Bible Prophecy
USA: Judgment Pending   While   the   prophet   Jeremiah   was   speaking   only   of   ancient   Judea,   and not   America   in   any   prophetic   sense,   his   assessment   of   her   spiritual condition   was   remarkably   similar   to   that   of   the   USA   today.   In   fact   the similarities   are   shocking.   And   when   one   bears   in   mind   that   the   LORD saw   fit   to   utterly   destroy   Jerusalem   in   586   BC   -   as   punishment   for   her transgressions   -   we   must   consider   very   seriously   the   prospect   that   a similar    judgment    is    about    to    befall    America    and    her    backslidden people.   [Posted 06/06/2012] Psalm 83 and the Survival of Israel Many   of   the   Biblical   prophecies   which   have   yet   to   be   fulfilled   relate   to Israel   and   its   survival.   This   paper   examines   the   importance   of   Psalm 83   in   the   context   of   current   developments   in   the   Middle   East   and,   in particular, the spiritual context in which they are happening.   [Posted 12/5/2011] Israel, Islam and the Antichrist A    detailed    summary    of    a    book    by    Walid    Shoebat,    'God's    War    on Terror.'   Shoebat   presents   the   view   that   the   End   Time   armies,   which the   Antichrist   will   lead   into   Israel,   will   all   be   Islamic.   He   also   argues that   the   Antichrist   will   be   a   Muslim   and   that   Turkey   will   play   a   major role   in   organising   the   Islamic   nations   into   the   most   powerful   and   most dangerous   political   entity   on   the   planet.   While   this   book   is   certainly compelling,   it   is   based   on   a   peculiar   form   of   Biblical   exegesis   and   offers an    End    Time    scenario    that    fits    too    comfortably    with    what    the Illuminati    are    trying    to    achieve    in    the    Middle    East.    More    reliable Biblical   accounts   of   End   Time   prophecy   may   be   found   in   The   Footsteps of    the    Messiah     by    Arnold    Fruchtenbaum,    The    Greatness    of    the Kingdom    by   Alva   McClain,   and   Understanding   End   Times   Prophecy   by Paul Benware.   [Posted 2010] Thirty Undeniable Signs of the End-Time This   paper   sets   out   detailed   evidence   which   indicates   that   we   are   in,   or very   close   to,   the   End   Time   which   the   Bible   warned   us   about.   The paper   gives   30   signs   in   all   and   describes   how   they   accord   with   biblical prophecy.     Further     signs     and     related     evidence     could     have     been included,   but   the   paper   is   designed   to   draw   primarily   on   facts   and events which most readers are already familiar with.  [Posted 2009]