Financial Control
Midsummer’s Day and the World Financial Crisis While it is difficult to tell when exactly the world financial system will  slide over the precipice, we can be sure it will be a controlled event.  For this reason any major occasion that fits the pattern of Babylonian  symbology is worth investigating. In this paper we connect certain  current events in both the UK and the US with two previous papers in  this series and reveal a significant underlying pattern. [Posted 19/06/2016] The Hounds of Hell - Two Fatal Threats to US Security  This paper examines the dual threat posed by the fragility of two  systems that are essential to the well-being of the US, its nationwide  banking network and its highly integrated electrical Grid. The Grid is  far more vulnerable to terrorist attack than is generally realized, as  official reports reveal.  [Posted 29/02/2016] The Coming Implosion of the World Banking System Most people trust the experts, but economic shocks are proof that the  majority of experts get it seriously wrong from time to time. The word  'shock' is a giveaway. The four key facts set out in this paper – which  are not difficult to verify – show that the world economy is about to  enter a prolonged period of serious instability. Through an  examination of these four key facts we adduce ample proof that the  coming turmoil has been carefully planned, all with a view to  imposing a New World Order. [Posted 22/06/2015] US Dollar Collapse  There are strong signs that a date has been set for a planned  correction of the massive capital imbalances that have built up in the  world financial system. The US dollar has been under intense strain  for several years and has been kept afloat only by radical (and  unsustainable) intervention. This paper gives compelling evidence  that the Global Elite have set a specific date for this correction to take  place.  [Posted 14/01/2014] The Dissolution of Ireland as a Sovereign State This paper gives remarkable evidence that the euro was created  specifically with a view to bringing about the crisis that is now  developing in the eurozone and forcibly creating a Federal Europe.  This trap was prepared over a period of several decades, all with a  view to dissolving the existing system of independent, self-governing  states across Europe. Ireland, Greece and many other countries were  betrayed. The Irish are only beginning to realize the treachery behind  this and the terrible consequences for their economy and future well-   being.  [Posted 24/05/2012] The Destruction of the Irish Economy A specially constituted committee ('the Wright Review') recently  published its official report on the performance by the Irish  Department of Finance (Treasury) in the ten years leading up to the  collapse of the Irish economy. The report revealed absolutely nothing  of substance and served only to push the real causes of this sinister  debacle further into the background. The attached papers by a former  employee of the Department will give readers a far better  understanding of what really happened.  [Posted 3/3/2011]