Biblical Zionism and Its Enemies All roads lead to Jerusalem. The LORD chose a people, but He also chose  a land and a city. The people rebelled but they will one day return to the  state of perfect obedience which the LORD had envisaged for them  initially. This will involve exercising undisputed sovereignty over the  territory which the LORD granted for their use, under the leadership of  the Messiah. This is the true meaning of  Zionism. However, Satan wants  the same city and the same land for his own false messiah, the Antichrist.  Thus, as this paper explains, there are two 'Zionisms' in the world today,  Biblical Zionism and Secular Zionism. Christians will need to distinguish  between the two if they are to correctly interpret Bible prophecy in the  years ahead. [Posted 09/09/2017] The LORD Chose Jerusalem for His Son  The political situation in the world today is almost impossible to  understand unless one sees what the Enemy is trying to achieve. He  wants to own and control Jerusalem. Toward that end he is engineering  world events so that, when the Antichrist arrives, he will be able to take  the Holy City for himself. This paper gives extensive scriptural evidence  to show why this is happening. We would urge all our readers to consider  the extraordinary role that Jerusalem will continue to play in God’s plan  for mankind. [Posted 28/08/2017] A Biblical View of the Holocaust   The Shoah or Holocaust was a real historical event. More and more  professing Christians are listening to the sceptics and being drawn into  the strange world of 'Holocaust denial'. This paper examines the  Holocaust from a Biblical perspective and shows how the ultimate death  toll  between 5 and 6 million was estimated by historians. Christians  need to understand the prophetic implications of this tragic event and the way it aligns with the Word of God. [Posted 18/08/2017] The US Betrayal of Israel The US failed to veto a resolution by the UN Security Council on 23  December 2016 which is deeply hostile to  Israel. This has given rise to a  situation which is now irretrievable, regardless of the attitude of the  incoming President. Obama’s calamitous decision will have major  implications for the Middle East, the US, and the rest of the world. [Posted 29/12/2016] Israel and the Rise of 'Christian' Antisemitism  Many prophecies relating to the End Time are taking shape before our  eyes. Alas, few Christian preachers and pastors seem to be interpreting  these events as they should and instucting their flocks accordingly. Some  are even hostile to Israel and her very existence. In this paper we examine  the role of Israel in End Time prophecy, with particular reference to the  rise of 'Christian' Antisemitism and the false teaching known as  Replacement Theology.  [Posted 27/03/2015] The Commitment to Israel by the Pre-incarnate Christ Anti-Semitism is on the increase again around the world. Christians need  to have a clear understanding of God's relationship with his Chosen  People and his plan for them in the coming years, as set out in Scripture.  In his pre-incarnate form, Christ told the tribes of Israel that he would  never break his covenant with them. This paper explores the background  to this commitment and its implications for future world events.   [Posted 15/03/2012] Replacement Theology is one of Satan's Greatest Lies Replacement Theology, which is accepted by most branches of  mainstream Christianity, is the view that the church has replaced Israel.  Despite its widespread acceptance, this doctrine is actually false. A  careful examination of scripture shows that it is full of contradictions and in serious conflict with the promises that the LORD made to Israel in the  Abrahamic and Davidic covenants. This paper reveals the true nature of  Replacement Theology, its dark purpose, and the many reasons why  born-again Christians should reject it utterly. [Posted 17/12/2011] Bible Prophecies foretold the Foundation of Israel in 1948 A fascinating analysis of two Biblical prophecies - one in Daniel and one  in Ezekiel - which foretold the year in which the modern state of Israel  would be founded. They draw upon the work of two authors, David Flynn  and David Brennan, and highlight the extraordinary connection between  their interpretations. If you are not yet convinced that the LORD has very  definite plans for the future of Israel, then please read this analysis. It is  eye-opening. [Posted 2010]  Review of the Arab-Israeli Conflict There is much confusion about the true nature of the Arab-Israeli  conflict. The Illuminati are now turning their global propaganda machine into high gear, with Israel portrayed universally as the 'bad guy'. Turkey  has now been added to the long list of countries determined to subjugate  and, if possible, destroy this tiny country. All Christians need to be  familiar with the recent history of Israel if they are to understand how it  fits into God's overall plan and where this plan is leading. Even though  the Illuminati had a major role in the creation of Israel, ultimately they  are not the ones in control. God is still sovereign. He is still in command.  We will need to remind ourselves many times of this basic truth during  the coming turmoil. [Posted 2010]