True Cosmology and Satan's Alternative Reality
Gene Splicing is a Major Sign of the End Time Genetic   engineering   is   so   advanced   that   hybrid   species   and   chimeras can   now   be   made   in   a   lab.   The   technique   known   as   CRISPR,   along   with stem   cell   research,   has   made   it   possible   to   alter   the   human   genome.   If this   is   taken   too   far,   man   will   no   longer   be   made   in   the   image   and likeness   of   God.   This   has   major   implications   for   our   understanding   of End Time prophecy.  [Posted 09/12/2016] A Simple Scientific Proof that the Earth is Flat The   best   way   to   establish   the   truth   of   any   proposition   is   to   test   and prove   it   for   oneself.   This   paper   shows   how   anyone   with   a   good   quality telescopic   camera   can   prove   that   the   earth   is   flat.   It   is   important   that Christian   leaders   take   this   question   seriously   and   challenge   the   false cosmology   taught   by   modern   science.   The   earth   is   exactly   as   the   Bible describes it – flat, stationary, and infinitely larger than the sun.  [Posted 14/09/2016] Biblical Cosmology as the LORD has Revealed The    Bible    is    correct    and    modern    astronomy    is    false.    There    are indications   that   more   and   more   people   are   waking   up   to   the   ‘Moon Landing’     scam,     which     would     never     have     worked     had     professing Christians   believed   the   Biblical   account   of   Creation.   The   heliocentric model   of   the   ‘universe’   is   a   wicked   deception,   as   is   the   absurd   notion that   ‘outer   space’   is   millions   of   light   years   across.   This   paper   takes   a systematic   look   at   the   cosmology   described   in   God’s   Holy   Word   and shows   how   it   all   fits   together.   Our   wonderful   Creator   –   who   also   created the   earth,   sun,   moon,   and   stars   –   sets   out   very   clearly   in   His   own   words what   He   did   on   our   behalf   and   on   behalf   of   His   Son.   Read   His   account in His own words and see for yourself.  [Posted 07/07/2016]   How the Enemy Devised a False Alternative Reality The   leaders   of   the   Antichrist   world   system   have   been   attacking   the   truth of   the   Bible   in   a   number   of   ways   for   many   years.   As   a   result,   certain beliefs   are   widely   held   today   that   find   no   confirmation   in   the   Word   of God,   such   as   space   travel,   the   existence   of   other   earth-like   planets,   and   a universe   that   is   billions   of   light   years   across.   This   paper   shows   how Satan’s   fictitious   alternative   reality   was   ‘constructed’   and   how   it   is   being used to undermine Biblical truth. [Posted 15/06/2016]   The Tent We All Dwell In - Why the Sky is Blue Isaiah   40:22   tells   us   that   the   "firmament"   stretches   over   the   earth   like   a tent.   In   its   false   cosmological   model,   modern   astronomy   tries   to   ascribe the   blue   color   of   the   sky   to   the   scattering   of   blue   light   as   it   passes through     the     atmosphere.     However,     this     paper     shows     why     that explanation   is   false   and   suggests   a   straightforward   Biblical   alternative. [Posted 26/05/2016]   The Great Cosmological Lie Even    though    the    Bible    clearly    states    that    the    earth    is    both    flat    and stationary,   many   preachers   and   pastors   –   who   profess   to   take   the   Bible literally   –   accept   without   question   the   'modern'   scientific   view.   They have    been    tricked    into    believing    that    the    earth    is    a    sphere    racing through    space    at    18    miles    a    second    and    spinning    on    its    axis    at    a thousand   miles   an   hour.   This   paper   gives   a   number   of   simple   proofs that   the   earth   is   both   stationary   and   flat,   just   as   the   Bible   says.   It   also shows   that   the   model   of   the   universe   (or   cosmology)   being   promoted   by modern    Astronomy    and    Astrophysics    is    a    very    clever    deception.    We should   hardly   be   surprised   that   Satan   has   concocted   such   outrageous lies.   After   all   he   is   fighting   a   war   that   he   cannot   afford   to   lose   and   will stop at nothing to secure complete control over mankind. [Posted 16/05/2016]    The So-called  International Space Station This    paper    examines    the    recent    'black    sky'    comment    by    the    latest member   of   the   crew   of   the   International   Space   Station.   Increasingly   we are   seeing   authoritative   pronouncements   by   scientific   institutions   and their    representatives    that    conflict    in    very    fundamental    ways    with Biblical   truth.   Christians   need   to   be   aware   of   the   extent   to   which   the Enemy   is   doing   this,   both   to   undermine   the   veracity   of   Scripture   and   to draw more victims into his beguiling, New Age version of reality. [Posted 24/12/2015] True Biblical Cosmology versus Satan's Alternative Reality There   has   long   been   a   tendency,   even   among   born-again   believers,   to view     the     great     End-Time     deception     as     something     that     pertains exclusively   to   the   earthly   mission   of   the   Antichrist.   We   forget   that   a   lot of   advance   preparation   is   needed   to   set   the   stage   for   his   arrival   and popular   acceptance.   This   too   must   surely   qualify   as   part   of   the   great End-Time   deception   that   Christ   warned   us   about.   This   paper   examines modern   heliocentric   cosmology   -   which   places   the   sun   at   the   center   of the    so-called    solar    system    -    and    compares    it    with    the    cosmology described   by   God   in   His   Word,   in   particular   the   Book   of   Genesis.   Many readers   will   be   shocked   to   see   the   extent   to   which   Satan   has   deceived mankind.   Even   pastors   and   preachers   who   have   long   been   faithful   to God's    Word    and    have    'seen    it    all'    will    likely    be    taken    aback    by    the staggering   contrast   between   the   Biblical   account   of   the   universe   and Satan's alternative reality.  [Posted 18/08/2015]   Why Explosive Nuclear Devices May Not Exist The    architects    of    the    New    World    Order    have    the    same    spiritual attributes   as   their   father,   Satan.   They   use   fear,   lies,   deception,   coercion, murder   and   similar   means   to   advance   their   cause.   Fear   is   an   important weapon   in   their   arsenal   since   a   frightened   victim   is   far   easier   to   control and   manipulate   than   a   confident   one.   There   is   compelling   evidence   to indicate   that   explosive   nuclear   devices   -   the   very   foundation   on   which the   Cold   War   was   built   -   do   not   actually   exist.   Hiroshima   and   Nagasaki were   almost   certainly   destroyed   by   conventional   weapons.   This   paper explains    the    background.    The    widespread    belief    that    a    devastating, world-destroying   super-weapon   was   now   being   produced   on   an   epic scale   led   directly   to   a   general   acceptance   that   a   one-world   solution   was needed   to   avoid   'mutually   assured   destruction'.   The   United   Nations   was established   in   1945   and   has   since   become   the   prototype   and   driving force   for   a   One   World   Government.   The   coming   devastation   will   likely be   attributed   in   part   to   the   destructive   power   of   nuclear   weapons,   but will   actually   be   caused   by   other   means,   such   as   vacuum   bombs   and kinetic projectiles fired from the upper atmosphere.   [Posted 31/08/2015]   The Jesuit-controlled ET Deception is Rapidly Taking Shape There   are   strong   indications   that   the   global   elite   intend   to   deceive   the masses    into    believing    that    extraterrestrials    have    made    contact    with Earth.    Such    an    announcement    would    have    major    implications    for religious   belief.   This   paper   examines   a   recent   book   by   two   Jesuits   which goes   to   great   lengths   to   convince   readers   that   ETs   really   exist   and   that they   may   even   be   as   'Christian'   as   believers   on   earth.   The   book,   'Would You   Baptize   an   Extraterrestrial?'   is   part   of   this   coming   deception   and teaches    a    type    of    cosmic    pantheism    that    poses    a    great    threat    to traditional Biblical Christianity.   [Posted 21/10/2014] The Great Nephilim Deception More   and   more   Christians   are   being   tricked   into   believing   in   ETs   and UFOs.   This   would   appear   to   be   a   prelude   to   a   much   larger   program   of deception,   the   ultimate   aim   of   which   is   to   destroy   faith   in   the   Bible   and lure   millions   of   confused   Christians   into   the   coming   One   World   Church. The   Nephilim   Theory   claims   that,   in   ancient   times,   demons   mated   with human   females   and   produced   sinister   hybrids   that   could   pose   a   threat to   humanity   in   the   End   Time.   One   of   the   most   prominent   champions   of this    bizarre    theory    is    Chuck    Missler,    who    trades    shamelessly    on    his reputation   for   Biblical   orthodoxy.   This   paper   explains   the   nature   and purpose   of   this   deception   and   why   the   architects   of   the   New   World Order are so keen to exploit it.   [Posted 04/12/2013]