Some Pictorial Thoughts About Discernment
Some Pictorial Thoughts  on the Great Deception This   paper,   the   fifth   in   our   'Pictorial   Thoughts'   series,   shows   how   the great   End   Time   deception   -   or   "strong   delusion"   -   that   the   Bible   foretold is already under way.  [Posted 30/06/2014] Some Pictorial Thoughts  on the End Time Crisis This   paper,   highlights   the   worldwide   crisis   in   the   evangelical   church and   the   need   for   born-again   Christians   everywhere   to   have   a   strong foundation in God's Word.  [Posted 13/01/2014] Some Pictorial Thoughts  on the Coming One World Church This   is   the   third   in   a   series   of   'pictorial   thoughts'   -   a   compilation   of humorous   and   satirical   captions   to   a   set   of   99   photos   -   dealing   with aspects   of   apostasy   within   the   evangelical   church,   in   all   cases   from   a born-again   Bible-believing   perspective.   Why   not   share   the   links   with friends who may prefer visual humor to abstract analysis?   [Posted 04/01/2014] Some Pictorial Thoughts  on the Evangelical Church We    aim    to    stimulate,    through    these    ‘pictorial    thoughts’,    prayerful reflection    on    the    dire    condition    of    Biblical    Christianity    through    this compilation of humorous and satirical photo captions. [Posted 31/12/2013] Some Pictorial Thoughts  on Biblical Discernment Many   Christians   have   difficulty   understanding   that   the   church   is   under attack   and   that   there   really   are   groups   and   organizations   on   this   earth who   are   working   hard   to   destroy   it.   These   'pictorial   thoughts'   are   a humorous way of conveying this stark reality.  [Posted 17/12/2013]