Covert Warfare
The Poisoning of Our Skies Even   though   our   skies   are   criss-crossed   weekly,   and   sometimes   daily, with   fine   white   lines   of   'cloud',   few   members   of   the   public   are   bothering to    question    this    unusual    phenomenon.    The    'cloud'    is    actually    a    fine chemical   spray   distributed   by   aircraft   commissioned   specifically   for   this purpose.   Why   are   our   skies   being   sprayed   in   this   manner,   why   is   it   being done   without   any   official   explanation,   and   what   substances   are   being sprayed?   There   is   mounting   evidence   internationally   that   the   spray   (or chemtrail)   is   injurious   to   human   health   and   harmful   to   the   environment. Law-abiding    citizens    everywhere    ought    to    be    very    concerned    by    this ongoing covert operation.   [Posted 16/6/2011] The Japanese Earthquake and the Ring of Fire   The    mainstream    media    never    refer    to    the    existence    of    earthquake- generating   technology.   A   patent   for   such   a   device   was   filed   with   the   US Patents   Office   in   1985,   and   a   former   US   Secretary   for   Defense   referred   to the   existence   of   such   technology.   So   is   it   being   used?   And   if   so,   by   whom, against   whom,   and   for   what   purpose?   Much   of   what   is   happening   in   the world   today   cannot   be   understood   until   one   sees   the   dark   agenda   behind many   seemingly   natural   and   accidental   events.   The   Japanese   earthquake of   11   March   2011   could   conceivably   be   part   of   this   sinister   agenda.   If   it   is, then   the   sequence   of   devastating   earthquakes   around   the   Pacific   rim   over the   past   few   years   -   Haiti,   Chile,   New   Zealand,   Indonesia,   China,   Japan   - would    suggest    that    the    west    coast    of    North    America    is    next.    It    is important   that   all   born-again   Christians   take   stock   of   these   developments and seek guidance through prayer and scripture.   [Posted 14/3/2011] The 'Blackjack' Nuclear Warning in the UK Telegraph Newspaper The     staid     establishment     British     newspaper,     The     Telegraph ,     ran     a disturbing    comic    strip    in    January    2009    in    which    a    series    of    nuclear devices    [so-called]    were    detonated    by    terrorists    in    London    and    six    N American   cities,   including   New   York   and   Washington   DC.   The   strip   could be   taken   merely   as   a   bizarre   piece   of   political   fiction   or   as   a   brazen,   no- holds-barred    warning    about    coming    events.    Given    that    the    events depicted   in   the   strip   are   fully   consistent   with   the   goals   and   methods   of the    Global    Elite    and    their    stated    intention    of    creating    a    'New    World Order',   its   sinister   message   (or   'telegraph')   should   not   be   ignored.   This paper   reproduces   most   of   the   images   used   in   the   strip,   with   a   set   of explanatory comments.   [Posted 2010] World War II: How a Global Elite controlled Both Sides This   paper   may   help   anyone   who   is   sceptical   about   the   existence   of   the Illuminati   (Global   Elite)   and   the   hugely   destructive   methods   they   are using   to   create   a   New   World   Order.   A   modest   knowledge   of   history   will help,   but   it's   not   essential.   The   paper   ends   with   an   explanation   of   the   way Satan's   goals   and   those   of   the   Illuminati   are   interconnected.   You   may find    it    useful    to    read    'A    Study    of    Satan    in    History'    (cited    below)    in association with this one.  [Posted 2009]