Covert Warfare
Eight Mice and Excess Deaths in the US The average person has a hard time with facts and figures. He generally  likes to have them explained to him, usually by someone in authority.  However, when those in authority are ignoring the facts and figures, the  average person is at a loss. There is a wealth of reliable data to show that  the Covid ‘vaccine’ is harmful, and that the next ‘vaccine’ – already  approved – will be just as harmful. Alas, the public is not hearing about this from the mainstream media and most people have no incentive to do their  own research online. In this paper we will give hard data which everyone  ought to know about. We will also warn of the danger posed by the next  round of experimental, untested injections. [Posted 21/09/2023] The Enemy is using music as a weapon Wrestlers speak of fights in which no holds are barred. The Enemy wrestles  with man in much the same way. He will take what we enjoy and find a way  to use it for his purpose. Music is a classic example of this. It ought to be a  source of spiritual nourishment, but for many it is a sedative which weakens their capacity for independent thought. The pop music scene has become a  sophisticated tool for programming the minds and emotions of young  adults, teens, and even pre-teens. It blights their innate hunger for God,  just as rock music did in the Seventies. In this paper we examine some of  the ways Satan has taken control of the music industry. [Posted 07/08/2023] The approaching food supply crisis Society can function normally for only 4-5 days at most if the food supply is  cut off. Great social unrest can also be created by driving the price of basic  food items beyond the means of lower income families. Following a  multitude of mergers and acquisitions in the food industry over the past  twenty years or so the security of our food supply now depends on the good  will of a relatively small number of mega-corporations. In addition to this,  energy and fertilizer, the two major inputs into food production, are also  dominated by just a few corporations. The Elite now have all the tools they  need to tighten the food supply and generate great social distress. In this  paper we discuss both the methods they have been using to obtain this level  of control and the pattern of recent events which strongly suggests that they  will shortly put their plan into effect. [Posted 04/07/2022] Biosensors are being implanted via Covid vaccines There is a wealth of information on the Internet, for those who care to look,  showing that the Covid “vaccines” contain numerous ingredients which  have nothing to do with human health issues. The World Economic Forum  has boasted that biosensors are being used to collect huge quantities of data on “the surveillance and tracking of coronavirus.” They are calling this  technology “The Internet of Bodies.” The bodies in question are human  bodies, and the biosensors in question have been implanted, without their  knowledge or approval, in all recipients of a Covid vaccine shot. The Ruling  Elite are building a worldwide surveillance and tracking system, a prison  without walls. [Posted 23/12/2021] Fake Marburg virus pandemic There are strong indications that the crew who planned the Covid  ‘pandemic’ are preparing to initiate phase two of their dark campaign. This  will likely involve the emergence in Western society of a new, highly  contagious pathogen. The prime candidates would appear to be Marburg  and Ebola. The public has been conditioned over the past twenty years or so to expect a serious outbreak of these diseases. In this paper we examine the  evidence pointing to this plan and the massive social disruption which these demonised criminals are hoping to achieve. [Posted 08/10/2021] Evidence that graphene oxide is being sprayed over Ireland For decades the skies over most western countries have been sprayed with  an aerosol whose constituents have never been officially disclosed. We have  proof that graphene oxide has been added to the mix and may even be  dispersed as a separate entity. Graphene oxide is toxic, especially when  agitated by electromagnetic radiation. If the current chemtrail regime  includes graphene oxide, then Irish citizens are unknowingly inhaling this  substance. Once the 5G network across Ireland becomes fully operational,  many of these people will suffer severe respiratory problems and will  require hospitalization. This is very likely happening in many other  countries. All of these cases will be blamed on a Coronavirus or a spurious  new pathogen such as Marburg virus. [Posted 29/09/2021] Earthquakes in “divers places” Increased seismic activity will mark the End Time. Much of this will be  highly destructive. Jesus drew attention to this in Matthew chapter 24. In  this paper we show how modern technology can facilitate the creation of  earthquakes. At least one international convention exists to limit the use of  such technology. If the ‘Great Reset’ signals a major acceleration in the plan to create a New World Order, then we can expect this kind of technology to  be deployed before very long. [Posted 18/09/2021] Mind control is much more dangerous than we realize In this paper we will show how far mind control technology has advanced in recent years. We will also show the immense harm that the Elite are now  able to inflict on society using this invisible, undetectable means of  indoctrination. The extraordinary extent to which the public in the US,  Europe and Australia have submitted to the draconian Covid restrictions  may be attributable largely to the clever covert use of mind control  technology. When properly chosen and delivered over a long period,  subliminal instructions can have a powerful effect on our behavior, our  attitudes and our emotional states. [Posted 11/09/2020] Non-Existent Morality: The Malibu Firestorm The recent ‘wild fire’ that destroyed a large part of Malibu in California was  a man-made event. The photos show fire damage that could not possibly  have been caused by a timber-fuelled fire. This tragic event is proof that the  masterminds behind the NWO are fully prepared to murder American  citizens - in this case over 1,000 - in pursuit of their nefarious goals.  [Posted 19/11/2018] The Poisoning of Our Skies  Even though our skies are criss-crossed weekly, and sometimes daily, with  fine white lines of 'cloud', few members of the public are bothering to  question this unusual phenomenon. The 'cloud' is actually a fine chemical  spray distributed by aircraft commissioned specifically for this purpose.  Why are our skies being sprayed in this manner, why is it being done  without any official explanation, and what substances are being sprayed?  There is mounting evidence internationally that the spray (or chemtrail) is  injurious to human health and harmful to the environment. Law-abiding  citizens everywhere ought to be very concerned by this ongoing covert  operation.  [Posted 16/6/2011] The Japanese Earthquake and the Ring of Fire  The mainstream media never refer to the existence of earthquake-   generating technology. A patent for such a device was filed with the US  Patents Office in 1985, and a former US Secretary for Defense referred to  the existence of such technology. So is it being used? And if so, by whom,  against whom, and for what purpose? Much of what is happening in the  world today cannot be understood until one sees the dark agenda behind  many seemingly natural and accidental events. The Japanese earthquake of  11 March 2011 could conceivably be part of this sinister agenda. If it is, then  the sequence of devastating earthquakes around the Pacific rim over the  past few years - Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Japan - would suggest that the west coast of North America is next. It is important that all  born-again Christians take stock of these developments and seek guidance  through prayer and scripture.  [Posted 14/3/2011] The 'Blackjack' Nuclear Warning in the UK Telegraph Newspaper The staid establishment British newspaper, The Telegraph, ran a disturbing comic strip in January 2009 in which a series of nuclear devices [so-called]  were detonated by terrorists in London and six N American cities, including  New York and Washington DC. The strip could be taken merely as a bizarre  piece of political fiction or as a brazen, no-holds-barred warning about  coming events. Given that the events depicted in the strip are fully  consistent with the goals and methods of the Global Elite and their stated  intention of creating a 'New World Order', its sinister message (or  'telegraph') should not be ignored. This paper reproduces most of the  images used in the strip, with a set of explanatory comments.   [Posted 2010] World War II - How a Global Elite controlled Both Sides This paper may help anyone who is sceptical about the existence of the  Illuminati (Global Elite) and the hugely destructive methods they are using  to create a New World Order. A modest knowledge of history will help, but  it's not essential. The paper ends with an explanation of the way Satan's  goals and those of the Illuminati are interconnected. You may find it useful  to read 'A Study of Satan in History' (cited below) in association with this  one.  [Posted 2009]