Apostasy & Deception
The Great Falling Away The Laodicean church is in an advanced state of decay. The recent  ‘lockdown’ was a catastrophe, both for its confused, uninformed  members and for its sleeping pastors and indolent elders. There are  strong indications that we are fast approaching what the Apostle Paul  called the apostasia, the great ‘falling away’. In this paper we examine  the meaning of this term and how the existing state of the professing  church anticipates this landmark event. [Posted 12/06/2020] The Message ‘Bible’ is Pure Poison One of the greatest barriers to the creation of a New World Order is the  Word of God. The Luciferians hate the Bible and are doing all they can  to defile it. Numerous ‘translations’ have been produced in recent years  to increase confusion, debase God’s Word, and corrupt key verses in  Scripture which underpin the main tenets of Christian doctrine.  Perhaps the most outrageous ‘translation’ of all is The Message, The  Bible in Contemporary Language, by Eugene Peterson. This wicked  work is promoted by celebrities like Bono of U2. Young people are the  main target. Christians need to warn their sisters and brothers of the  harm that this and similar corruptions will cause if they continue to  gain ground. We give ample evidence in this paper to illustrate what we are talking about. [Posted 01/01/2020]  Christ Hates the Deeds and Doctrines of the Nicolaitans We cannot study the Book of Revelation without expanding our  understanding of the times we are living in. In chapter two of that  book, Christ referred twice to a group whose deeds and doctrines he  hated (and still hates). That group is very active today within the  church. Believers need to know who they are and why their subversive  behavior will shortly lead to a major crisis in American society. [Posted 10/09/2014] The New Apostolic Reformation is a Pseudo-Christian Cult The church today has been infiltrated by so many bizarre and aberrant  beliefs that it is becoming necessary to sort them into categories. As it  happens, a great many false teachings have now coalesced under the  umbrella of an international movement known as the New Apostolic  Reformation (NAR). Among its leading spokesmen are C Peter Wagner,  Cindy Jacobs and Rick Joyner. The NAR is a complex web of wacky  beliefs, aberrant teachings and downright heresy. Our paper gives  ample proof that this popular movement is actually a pseudo-Christian  cult.  [Posted 11/11/2013] A Pyramid of Lies - The Wolf Pack is Attacking True Christianity True Biblical Christianity is under attack worldwide. This paper  examines the main lies and false teachings that are being used to  undermine the Evangelical faith and create a global ecumenical version of 'Christianity' that has no power to save anyone. The main lies -   eleven in all - have been introduced in a systematic way, seemingly  with a view to enhancing their chances of being accepted. Since most  Bible-believing Christians today would appear to have succumbed to  some of these false teachings, the dark strategy behind the Pyramid of  Lies is proving successful. Christians everywhere need to recognize and  understand the deadly weapons that the Enemy is using to destroy the  church. They also need to understand just how much damage has been  done already and how little time is left before the rate of decay becomes unstoppable.  [Posted 09/03/2013] The Stained Glass Curtain Deception The Ecumenical Movement is doing everything it can to bring Catholics and Evangelicals together. Churches affiliated with the New Apostolic  Reformation are strongly promoting a book by a Roman Catholic  priest, Fr Dimitri Sala, which purports to prove that Rome teaches  'born-again' salvation. This paper shows that Fr Sala's book, The  Stained Glass Curtain, completely misrepresents the official Catholic  position and is a shameless attempt to manufacture a common basis of  salvation for Catholics and Evangelicals. The book is unadulterated  nonsense and only serves to highlight just how determined Rome is to  lure Evangelicals into the Papal fold. [Posted 15/11/2012] Beware of the False Theology of the Purpose Driven Church This paper gives a very critical analysis of the 'theology' touted by the  popular author, Rick Warren. His Purpose Driven Church is leading  millions astray with its hollow, pop-psychology gospel and its  astonishing disregard for the Word of God. Many sincere Christians  look to Warren for direction, not realizing that his teachings are really  a carefully crafted counterfeit of what the LORD intended for our  benefit.  [Posted 2010] The Bones of Paul the Apostle The recent attempt by the Vatican to 'prove' that it has found the bones  of St Paul may be a pretext for making yet another 'find', a lost  manuscript fragment, ostensibly written by this great theologian,  purporting to modify traditional Christian doctrine. In an age of Great  Deception, we should learn to expect further lies to come along, each  one building on its predecessors.  [Posted 2009]