Illuminati ‘Signatures’
The Burning Tower was a Planned Event Humanly we like to think that the leaders of this world are basically good,  albeit deeply flawed, greedy, and self-important. But if that were the case  the Enemy would have a very hard time deceiving the masses and luring  millions into his great End Time delusion. This paper examines a recent  tragic event and shows how it could not possibly have happened by  accident. [Posted 18/06/2017] The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Significance of April 19/20 The Gulf Oil Disaster, which threatens to cause devastation in the Gulf of  Mexico, shows every sign of being deliberate. The official response to the  crisis has been appalling. This paper shows how the key date - April 19/20  - makes yet another appearance. (See paper below.)  [Posted 2010] The Role of April 19th in the Illuminati Plan This paper shows the statistically improbable role that 19th April has  played at critical points in US history and the impact it is continuing to  have. It also highlights the particular importance that the Illuminati attach to the star Orion. Remember, these people are not atheists. They have a  religion and pursue it with a deadly passion.  [Posted 2009] The Illuminati and Twelve Smirnoff Ads It may seem almost humorous to think that the Global Elite like to signal  their existence, as well as their intentions, from time to time, but in a  coded manner. This is seemingly part of the ancient occult philosophy to  which many of them subscribe. Taken in isolation, each of these Smirnoff  ads may seem fairly innocuous, if slightly odd, but collectively they are  telling a story. Since they appeared over a period of several years, the  'message' may not have been obvious to the general public. However,  when considered collectively they would suggest that the Illuminati are  planning something unusually nasty for the United States.  [Posted 2009]