148. The Papacy, Babylonian Magic, and the Thirteen Obelisks of Modern Rome         42 147. The Mind Control Technique known as Magical Thinking         12 146. Is the Kingdom of Christ a Tiny Speck?         14 145. Hoax Earthrise Photos Released by NASA           9 144. The Goddess, Abortion, and the Irish Government          24 143. The Abolition of Gender and the Coming Persecution of Christians          23 142. The Corruption of Christian Worship by Scheming Androgynes          17 141. The Next Choreographed War          47 140. MTF Transgenders in the US House of Representatives          11 139. So-called Female CEOs: Satan’s Continuing Attack on Natural Women          11 138. Biblical Zionism and Its Enemies          20 137. Holy City: The LORD has Chosen Jerusalem for His Son                24 136. Burning Instead of Beauty: A Biblical View of the Holocaust          30 135. Answers in Genesis and Our Flat Stationary Earth          30 134. The British Crown is Now Financing the Murder of Irish Children            12 133. The Secret of the Solar Barque: How the Gods of Ancient Egypt Control Great Britain Today          41 132. Toxic Music or True Christian Worship?          25 131. The Burning Tower - A Planned Event          10 130. Notable MTF Androgynes with Serpentine Necks                11 129. Amélie, Stella, Saskia and Total Hypnosis                    10 128. Karl Lagerfeld and ‘Female’ Beauty in the New World Order          10 127. Another Super-Soft Critique of Romanism from Lighthouse Trails                    10 126. Closet Androgynes are Redefining Our Insane Society          12 125. The Book of Enoch is a Dangerous Demonic Snare          23 124. The Asherim, Craft, and Magic Circles of Babylonian London            26 123. The Pharaoh Akhenaten is Another Illuminati Invention              25 122. The British Royal Family and the Illuminati War on Women              17 121. Eugenics, Hybrids, and the Illuminati Labyrinth          14 120. The Twelfth Apostle and Our Stationary Earth              8 119. The Children of Wickedness have Revealed both their Existence and their Goal    6 118. The Illuminati are Using Sham Science and Bogus Theories to Deceive Mankind           27 117. The Pope’s Worldwide Network of Supernatural Doors           13 116. Lighthouse Trails releases a Highly Misleading Tract on the Cult of Freemasonry           14 115. Androgyny, European Royalty, and the War on Gender           19 114. Sunday and the Sabbath: What Christians Need to Know           19   113. The Wicked Shall Do Wickedly: The US Betrayal of Israel 18 112. The Sign of Jonah: Three Days and Three Nights 17 111. Revolutionary Advances in Gene Splicing are a Sign of the End Time 18 110. The Dark Art of Deception: Why Dinosaurs Are a Hoax        28 109. How a Lone Gunman could Trigger a Constitutional Crisis in the US          8 108. The Alpha Course: Ecumenism, Romanism, and an Empty Gospel      25 107. Why the Enemy Hates the Pre-Tribulation Rapture      21 106. Most Feminist Icons are Male-to-Female Transgenders          9 105. The Curse of Abortion in Ireland: Why the Baal-worshipping Elite want to Kill Our Children         22 104. A Simple Scientific Proof that the Earth is Flat      12 103. The Sunday Times and Transgender Politicians: The Illuminati Attack on Natural Women Continues   10 102. In Praise of Mayo Man         4 101. Transgenderism, Pharmakeia and Sorcery         9 100. The Wicked Transgender Agenda      18  99. CCM, Hillsong, and the Organized Assault on True Christian Worship      19  98. Biblical Cosmology as the LORD in His Mercy has Revealed      26  97. Midsummer's Day, Shattered Union, and the World Financial Crisis         8  96. How to Distinguish Biblical Reality from Satan's Alternative Reality      28  95. The Tent We All Dwell In: Why the Sky is Blue         7  94. The Host of Heaven and Our Stationary Earth: The Great Cosmological Lie      29  93. The Deity of Jesus and a Seriously Flawed Tract      14  92. Reiki, the Occult, and Psychic Attack      19  91. Be Not Soon Shaken in Mind: Clear Scriptural Proof of a Pre-tribulation Rapture      54  90. The Hounds of Hell: Two Potentially Fatal Threats to US National Security      12  89. Let's Talk About Calvinism      14  88. Choral Chaos: How CCM is Undermining and Destroying True Christian Worship      26  87. Hatha Yoga, the Coiled Serpent, and Undiscerning Christians         4  86. The Enemy is Working Stealthily to Replace Our Two Greatest Weapons      19  85. Fatal Flaws in the Gap Theory: Why the Earth and the Heavens are around Six Thousand Years Old    10  84. The Awesome Holiness of God [A Study of the Tabernacle and the Offerings]                   105    83. The Blackest Black You Have Ever Seen [The So-called International Space Station]          6  82. Speaking in Tongues: Why the Modern Practice is Unscriptural and Potentially Harmful      25  81. The Morning Star: Christ Came Twice at His First Coming, and will Do So Again at His Second      11  80. The Deadly, Sweet-tasting Poison known as Lectio Divina      21  79. Pope Francis and UN Agenda 2030 [Marxism, Sustainable Development, and World Government]      15  78. How Much Suffering and Persecution will Christians Endure Before the Tribulation?         6  77. The Flaming Egg from which the Phoenix of the New World Order will Emerge         6  76. Why Explosive Nuclear Devices May Not Exist      20  75. True Cosmology: The Earth that the LORD God of All Creation Made for His Son      35  74. Central America as a Flashpoint for the Destabilization of the United States         5  73. Strange Signs, John the Baptist, and the New World Order      12  72. The Coming Implosion of the World Banking System      23  71. The Hollywood Oscars are a Modern Reenactment of an Ancient Egyptian Sun-god Festival         9  70. The Irish Referendum on Homosexual ‘Marriage’  [The International Humanist Agenda]         36  69. The Globalist Plan to Break Up the United States and Reshape the Middle East      12  68. Homosexuality: Ireland is on the Brink of a Spiritual Catastrophe         6  67. Jeremiah’s Field: Israel and the Rise of ‘Christian’ Antisemitism      61  66. Why is Lighthouse Trails providing a Platform for Roman Catholic Theology?      10  65. What will Jesus ask You at the Judgment Seat and What Answer will You Give Him?      16  64. Understanding Salvation: A Definition of Key Gospel Terms         5  63. Chrislam is a Deadly Trap for Unwary Christians      36    62. The Jesuit-controlled ET Deception is Rapidly Taking Shape      46  61. Ecumenism, Anathema, and the Roman Catholic Curse on All Born-again Christians      15  60. The Slave: Why John MacArthur is Now Marching in Step with the False Gospel of Rome      13  59. Christ Hates the Deeds of the Nicolaitans: The Crisis Unfolding in America Today         8  58. Beware of the False Antichrist and the False Rapture      13  57. The Great Deception is Already Happening [Pictorial Thoughts]      50  56. Babylonian London, Nimrod, and the Secret War Against God [Also accessible as 7 separate papers]    208  55. The Curse of New Age Christianity: Chuck Missler and His ‘Holographic’ Universe      28  54. The End-Time Crisis [Pictorial Thoughts]      50  53. The Coming One World Church  [Pictorial Thoughts]      50  52. The Coming US Dollar ‘Correction’: The Global Elite may have Set a Date         6  51. The Umbilical Church is Connected to Rome [Pictorial Thoughts]      50  50. The Evangelical Church is Under Attack  [Pictorial Thoughts]      50  49. The Great Nephilim Deception: Why Christians are Being Tricked into Believing in ETs and UFOs      40  48. Christians who ‘Communicate’ with Departed Loved Ones are Defying God’s Word      22  47. Proof that the New Apostolic Reformation is a Pseudo-Christian Cult      52  46. The Jesus Calling Books are an Alarming New Age Deception      19  45. Satan in Satin [Apparitions of the Virgin Mary are demonic deceptions]      60  44. Wagner, Siegfried, Marx, and the New World Order      10  43. The Strange Occult World of Barack Obama: The President who Venerates the Goddess…      26  42. Gog, Google, Gold, and the Goddess: How Illuminati Trademarks Blaspheme the LORD…      22  41. The Illuminati Are Laughing: How the Global Elite have set the Stage for World War Three      32  40. Witchcraft and Satanism in Hollywood      12  39. The Externalization of the Hierarchy: How the Illuminati are Implementing Satan’s Plan…      35  38. Walk to Emmaus: Yet Another Roman Catholic Attack on Evangelical Christianity      27  37. Submission on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Our Insane Society Needs to Wake Up         4  36. A Pyramid of Lies: How the Wolf Pack is Attacking and Destroying True Biblical Christianity      55  35. The Stained Glass Curtain Deception [Evangelicals who partner with Rome]      20  34. Evidence that Christianity Today is a Mouthpiece for the Roman Catholic Church      28  33. The Great Pentecostal-Charismatic Error      17  32. Recent British Blasphemies reveal the Extent to which the UK is Ruled by a Luciferian Elite         5  31. A Prophetic Dream in The Harbinger  [Links to American Freemasonry]           4  30. The Harbinger, the Inverted Tree, and Why Christians Need to Disciminate…         8  29. The Coming Collapse of the United States: What the Prophet Jeremiah said about Judah…      11  28. The Dissolution of Ireland as a Sovereign State         6  27. Freemasonry and the British Monarchy: Why the Queen of England Pretends to be a Christian      18  26. The Apostles Creed: A Dangerous Ecumenical Distortion of True Biblical Christianity      14  25. The Shameless Fraud known as Darwinian Evolution      37  24. The Commitment to Israel of the Pre-incarnate Christ      21    23. One of Satan’s Greatest Lies [Study of Replacement Theology]      37  22. The Roman Catholic Church has taken a Sinister Step toward One World Government…      30  21. Written in Hell: An Explosive Document which the Roman Catholic Bishops do Not want you to See   12  20. Understanding the Rapture from a Strictly Biblical Perspective      16  19. Do You Worship the Roman Catholic Jesus or the True Jesus of the Bible?      11  18b The Poisoning of Our Skies is Clear Evidence of a Conspiracy   4  18a. Psalm 83 and the Coming Wave of Attacks Against Israel          5  17. The Cotton-wool Gospel and the Emerging Church Movement         6  16. The New Age Movement is Designed to Destroy True Biblical Christianity      13  15b. The Japanese Earthquake and the Ring of Fire   5  15a. Proof of a Conspiracy: Globalists Speak Openly about their Deadly Agenda      26  14. How the Bible Foretold in Two Places the Foundation Date for Israel - 1948         6  13. Proof of the Legal and Moral Right for Israel to Exist as a Sovereign State      29  12b. The ‘Blackjack’ Nuclear Warning in the UK Telegraph Newspaper 39  12a. Beware of Warrenism and the False Theology of the Purpose-Driven Church      20  11. Understanding the Illuminati Mindset: Why the USA is Scheduled for Destruction      16  10. The Ark of the Covenant and the Eye of Lucifer         5  09. Lupus Occultus: The Paganised Christianity of C S Lewis      23    08. Illuminati Countdown: Thirty Undeniable Signs that We are Now in the End Time      45  07. The King James Bible: By Far the Most Reliable Translation in English      61  06. Why Christians Should Never Pray to the Virgin Mary      42  05. Anomalies in History: World War II - How a Global Elite Controlled Both Sides      12  04. The Role of Orion and 19 April in the Coming Devastation         6  03. Eighteen New Age Lies: An Occult Attack on Christianity      19  02. The Illuminati and Twelve Smirnoff Ads         8  01. The Dublin Occult Grid      34
Papers by Jeremy James continued