Rome and Her Devices
Another Hollow Critique of Romanism by Lighthouse Trails As   the   great   deception   accelerates   and   increasing   numbers   of   professing Christians   turn   to   the   false   gospel   of   Rome,   it   is   vital   that   true   believers understand   how   this   ' falling   away '    is   being   engineered.   The   latest   tract from   Lighthouse   Trails      one   of   the   better-known   discernment   ministries    deals   with   the   life   of   the   Catholic   mystic,   Teresa   of   Avila.   However,   it does    so    in    such    a    shallow    and    misleading    manner    that    it    cannot    be considered   an   Evangelical   tract   in   any   meaningful   sense   and   should   be withdrawn. [Posted 24/05/2017] The Pope’s Worldwide Network of Supernatural Doors On   8   December   2015   Pope   Francis   opened   a   door   in   St   Peter’s   Basilica   in the    Vatican    in    a    special    public    ceremony.    According    to    the    Pope,    as stated   in   a   Papal   Bull,   any   Catholic   who   passed   through   this   door   over the   following   12   months   would   receive   a   divine   pardon   in   respect   of   some of   his   or   her   sins.   He   also   authorised   the   temporary   creation   of   2800   or more   similar   doors   throughout   the   world.   The   door   in   the   Vatican   was later    officially    sealed    by    him    on    20    November    2016.    Bible-believing Christians   need   to   understand   why   this   is   happening   and   why   occult   acts of this nature are adding greatly to the End Time darkness. [Posted 31/01/2017] The Alpha Course , Ecumenism, and Romanism One   of   the   best   ways   to   suppress   the   gospel   is   to   teach   a   false   one.   This has    several    advantages:    It    gets    naive    people    to    co-operate    in    its suppression;   it   meets   with   little   resistance;   and   it   creates   large   numbers of   false   converts.   The   latter   is   especially   troubling   since   someone   who falsely   believes   he   is   saved   is   much   less   likely   to   hear   the   true   gospel message    when    it    is     preached.    The    Alpha    Course     is    one    of    the    most subversive    programs    in    the    evangelical    church    today.    Its    overriding purpose   is   to   bring   Roman   Catholics   and   Evangelicals   closer   together, with   a   view   to   creating   a   single   worldwide   Christian   institution.   It   is Ecumenism,   Romanism,   and   the   false   gospel,   all   rolled   together   into   one program. No Bible-believing church should have anything to do with it.   [Posted 01/11/2016] The Dangers of Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer In    2005    the    Pope    (Benedict    XVI)    said    the    Catholic    Church    would continue    to    promote    lectio    divina ,    both    in    the    traditional    way    and "through   the   use   of   new   methods,   carefully   thought   through   and   in   step with   the   times."   This   ancient   monastic   technique   is   being   marketed   as   a way   both   to   study   the   Bible   and   to   enter   into   the   presence   of   God.   In reality   it   is   part   of   the   carefully   managed   ecumenical   agenda.   The   new world       religion       will       draw       heavily       on       mysticism,       meditation (contemplation),   and   similar   pagan   practices   to   lure   potential   victims into    its    net.    This    paper    explains    the    thinking    behind    this    worldwide campaign,   including   the   role   played   by   the   well-known   book,   Celebration of Discipline  by Richard Foster. [Posted 15/10/2015]   Lighthouse Trails is providing a platform for Roman theology A   discernment   website   that   normally   follows   a   clear   Biblical   line   has   just published   a   tract   which   is   not   fit   for   purpose.   Since   the   subject   is   such   a serious    one    –    the    deadly    heresy    of    goddess    worship    in    the    Catholic church   –   we   are   taking   the   unusual   step   of   asking   that   they   withdraw   the tract.   [Posted 09/02/2015] The Church of Rome Condemns All Born-again Christians Few   born-again   Christians   seem   to   be   aware   that   they   are   under   formal condemnation    by    Rome.    The    anathemas    of    the    Council    of    Trent    still apply   to   them.   This   means   they   could   be   subject   at   some   future   date   to   a punishment   specified   under   Canon   1311   of   the   Roman   Catholic   Code   of Canon   Law.   So,   while   millions   of   professing   Christians   are   moving   closer to   Rome   under   the   banner   of   Ecumenism,   the   jaws   of   a   false   religion   are opening wide to receive them.   [Posted 30/09/2014] John MacArthur is Marching in Step with Rome John   MacArthur   is   one   of   the   best   known   Bible   teachers   in   the   world today.    His    books    have    sold    in    the    millions    and    his    views    are    highly influential.   However,   in   his   book,   The   Slave ,   which   was   published   in 2010,   he   revealed   a   side   to   his   theology   that   is   deeply   disturbing.   This paper   examines   the   strange   new   gospel   that   Dr   MacArthur   propounds with   great   vigor   in   his   book   and   shows   just   how   sharply   it   conflicts   with Scripture.    It    also    reveals    the    extent    to    which    his    eccentric    theology accords   with   the   Ecumenical   agenda   that   Rome   is   forcefully   pursuing. Our   analysis   demonstrates   that   The   Slave   is   a   dangerous   book   with   a false   gospel   message   that   will   lead   the   unwary   away   from   Christ   and toward the coming One World Religion. [Posted 20/09/2014] Satan in Satin: Apparitions of Mary are Demonic Deceptions A    One    World    religion    needs    a    focal    doctrine    on    which    people    of    all religions    can    agree.    It    also    needs    a    series    of    supernatural    signs    to demonstrate   that   this   universally   accepted   doctrine   is   approved   by   God. The    Marian    apparitions    fulfil    both    requirements.    They    are    gradually preparing    the    ground    for    a    declaration    by    Rome    that    Mary    is    a    Co- Redemptrix,   a   female   saviour   of   mankind.   This   paper   reveals   the   awful implications   of   this   deception,   the   cunning   way   it   is   being   implemented, and why all true Christians need to understand it thoroughly.  [Posted 04/09/2013] The Walk to Emmaus - Yet Another Ecumenical Trap Many   born-again   Christians   are   being   tricked   into   attending   a   so-called Christian   weekend   retreat   known   as   'The   Walk   to   Emmaus'.   This   event and   its   follow-up   program   is   actually   part   of   the   ecumenical   agenda   of the   Roman   Catholic   church.   It   is   designed   to   teach   a   Roman   Catholic version    of    'christianity'    to    Bible-believing    Christians.    Unfortunately discernment    among    the    latter    is    such    that    this    deception    is    bearing results.    This    paper    exposes    the    real    nature    of    this    tightly    controlled event,   the   secretive   culture   that   surrounds   it,   and   the   cult-like   techniques that it uses to program participants. [Posted 05/04/2013] Christianity Today  is a Mouthpiece for the Catholic Church Christianity   Today ,   published   in   the   US,   is   one   of   the   most   popular Christian   magazines   in   the   world.   It   is   supposed   to   be   Evangelical   and professes    to    advocate    true    Biblical    Christianity,    but    the    facts    show otherwise.   This   report   reveals   how,   issue   after   issue,   for   over   20   years, the   magazine   has   sought   to   undermine   the   work   of   the   Reformation   and lure   Evangelicals   back   into   the   Roman   fold.   It   is   shamelessly   Ecumenical and   endorses   a   wide   range   of   apostate   New   Age   teachers,   preachers   and charlatans.   If   you   have   doubts   about   the   covert   strategy   that   Rome   is using   to   undermine   and   destroy   true   Biblical   Christianity,   then   read   this report.  [Posted 25/10/2012] The Apostles' Creed - A Dangerous Ecumenical Deception The    traditional    prayer    known    as    the    Apostles'    Creed    is    a    very    loose profession   of   Christian   faith.   The   Ecumenical   Movement   is   exploiting this    looseness    and    ambiguity    to    produce    a    short    state-ment    of    basic Christian    doctrine    which    can    be    adopted    by    virtually    any    Christian denomination.   Their   goal   is   to   establish   a   global   'Christian'   church   with the   Pope   at   its   head.   However,   born-again   Christians   need   to   realize   that this   is   a   dreadful   deception   and   that,   despite   its   antiquity   and   seeming simplicity, the Apostles' Creed is doctrinally unreliable. [Posted 10/04/2012] An Explosive Document by the Roman Catholic Church Ecumenism   is   promoted   heavily   by   the   Vatican   as   a   means   of   attracting Protestants   and   other   branches   of   Christianity   into   the   Roman   Catholic fold.   In   order   to   do   this   successfully,   she   must   project   a   kindly,   non- threatening     persona.     However,     one     occasion-ally     comes     across     a document   which   reveals   the   real   face   behind   the   mask.   And   this   is   such   a document,   a   truly   jaw-dropping   summary   of   what   Rome   really   believes and   what   she   really   wants   to   achieve.   Born-again   Christians   everywhere are    invited    to    study    this    document    carefully    and    come    to    a    clear understanding   of   the   awful   threat   that   Ecumenism   poses   to   true   Bible- based Christianity. [Posted 18/11/2011] Why Ecumenism is Dangerous for Born-again Christians From   time   to   time   we   come   across   an   article   which   "hits   the   nail   on   the head."   The   attached   sermon   by   Martyn   Lloyd-Jones,   the   famous   English evangelist,   is   one   such   article.   In   it   he   tries   to   alert   born-again   Christians to   the   dangers   of   ecumenism.   He   shows   how   the   Roman   Catholic   Church is   so   heavily   infected   with   apostasy   that   any   attempt   to   compromise   with its    doctrines    will    do    untold    damage    to    Bible-based    Protestantism.    A stirring paper.   [Posted 2009] The Dangers of Marian Worship Few   Catholics   today   are   aware   of   the   dangers   posed   by   Marian   worship or   veneration   of   the   Virgin   Mary.   This   study   explores   these   dangers   and why    they    exist.    If    you    are    a    Catholic    and    believe    these    dangers    are exaggerated,   then   read   this   study.   It   explains   the   true   nature   of   Marian worship   and   why   we   are   obliged   by   scripture   to   avoid   it.   The   study   also explores   why   Jesus   said   that,   on   the   day   of   judgement,   he   would   reject many   self-professed   Christians.   Who   exactly   was   he   referring   to   and   why would   he   reject   them?   If   these   issues   concern   you,   then   read   this   paper.         [Posted 2009]