Gog, Google, Gold and the Goddess Blasphemy has been a central feature of witchcraft for thousands of years. The Marxist-Illuminati cabal who control this world like to blaspheme the LORD God of the Bible and to cunningly involve the unsuspecting public  in this wicked activity. This paper gives many high profile examples of  this, including a blasphemous invocation concealed in the name 'Barack  Obama'.  [Posted 08/07/2013] The British Campaign of Blasphemy against Christ and the Cross For several decades the ruling elite in the UK has been steadily  undermining Christianity and traditional Christian values by a variety of  means. This campaign has now moved into a higher gear, with several  outrageously blasphemous attacks on the person of Christ and his  sacrifice on the Cross. [Warning: The images shown in this paper, which  are for illustrative purposes only, are very disturbing.]  [Posted 16/06/2012]