Useful websites for further research The   following   sites   contain   plenty   of   valuable   material.   Please   take   the time   to   examine   them   and   search   out   articles   and   reports   that   expand your   understanding   of   the   coming   New   World   Order   and   the   ongoing attack on true Biblical Christianity:                                    David Meyer                                    The Berean Call                                      Deception in the Church                                    Let Us Reason                                  Website offering Christian Flyers & Leaflets      There   is   an   inexplicable   shortage   of   suitable   evangelical   material   for use   in   daily   life.   When   did   you   last   see   a   good   flyer   or   leaflet   explaining basic   Christian   doctrine,   and   doing   so   in   a   way   that   an   unsaved   person could   readily   understand?   The   Zacchaeus    website   is   designed   to   go some    way    towards    correcting    this    deficiency.    Flyers    and    leaflets covering   a   range   of   important   topics   can   be   printed   down   and   used   to spread   the   gospel   in   your   local   community.   They   address   such   themes as   salvation,   the   Bible,   Christ   our   Saviour,   the   error   of   Evolution,   the dangers   of   New   Age   Gnosticism,   the   occult   nature   of   Halloween,   the curse   of   Abortion,   and   the   central   role   that   Israel   continues   to   play   in Biblical prophecy. [Posted 25/08/2012] Website condemning the crime of Abortion Abortion   is   a   truly   wicked   crime   against   unborn   children.   It   should   be condemned   at   all   times   in   the   strongest   possible   terms.   This   website   -    -   provides   a   leaflet   for   printing   and   distribution, as   well   as   a   paper   explaining   the   dark   purpose   behind   this   appalling practice.