urge all of our readers to weigh the implications of this for their  families and their community. [Posted 06/04/2022] US National Debt Fraud One person can look at a jumble of colors and see a distinct pattern,  possibly a monkey eating a banana, while his friend sees only a jumble of colors. No matter how often he says, “Look at the monkey!” it doesn’t  make any difference. This is how it is for those who can see the world  conspiracy unfolding. They see how the jumble of seemingly unrelated  events are part of a pattern, but others see only a jumble of events.  However, every now and then something comes along which has  “Monkey!” written all over it. The US National Debt Fraud is in this  category, but it is more than just a monkey - it’s a 400 lb gorilla!  Officially the debt is $24 trillion, but analysis shows that it is really  closer to $110 trillion. Vast sums are being stolen from the American  people, on a scale too large to imagine. The criminality behind it is  breathtaking. If you have been trying for years to get your sceptical  friends to see the monkey, why not share this paper with them. Some of  them may see the gorilla, and a precious few may even see the Enemy.  [Posted 6/07/2020] The Coming Heist will be called The Great Reset As Christians with a strong foundation in the Word of God we see the  world very differently from the majority of mankind. We know that Bible prophecy will come to pass just as the LORD foretold. We also know that  He is with each and every believer. We trust Him – literally – with our  lives. And we serve Him. Our most important service is sharing the  Gospel, the salvation found only in Christ. The coming economic  collapse will give us ample opportunity to do this. Ears that were  previously hardened against the Gospel will start to listen. We can only  share the Gospel if we ourselves are without fear, so we need to  understand what is happening and not allow it to shake our foundation. [Posted 26/06/2020] Who will the Public Blame for the Financial Crisis? The sinister Elite behind the coming New World Order are pursuing a  master plan which has several interlocking elements. One of these  involves the imposition of a world currency in which all transactions are  tracked electronically. Since they are unlikely to get the citizens of the  various currency zones to agree to this, they have been implementing  measures over the past three decades which will cause the existing  international financial system to collapse. This catastrophic event will  cause such turmoil and distress across all developed economies that  their respective leaders will be able to secure rapid agreement to the  implementation of a new system. It will include a world government,  possibly in a disguised form, to oversee the successful operation of the  new system. But the catastrophe will cause intense hostility and anger.  Who will the public blame? The Elite have devised a clever way to deflect all blame away from the central banking system (and the families who  own it) and onto the electorates of two G7 economies. [Posted 16/12/2018] Midsummer’s Day and the World Financial Crisis While it is difficult to tell when exactly the world financial system will  slide over the precipice, we can be sure it will be a controlled event. For  this reason any major occasion that fits the pattern of Babylonian  symbology is worth investigating. In this paper we connect certain  current events in both the UK and the US with two previous papers in  this series and reveal a significant underlying pattern. [Posted 19/06/2016] The Hounds of Hell - Two Fatal Threats to US Security  This paper examines the dual threat posed by the fragility of two systems that are essential to the well-being of the US, its nationwide banking  network and its highly integrated electrical Grid. The Grid is far more  vulnerable to terrorist attack than is generally realized, as official reports reveal. [Posted 29/02/2016] The Coming Implosion of the World Banking System Most people trust the experts, but economic shocks are proof that the  majority of experts get it seriously wrong from time to time. The word  'shock' is a giveaway. The four key facts set out in this paper – which are  not difficult to verify – show that the world economy is about to enter a  prolonged period of serious instability. Through an examination of these  four key facts we adduce ample proof that the coming turmoil has been  carefully planned, all with a view to imposing a New World Order. [Posted 22/06/2015] US Dollar Collapse  There are strong signs that a date has been set for a planned correction  of the massive capital imbalances that have built up in the world  financial system. The US dollar has been under intense strain for several  years and has been kept afloat only by radical (and unsustainable)  intervention. This paper gives compelling evidence that the Global Elite  have set a specific date for this correction to take place. [Posted 14/01/2014] The Dissolution of Ireland as a Sovereign State This paper gives remarkable evidence that the euro was created  specifically with a view to bringing about the crisis that is now  developing in the eurozone and forcibly creating a Federal Europe. This  trap was prepared over a period of several decades, all with a view to  dissolving the existing system of independent, self-governing states  across Europe. Ireland, Greece and many other countries were betrayed.  The Irish are only beginning to realize the treachery behind this and the  terrible consequences for their economy and future well-being. [Posted 24/05/2012] The Destruction of the Irish Economy A specially constituted committee ('the Wright Review') recently  published its official report on the performance by the Irish Department  of Finance (Treasury) in the ten years leading up to the collapse of the  Irish economy. The report revealed absolutely nothing of substance and  served only to push the real causes of this sinister debacle further into  the background. The attached papers by a former employee of the  Department will give readers a far better understanding of what really  happened.  [Posted 3/3/2011]