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Hillsong, CCM, and True Christian Worship An   organized   attack   on   true   Christian   worship   has   been   under   way   for many    years.    The    Enemy    hates    traditional    Christian    hymns    and    is working   hard   to   eliminate   them   completely.   The   brand   of   music   known as   CCM   –   Contemporary   Christian   Music   –   is   taking   its   place,   a   shallow 'genre'   that   has   departed   radically   from   Biblical   standards.   The   well- known   Hillsong   movement,   based   in   Australia,   is   a   world   leader   in   the use   of   CCM   to   subvert   true   Christian   worship.   Our   paper   reveals   how   far this program has advanced. [Posted 04/08/2016] CCM is Destroying True Christian Worship Contemporary    Christian    Music   (CCM)   has   dominated   Christian   worship for   decades,   and   yet,   even   among   discerning   Christians,   there   is   little general   understanding   of   the   damage   it   is   doing.   This   paper   looks   in detail   at   CCM   and   the   various   musical   techniques   that   have   been   used   to disguise   soft   rock   as   'worship   music'.   It   also   shows   how   CCM   is   being used   to   promote   ecumenism,   mysticism,   and   a   phony,   feel-good   gospel. Of   greatest   concern,   however,   is   the   way   CCM   has   destroyed   the   very foundation    of    Christian    worship    by    taking    something    that    belongs wholly   to   God   and   turning   it   into   a   revenue-generating   entertainment industry.    Scripture    shows    beyond    all    doubt    that    CCM,    as    a    form    of worship,   is   not   acceptable   to   God   and   that   its   continued   use   will   do immense harm to the church.  [Posted 09/02/2016]     Our Two Greatest Weapons and Satan's Efforts to Destroy Them There   is   little   awareness   among   the   majority   of   believers   of   the   steps being    taken    by    the    enemies    of    Christianity    to    distort    the    Bible    and eliminate   traditional   Christian   prayer.   Since   these   are   a   believer's   two greatest   weapons   they   pose   a   great   threat   to   Satan   and   the   New   World Order.   This   paper   outlines   the   strategy   being   used   to   spiritually   'disarm' Christians.  [Posted 20/01/2016]