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The Deity of Jesus and a Seriously Flawed Tract The   most   basic   doctrines   of   Christianity   are   under   severe   attack   almost everywhere.    Chief    among    these    is    the    doctrine    that    Jesus    was    God incarnate.   An   essential   element   of   this   doctrine   is   that   Jesus,   in   the course   of   his   earthly   ministry,   clearly   identified   himself   with   the   LORD. In    short,    he    personally    confirmed    that    he    was    God    incarnate.    This doctrine   must   be   fully   understood   and   faithfully   communicated   by   all believers.   Unfortunately,   many   are   failing   to   do   this.   One   well-known discernment   ministry,   Lighthouse   Trails,   has   even   issued   a   tract   on   this topic   which   is   so   seriously   flawed   that   it   ought   to   be   withdrawn.   This paper explains why.  [Posted 24/04/2016] Let's Talk About Calvinism Men    have    invented    many    ways    to    share    the    Gospel    that    are    not scripturally   correct.   The   Enemy   too   has   a   keen   interest   in   formulations of    the    Gospel    that    serve    only    to    disguise    its    true    message.    While traditional   Calvinism   had   many   great   strengths,   it   taught   a   version   of the   Gospel   which   portrayed   God   in   a   very   strange   light.   This   paper points   to   a   serious   problem   at   the   heart   of   Calvinism,   a   problem   which is drawing the Presbyterian Church in America ever closer to Rome. [Posted 23/02/2016]       New Study of the Tabernacle and the Offerings This    is    a    detailed    study    of    the    Tabernacle    and    the    Offerings,    with particular   reference   to   the   many   ways   the   modern   church   has   departed from   the   truths   expressed   in   the   Pentateuch   -   the   first   five   books   of   the Bible.    Many    important    doctrines    in    the    New    Testament    cannot    be understood   correctly   without   a   sound   knowledge   of   the   Tabernacle   and the Offerings. [Please note that the study is still in draft form.]   [Posted 01/01/2016]  Fatal Flaws in the Gap Theory The    Gap    Theory    claims    that    there    was    a    lengthy    passage    of    time between   the   events   described   in   Genesis   1:1   and   those   described   in   1:2. Far   more   Christian   leaders   subscribe   to   this   theory   than   is   generally known.   But   the   theory   is   false.   This   paper   examines   the   serious   errors of   interpretation   that   have   been   used   to   promote   it.   It   also   explains   how the    theory    undermines    the    plain    truth    of    Scripture,    impugns    the sovereignty   of   God,   and   opens   the   door   to   science   fiction   and   New   Age heresy.   [Posted 01/01/2016]   Speaking in Tongues - why the modern practice is unscriptural Speaking    in    tongues    is    a    greatly    misunderstood    phenomenon.    The modern    practice    is    both    unscriptural    and    potentially    harmful.    This paper   examines   the   subject   in   depth   and   shows   how   sincere   Christians are   violating   the   rules   for   tongue-speaking   that   are   set   down   clearly   in Scripture.   [This   is   a   revised   version   of   a   paper   on   the   same   subject which was published on this website in March, 2010.]     [Posted 20/11/2015] What will Jesus ask You at the Judgment Seat? There   is   seemingly   a   large   segment   of   the   church   today   with   little   or   no understanding   of   the   Judgment   Seat.   Many   seem   to   forget   that   even   the saved   are   judged.   Seldom   do   we   hear   any   reference   to   the   rewards   and "crowns"   that   Christ   will   give   to   faithful   believers.   In   this   paper   we examine     the     Scriptural     basis     for     this     End     Time     event     and     its implications in eternity for all believers.   [Posted 03/02/2015]   The Real Meaning of Salvation There   is   a   lot   of   confusion   today,   even   among   long-time   believers,   of the   real   meaning   of   salvation   from   a   strictly   Biblical   perspective.   In   all there    are    eight    terms    which    need    to    be    properly    understood    if    the power   of   the   Gospel   is   to   be   conveyed   in   its   fulness.   The   definitions   in this    paper,    which    should    be    read    as    a    set,    may    be    of    assistance    to readers   who   are   keen   to   share   the   Gospel   message   more   effectively.      [Posted 24/01/2015]   ' Great Words of the Gospel ' by H A Ironside This   book   is   being   made   available   here   for   the   first   time   as   a   free   e-book for   downloading   (Another   version   on   the   Internet   has   many   errors   and omissions).   It   has   been   thoroughly   checked   and   proofed   against   the original,   which   was   published   in   1944.   Harry   Ironside   published   many outstanding   expository   works,   and   had   both   a   great   knowledge   of   the Scriptures    and    a    remarkable    gift    for    explaining    them    clearly    and concisely.    This    short    work    (about    90    pages    or    so)    is    ideal    for    new believers,   as   well   as   a   witnessing   tool   for   sincere   enquirers.   Many   long- time   believers   would   also   benefit   from   a   careful   reading   of   this   work since    it    expounds    upon    truths    of    immense    importance    to    all    who sincerely want to reach out to the lost.  [Posted 23/06/2014] Prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit is Unscriptural Most   Christians   do   not   seem   to   understand   that   prayer   addressed   to the   Holy   Spirit   is   unscriptural.   It   can   even   lead   to   New   Age   heresy   and serious   spiritual   confusion.   The   Roman   Catholic   church   is   using   the 'Come,   Holy   Spirit'   invocation   to   lure   true   Bible-believing   churches   into the    snare    of    Rome.    Indeed,the    Charismatic    movement    has    been developed   mainly   for   that   purpose.   Christians   need   to   have   a   very   clear understanding    that    the    Holy    Spirit    is    not    a    force    or    a    fluid    or    a substance,   but   a   Person.   Otherwise   they   risk   falling   into   a   range   of dangerous traps and heresies.  [Posted 25/08/2012] What does it mean to be 'Born Again'? This   short   paper   describes   what   a   Christian   means   when   he   says   he   has been   born   again.   It   is   suitable   as   an   explanatory   brochure/flyer   for friends   and   acquaintances   who   may   be   enquiring   about   true   Biblical Christianity.    It    may    also    help    born-again    Christians    explain    more clearly what they experienced when they were born again.  [Posted 3/3/2011] Eternal Security / Unconditional Assurance Many   Christians   misunderstand   the   doctrine   of   Eternal   Security,   the Biblical    principle    enshrined    in    Romans    8:16:    "The    Spirit    beareth witness   with   our   spirit,   that   we   are   the   children   of   God."   Once   your Father   has   adopted   you,   you   can   never   be   disowned.   You   are   His   child forever,   even   if   you   wander   far   from   His   precepts.   The   Catholic   Church and     certain     Protestant     denominations     hold     to     the     doctrine     of Arminianism,   which   denies   the   principle   of   Eternal   Security.   They   hold that   it   is   possible   for   a   person   who   has   been   saved   to   later   lose   his salvation.   But   this   imposes   qualifications   on   the   sufficiency   of   what Christ   achieved   for   us   on   the   Cross.   It   also   flies   in   the   face   of   numerous scriptural   passages   which   assert   unequivocally   that,   at   the   moment   of salvation,    we    are    changed    forever.    If    you    are    unsure    about    the wonderful gift which Christ has given us, please read this paper. [Posted 2009] Why the King James Bible is by far the Best This   paper   uses   countless   examples   to   show   how   the   numerous   modern translations     of     the     Bible     into     English     are     seriously     flawed     and, furthermore,   that   many   of   these   flaws   are   deliberate.   One   of   the   worst offenders   is   the   NIV   (New   International   Version),   which   systematically skews    and    undermines    many    key    tenets    of    Christianity.    The    most reliable   translation   of   the   Bible   into   English   is   the   King   James   Version (KJV)   of   1611.   To   download   a   copy   of   the   KJV   onto   your   hard   disk   go   to Printable   version   of   the   King   James   Bible.   To   obtain   an   MP3   version   (to play   in   your   car,   while   out   walking   etc),   go   to   Audio   version   of   the   King James   Bible.   You   will   be   amazed   how   wonderful   it   is   to   just   listen   to   the word of God.   [Posted 2009] A Study of Satan in History A   fascinating   paper   exploring   the   role   of   Satan   in   history   and   how   his goal   of   world   domination   is   having   a   direct   influence   on   events   today. The   author   supports   his   analysis   with   extensive   scriptural   references and   a   deep   insight   into   God's   programme   of   Redemption   for   mankind. A truly priceless paper for all Christians.   [Posted 2009] True Salvation and the True Gospel Another   compelling   paper,   this   time   on   Biblical   Salvation.   The   author cuts   through   all   the   confusion   and   misinformation   about   this   crucial topic.   Unless   we   are   clear   about   the   true   nature   of   Salvation,   we   are   in serious trouble.  [Posted 2009]