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Rest in the LORD  The hour is late, the world is changing, and many End Time signs are coming into view. As the author of the letter to the Hebrews said, believers must  continue to meet and exhort one another, and to do so even more as they “see  the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25). The Enemy will try to prevent this,  just as he did during the height of the so-called pandemic. All kinds of rules  and restrictions will be invented to limit the assembly of the saints. In this  paper we examine the way fear will be used to unsettle the faithful and keep  them from proclaiming the Gospel. [Posted 20/01/2022] The Ten Plagues of Egypt Great advances in technology have been made over the past four decades or  so but much of this has been achieved under the cover of military secrecy.  The Enemy is preparing a number of “weapon systems” for use against  mankind. Some will be based on outright deception, such as an alien  invasion, while others will focus on social control. The same technology  would also appear to allow the Enemy to counterfeit the Ten Plagues of Egypt and thereby “avenge” the humiliation recorded in the Book of Exodus. This  paper examines how it might be done. [Posted 09/01/2022] What is pleasing to God Man is free only when he is completely obedient to God, but this makes no  sense to our fallen nature. Some people have to be pushed to the utmost  limits before they can see this. We are entering a time when all the old  certainties will evaporate and the only anchor in our lives will be the joy we  get from serving God. In this paper we examine certain passages from  Scripture which may prove helpful to many of our readers in the days ahead. [Posted 11/09/2021] The planned collapse of Christendom We are witnessing today the culmination of a plan which was evidently  formulated in great detail many decades ago. In this paper we examine the  depopulation targets set by the Deagel corporation and show how closely  they align with the longstanding Illuminati plan to erase Christendom from  the map. We also show why Christians cannot afford to ignore the potential  threat to humanity from the worldwide Covid vaccination program. Please  share this paper. The hour is late. [Posted 26/07/2021] The Glory that is Christ How often have we heard someone say, ‘Had I known how much was at  stake, I’d have made a much greater effort’? As Christians, we need to reflect  more on the Person of Christ, his role in history, and his coming return to  earth as King of kings and Lord of lords. The Bible sets out a much broader  picture of Jesus and his spiritual stature than the public is normally given by  sincere evangelists. In this paper we try to show how this has come about. [Posted 08/07/2021] The Blessed Hope The post-Covid normality that so many crave will not return. The  Communists will continue to dangle this prospect before the people, using it  as a tool to lead them by the nose into the next phase of their enslavement.  Christians who love the literal truth of God’s Word, however, can see how  this cunning trap has been designed. They are sustained by a better hope  rooted firmly in the promises of God. When a sense of despondency  threatens to overwhelm us, we can remind ourselves of this blessed hope and  retrieve our peace of mind - “for His mercy endureth forever.”   [Posted 17/03/2021] Pandemic Panic and the Ten Commandments The so-called Covid pandemic has been designed by the Elite to inflict great  damage on society. It has also been designed to harm the Church. In doing so it is exploiting the great gap that exists between true Christian leaders, who  are a small minority, and the institutional office holders who seem perfectly  genuine until they are called upon to defend Biblical truth. These spineless  imposters find endless excuses to justify their inaction, their indifference and  – incredibly – their willingness to ignore or set aside several of the Ten  Commandments. In this paper we show just how far this betrayal has gone. [Posted 26/01/2021] The Lion of Judah Christians today, by and large, have forgotten the Lion of Judah. Most of  them have no idea who he is or why he is so important to the future of  mankind. In this paper we explore the verses of Scripture which describe this  wonderful being – the Son of God in his martial aspect – and the fatal,  devastating blow that he will deal to the Children of Wickedness when he  returns. Let those who grieve reflect with joy on these immensely uplifting  verses. [Posted 20/01/2021] The Seven Seal Judgments The Book of Revelation tells us where mankind is going. The wickedness in  the heart of man will eventually culminate in a dreadful rebellion against all  that is holy and righteous. When this happens the LORD will afflict all who  dwell upon the earth with a series of severe judgments or trials. In this paper  we examine the seven ‘Seal’ judgments and show how they are connected to  events and trends already taking place across the world. We begin with an  examination of the chemtrail phenomenon, a program designed to destroy  our environment which, incredibly, has been operating in plain view for  nearly 40 years. [Posted 30/12/2020] The Gods of Ancient Egypt and the Mark of the Beast Many are asking about the Mark of the Beast and whether it will be  associated in some way with a microchip implant. In this paper we examine  the significance of the mark, both with reference to the seal of the Holy Spirit  in all believers and with reference to the injured pride of the gods of Ancient  Egypt.  [Posted 2/05/2020] The Complete Armor of God As the forces of darkness on the earth intensify, all who believe in objective  truth and absolute moral values will become targets. Every Christian must  know how to put on the armor of God, not only for defensive purposes but  simply to live as God intended. Spiritually speaking, the world is in a state of  war. We need to familiarize ourselves with the methods that the Enemy is  using to attack us. Those who live from day to day without the armor that  God has provided are being incredibly foolish. [Posted 6/02/2020]   Our Original Parents Lived in a Garden of Music Music is possibly the most ubiquitous phenomenon in our world today,  compared to a hundred years ago. We can hear any kind, any time,  anywhere, and listen to it all day long. Something that should be rare and  special has become mundane and commonplace. In this paper we look at  music from a Biblical perspective and the way the Enemy is using it to  control society. We also consider the steps we can take to incorporate it more  successfully into our spiritual lives. [Posted 21/01/2020]   Demons are Using the Ruling Elite to Enslave Mankind  If Christians studied the Bible as they should they would know that the fallen  angels are sworn enemies of man and that their leader is determined to take  complete control of the earth and all mankind. These supernatural entities  are using their fallen minds to influence the thoughts and attitudes of all  humanity, in particular those individuals who are most receptive to their  work. In this paper we show how their entire program of subversion is being  orchestrated, in preparation for the imposition of a New World Order. [Posted 10/9/2019] His Name is Jesus  Christianity is under attack from several directions. One of these is co-   ordinated by Talmudic Judaism which, by various means, is seeking to  redefine Christianity as a misconceived offshoot of Judaism, a wayward  branch which needs to be reinterpreted and reformulated along Talmudic  lines. Only when this Judaization process is carried out will Christians  discover the ‘real’ gospel. [Posted 14/8/2019] The Reality of Eternal Judgment In his fallen condition, man hates the idea of divine judgment. It irks him  intensely to think that his freedom might be constrained in any way. The  church today is led largely by people who fall into this category. This is why  we no longer hear passionate preaching against sin or any mention of hell or  eternal damnation. It suits the architects of the coming New World Order to  hide from natural man the devastating consequences of sin and to teach  instead the false doctrine of Universalism. [Posted 18/04/2019] Curse ye Meroz, Curse ye Bitterly  The Laodicean church is a strange entity indeed. It is numbered among the  seven churches in chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation, but in the  description provided it seems more like a non-church than a church.  Doubtless, there were true believers among its congregation (which made it a  church) but the vast majority were seemingly going through the motions and  had neither a love of truth nor a hatred of evil. In this paper we look at the  church today with reference to the ancient town of Meroz. [Posted 20/02/2019] Biblical Proof of a Hidden Hand and a Dark Plan Bible-believing Christians today are finding it difficult to convince fellow  believers that the world is run by a Luciferian Elite who are implementing a  dark plan for mankind. In this paper we examine the many Biblical passages  which warn of their existence and the plan they are following. Please share  this paper with those you love. [Posted 28/12/2018] The Joy of Salvation in a Satanic World System It is a great challenge for born-again Christians to live in the joy of their  salvation when the world is sliding ever further into darkness and apostasy.  It is made more difficult when Christian pastors, who ought to be addressing  this issue, are saying nothing. The Enemy benefits greatly from the  astonishing complacency of the Laodicean church. Since every true Christian  will be assailed from time to time by discouragement, it will help to examine  it carefully from a Biblical perspective. [Posted 28/11/2018] Mission of the Two Witnesses in the Book of Revelation Unless Christians continue to make a close study of God's Word, they risk  being deceived by the countless lies being manufactured by the New World  Order. It is especially important to understand events relating to the Second  Coming of Christ. The Bible says a great deal about them because they really  matter. In this paper we will examine the mission and identity of the Two  Witnesses and how the world will react to their presence. We wish to  highlight, among others things, the role that the media will play in shaping  public perception during these turbulent times and turning truth upside  down. [Posted 04/07/2018] The Scriptural Basis for the Lord’s Day  The Biblical foundation for the Lord's Day is not well understood. It is often  confused with the Sabbath. This paper examines its origin and shows why  believers may need to reflect more deeply on its significance and the precious  opportunity that it gives to draw closer to God. [Posted 02/01/2017] The Sign of Jonah - Three Days and Three Nights An accurate analysis of Scripture will show that Jesus was crucified on a  Wednesday, not a Friday, and that he was three full days and three full nights in the tomb. This paper also gives strong evidence that the Crucifixion took  place on Wednesday 7th April, 32 A.D. [Posted 18/12/2016] The Deity of Jesus and a Seriously Flawed Tract The most basic doctrines of Christianity are under severe attack almost  everywhere. Chief among these is the doctrine that Jesus was God incarnate.  An essential element of this doctrine is that Jesus, in the course of his earthly  ministry, clearly identified himself with the LORD. In short, he personally  confirmed that he was God incarnate. This doctrine must be fully understood and faithfully communicated by all believers. Unfortunately, many are failing to do this. One well-known discernment ministry, Lighthouse Trails, has  even issued a tract on this topic which is so seriously flawed that it ought to  be withdrawn. This paper explains why. [Posted 24/04/2016] Let’s Talk about Calvinism Men have invented many ways to share the Gospel that are not scripturally  correct. The Enemy too has a keen interest in formulations of the Gospel that  serve only to disguise its true message. While traditional Calvinism has many  great strengths, it has often taught a version of the Gospel which portrays  God in a very strange light. This paper points to a serious problem at the  heart of Calvinism, a problem which is drawing the Presbyterian church in  America ever closer to Rome. [Posted 23/02/2016] New Study of the Tabernacle and the Offerings This is a detailed study of the Tabernacle and the Offerings, with particular  reference to the many ways the modern church has departed from the truths  expressed in the Pentateuch - the first five books of the Bible. Many  important doctrines in the New Testament cannot be understood correctly  without a sound knowledge of the Tabernacle and the Offerings. [Please note  that the study is still in draft form.]  [Posted 01/01/2016]  Fatal Flaws in the Gap Theory The Gap Theory claims that there was a lengthy passage of time between the  events described in Genesis 1:1 and those described in 1:2. Far more  Christian leaders subscribe to this theory than is generally known. But the  theory is false. This paper examines the serious errors of interpretation that  have been used to promote it. It also explains how the theory undermines the  plain truth of Scripture, impugns the sovereignty of God, and opens the door  to science fiction and New Age heresy. [Posted 01/01/2016]   Speaking in Tongues - why the modern practice is unscriptural Speaking in tongues is a greatly misunderstood phenomenon. The modern  practice is both unscriptural and potentially harmful. This paper examines  the subject in depth and shows how sincere Christians are violating the rules  for tongue-speaking that are set down clearly in Scripture. [This is a revised  version of a paper on the same subject which was published on this website  in March, 2010.]  [Posted 20/11/2015] What will Jesus ask You at the Judgment Seat? There is seemingly a large segment of the church today with little or no  understanding of the Judgment Seat. Many seem to forget that even the  saved are judged. Seldom do we hear any reference to the rewards and  "crowns" that Christ will give to faithful believers. In this paper we examine  the Scriptural basis for this End Time event and its implications in eternity  for all believers.  [Posted 03/02/2015]  The Real Meaning of Salvation There is a lot of confusion today, even among long-time believers, of the real  meaning of salvation from a strictly Biblical perspective. In all there are eight terms which need to be properly understood if the power of the Gospel is to  be conveyed in its fulness. The definitions in this paper, which should be read as a set, may be of assistance to readers who are keen to share the Gospel  message more effectively.  [Posted 24/01/2015]  'Great Words of the Gospel' by H A Ironside  This book is being made available here for the first time as a free e-book for  downloading (Another version on the Internet has many errors and  omissions). It has been thoroughly checked and proofed against the original,  which was published in 1944. Harry Ironside published many outstanding  expository works, and had both a great knowledge of the Scriptures and a  remarkable gift for explaining them clearly and concisely. This short work  (about 90 pages or so) is ideal for new believers, as well as a witnessing tool  for sincere enquirers. Many long-time believers would also benefit from a  careful reading of this work since it expounds upon truths of immense  importance to all who sincerely want to reach out to the lost. [Posted 23/06/2014] Prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit is Unscriptural Most Christians do not seem to understand that prayer addressed to the Holy  Spirit is unscriptural. It can even lead to New Age heresy and serious  spiritual confusion. The Roman Catholic church is using the 'Come, Holy  Spirit' invocation to lure true Bible-believing churches into the snare of  Rome. Indeed,the Charismatic movement has been developed mainly for that purpose. Christians need to have a very clear understanding that the Holy  Spirit is not a force or a fluid or a substance, but a Person. Otherwise they  risk falling into a range of dangerous traps and heresies.  [Posted 25/08/2012] What does it mean to be 'Born Again'? This short paper describes what a Christian means when he says he has been  born again. It is suitable as an explanatory brochure/flyer for friends and  acquaintances who may be enquiring about true Biblical Christianity. It may  also help born-again Christians explain more clearly what they experienced  when they were born again.  [Posted 3/3/2011] Eternal Security & Unconditional Assurance Many Christians misunderstand the doctrine of Eternal Security, the Biblical  principle enshrined in Romans 8:16: "The Spirit beareth witness with our  spirit, that we are the children of God." Once your Father has adopted you,  you can never be disowned. You are His child forever, even if you wander far  from His precepts. The Catholic Church and certain Protestant  denominations hold to the doctrine of Arminianism, which denies the  principle of Eternal Security. They hold that it is possible for a person who  has been saved to later lose his salvation. But this imposes qualifications on  the sufficiency of what Christ achieved for us on the Cross. It also flies in the  face of numerous scriptural passages which assert unequivocally that, at the  moment of salvation, we are changed forever. If you are unsure about the  wonderful gift which Christ has given us, please read this paper. [Posted 2009] Why the King James Bible is by far the Best  This paper uses countless examples to show how the numerous modern  translations of the Bible into English are seriously flawed and, furthermore,  that many of these flaws are deliberate. One of the worst offenders is the NIV  (New International Version), which systematically skews and undermines  many key tenets of Christianity. The most reliable translation of the Bible  into English is the King James Version (KJV) of 1611. To download a copy of  the KJV onto your hard disk go to Printable version of the King James Bible.  To obtain an MP3 version (to play in your car, while out walking etc), go to  Audio version of the King James Bible. You will be amazed how wonderful it  is to just listen to the word of God. [Posted 2009]  A Study of Satan in History A fascinating paper exploring the role of Satan in history and how his goal of  world domination is having a direct influence on events today. The author  supports his analysis with extensive scriptural references and a deep insight  into God's programme of Redemption for mankind. A truly priceless paper  for all Christians.  [Posted 2009] True Salvation and the True Gospel Another compelling paper, this time on Biblical Salvation. The author cuts  through all the confusion and misinformation about this crucial topic. Unless we are clear about the true nature of Salvation, we are in serious trouble. [Posted 2009]