Proof of a Conspiracy
Proof of a Conspiracy - Globalists Speak Openly A surprisingly large number of intelligent, well-informed people  dismiss the existence of an international plan to create a centralised  World Government run along totalitarian lines. If you have such  doubts then the information given in this paper should help to dispel  them. Using numerous published quotations by leading members of  the Globalist cabal, it shows the rationale behind the plan, how it is  organised and funded, and just how far it has advanced. And if you  already accept that such a plan exists and want to present a  convincing case to sceptical friends, then this paper may help you to  open their eyes.  [Posted 2010]  Understanding the Illuminati Mindset This paper explores the Illuminati mindset and why they hold to their  twisted philosophy. In doing so it reveals why most people are unable  to believe that such a group exists or, if it does, that the goals it is  pursuing can be so destructive. [Posted 2010] The Illuminati Plan for Social Change This is an incredibly revealing transcript of a talk by a leading  Illuminati insider, given in 1969, which sets out the broad New World  Order plan for social change. The amount that has already been  achieved is a clear demonstration that (i) the plan exists, (ii) it is very  advanced, and (iii) the Illuminati intend to proceed with the remain-   ing, as yet unrealized, elements of the plan. This is essential reading if  you want to understand just how well organized this programme of  change really is and how devastating it will be when fully implement-   ed.  [Posted 2009]