Some Pictorial Thoughts About Discernment
Study His Word! [SHORT POEMS]  The world today suffers from severe Biblical illiteracy. Very few  professing Christians read the Bible every day or study it in a consistent  manner. This has opened a huge gap between the very small percentage  who have a good knowledge of God’s Word and the millions whose  knowledge and understanding is abysmal. Once again we offer a set of  poetic meditations on Biblical scenes to remind Christians everywhere of  the need to fill our hearts daily with His Word. [Posted 02/12/2023] Exploring His Word in troubled times [SHORT POEMS]  The Word of God tells us that “All scripture is given by inspiration of  God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for  instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect,  thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17) At a time  when rational behavior within society is rapidly declining and many are  willing to believe every lie, we need to drink daily from the Word of God.  The short poems in this paper are a gentle meditation on some aspect of  truth, as seen through the people and events described in the Bible. [Posted 01/10/2023] Mutual support and encouragement In the times ahead we will need to reserve a special place in our hearts  for those who find their burden too hard to bear. There may not be much  we can do for them in a physical sense, but we can pray with them and  listen to their troubles. We may even find words we can share that will  lift them a little. And we can sing hymns and read Scripture together. In  this set of cartoons we depict two animal friends who are pretty good at  listening to each other and discussing their spiritual needs. God bless. [Posted 11/09/2022] A Bear of Very Little Brain Perhaps at no time in history have people been more proud of their  knowledge or their intellect. The ability to recite a stream of facts,  irrespective of its value, is universally admired. Quiz shows and talent  shows abound. One would think such mental fertility and creative  expression were a sign of independent thought, but this is far from the  case. This is actually the most brainwashed generation in history, by far  the most gullible, and the one least able to protect itself from exploitation and fraud. This paper is the last in a series of four which are designed to  explore these issues through the lens of satire, using humorous and  provocative images to stimulate reflection. [Posted 30/08/2022] The Enemy has a Plan and Man has none There is a huge demand today for comforting lies. As more and more  evidence accumulates to prove that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right,  the sceptics run here and there for reassurance, for some sign that  everything will work out fine. Actually, if they all came to their senses  and behaved like responsible adults, the future would look a whole lot  brighter. Numerically speaking, the Babylonian cabal is tiny relative to  the rest of mankind. But they have the guns, the money and, most  important of all, the lies. They deploy these lies to great strategic effect,  confident that most people will continue to believe them. In this paper  we reveal some of these lies via a series of satirical cartoons (as in our  two previous papers). Please feel free to share them with others. [Posted 18/08/2022] Lying Vanities The papers on this website are freely available to all. We mark them with  a copyright notice to prevent misappropriation and abuse. However, our  readers are free to post extracts from any of our papers on social media  and share them with others. The current system of censorship means  that many who try to find this website ( will not  succeed. If the search engines functioned impartially, our traffic would be 5-10 times greater than it is. Before long our content may be completely  blocked out. The attached paper, along with #318, provides an easy way  to share content that may nudge some of your friends and neighbors out  of their complacency. Time is short. Use it well. [Posted 09/08/2022] Ezekiel’s Tile As Christians who can see what the ‘New World Order’ really entails, we  are naturally very keen to find ways of alerting others. Most of the time  our words fall on deaf ears. In this paper we make use of satirical  cartoons to do what words often cannot. Perhaps they will make a  difference to those who know something is wrong but, up to now, have  been unable to accept that the governments of the world are actively  working against their own people. Please feel free to share this paper  with your friends and loved ones. [Posted 30/07/2022] The Day Most of Our Pastors went to Sleep  Many commentators on the existing state of the world have baulked at  the need to continually report on one sickening development after  another. Satire, however, has traditionally allowed us to talk about very  unpleasant things in a slightly tongue-in-cheek manner, with less  personal discomfort. Alas, it is not easy to satirize the New World Order,  but we have done our best in this paper. Perhaps our sense of humor will  be a bit opaque in places but we hope most of our readers will find some  light relief. God bless. [Posted 10/11/2021] A Beginner’s Guide to the New World Order Increasingly we are asked, ‘How on earth do I get my friends to  understand the threat we are facing?’ The blindness seems to be  universal. After all, who in their right mind would take a potent  experimental vaccine which had never been properly tested, not even on  animals? In this overview we try to spell out the dangers that lie ahead,  but in a new, graphical format. Perhaps it will offer our readers an  additional way of alerting their sceptical friends, church members, and  social circle. Please share it widely. [Posted 25/05/2021] Some Pictorial Thoughts on the Great Deception This paper, the fifth in our 'Pictorial Thoughts' series, shows how the  great End Time deception - or "strong delusion" - that the Bible foretold  is already under way.  [Posted 30/06/2014] Some Pictorial Thoughts on the End Time Crisis This paper, highlights the worldwide crisis in the evangelical church and  the need for born-again Christians everywhere to have a strong  foundation in God's Word.  [Posted 13/01/2014] Some Pictorial Thoughts on the Coming One World Church This is the third in a series of 'pictorial thoughts' - a compilation of  humorous and satirical captions to a set of 99 photos - dealing with  aspects of apostasy within the evangelical church, in all cases from a  born-again Bible-believing perspective. Why not share the links with  friends who may prefer visual humor to abstract analysis?   [Posted 04/01/2014] Some Pictorial Thoughts on the Evangelical Church We aim to stimulate, through these ‘pictorial thoughts’, prayerful  reflection on the dire condition of Biblical Christianity through this  compilation of humorous and satirical photo captions. [Posted 31/12/2013] Some Pictorial Thoughts on Biblical Discernment Many Christians have difficulty understanding that the church is under  attack and that there really are groups and organizations on this earth  who are working hard to destroy it. These 'pictorial thoughts' are a  humorous way of conveying this stark reality.  [Posted 17/12/2013]