The Rapture of the Church
Why the Enemy Hates the Pre-Tribulation Rapture The Roman Catholic church has placed many of her people in  positions of influence among the Evangelical community. These  profess to defend true Biblical Christianity but in practise they work  together to lure born-again Christians into the grip of Rome. One of  her shills could attack a particular doctrine, while another would  pretend to defend it. This is how the Great Apostasy is being  engineered. One doctrine they really seem to hate is the Pre-   Tribulation Rapture. This paper reveals a depressing example of this  vile strategy.  [Posted 06/10/2016] Solid Scriptural Proof of a Pre-tribulation Rapture The doctrine of a Pre-tribulation Rapture is coming under intense  attack from several quarters and is likely to be assailed with even  greater vigor in the years ahead. The architects of the coming One  World religion despise it and want it abolished. The recent DVD by  Good Faith Ministries – Left Behind or Led Astray? – is part of this  co-ordinated attack. Readers are invited to explore the startling  evidence in this paper that the Bible most definitely teaches a Pre-   tribulation Rapture. [Posted 27/03/2016]   Christ came Twice at his First Coming - Facts about the Rapture There is strong pressure within the professing Christian church today  to reject a Pre-Tribulation Rapture on the erroneous grounds that it  has weak scriptural support. As Bible-believing Christians, we must  look at all times to what the Word of God actually says and not be  swayed by fashionable trends or sceptical opinions. This paper shows  how one of the strongest arguments for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture has  apparently been overlooked. Christians need to reflect prayerfully on  this important subject.  [Posted 27/10/2015] Beware of the False Antichrist and a False Rapture The Lord warned that, as the End Time drew closer, we should  "Watch!" and not be deceived. This paper discusses the possibility of  both a False Antichrist and a False Rapture. While certainly a  perplexing topic, it is one which in our opinion all students of Bible  prophecy should earnestly consider. The paper shows the considerable  impact that such a deception would have and the potent blend of fear  and confusion it would cause. The Enemy could exploit this  handsomely for his own purpose, to strengthen the hand of the False  Prophet and to convince the world that the man who defeats the False  Antichrist is the true Messiah.  [Posted 10/07/2014]