The Minefield known as Near-Death Experiences The phenomenon known as a ‘near-death experience’ [NDE] was first  given this name in 1975. Literature based on NDEs has since become a  leading way of disseminating New Age philosophy. Christians who are  reading NDE material are leaving themselves wide open to deception.  Beguiled by highly seductive accounts of visits to “heaven” they are  starting to reinterpret the Bible to fit this new paradigm. Some are even  wondering if they, too, should be having these experiences. In our paper  we examine the way this ancient pagan phenomenon has been re-   packaged by the Enemy to undermine faith in God’s Word. [Posted 11/05/2022] Reiki, the Occult, and Psychic Attack The extent to which New Age practices are becoming acceptable, even  commonplace, within society is a matter of great concern. They are  touted as "new" but are actually old-fashioned pagan beliefs dressed up  in glitzy new clothes. Reiki is a prime example of this. Masquerading as a  healing modality, it is really a way of exposing members of the public to  the sinister influence of 'spirit guides'. As such it is both occult and  dangerous. Have nothing to do with it. [Posted 10/04/2016]  Hatha Yoga, the Coiled Serpent, and Undiscerning Christians Many professing Christians have taken up Hatha yoga for health reasons.  They believe it is possible to adopt the purely physical aspects of yoga  without also accepting the philosophy behind it. This paper [which is also available as a flyer] shows why this assumption is wrong. All forms of  yoga, including Hatha yoga, are built around the Hindu pantheistic  worldview. Yoga is not just incompatible with Christianity, but hostile to  it. Christians who take it up are being incredibly naive and risk exposing  themselves to harmful supernatural influences.    [Posted 08/02/2016]  Chuck Missler and the Curse of New Age Christianity  The coming One World religion is being created through the gradual  synthesis of existing Christian organizations and groups. This process  includes the introduction of New Age ideas in a Christianized form and  the subsequent reinterpretation of traditional Biblical doctrines. One of  the leaders in this global program of subversion is Chuck Missler who for  years portrayed himself as a champion of traditional Evangelical  Christianity. Our paper exposes the methods he is using and the alarming implications of his New Age beliefs. [Posted 07/02/2014] 'Communication' with the Departed is forbidden in Scripture There was a time when Bible-believing Christians understood and lived  by the strict Biblical prohibition against trying to contact departed loved  ones. They knew both why it was wrong and the harm it would do. Alas,  many professing Christians today have lost this understanding and are  violating God's Word by seeking out signs and dreams from departed  loved ones. The book Have Heart is a disturbing example of this trend.  This paper explores the arguments made by those who endorse this  deplorable practice, known as necromancy, and the way the Enemy is  using it to draw the church further into apostasy.  [Posted 14/11/2013] The Jesus Calling Books are an Alarming New Age Deception  Millions of copies of the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young have been  sold to date. It was the best-selling 'Christian' book of 2012. Many so-   called evangelical leaders are urging their churches to read it. And yet it  is an appalling travesty of Biblical truth. This paper examines the  evidence and shows just how far 'Christian' publishing has departed from the traditional gospel message. The publication of Jesus Calling marks a  new phase in the collapse of the evangelical church. [Posted 01/10/2013] Proof that C S Lewis was a Pagan and a not a born-again Christian Millions of Christians the world over cling to the mistaken belief that C S  Lewis was a born-again Christian and a great apologist for true  Christianity. This paper shows that, not only was he not a born-again  Christian, but he held numerous beliefs which were blatantly New Age  and occult. Using his own words, we show that Lewis was a wolf in  sheep's clothing, a first class purveyor of mischief, confusion and  apostasy.  [Posted 2010]