Interview on Irish Radio, 5 August 2015 In   this   interview,   Robert   Pye,   a   former   employee   of   the   Department   of Finance   in   Dublin,   gives   a   candid   account   of   the   Irish   banking   crisis and   the   causes   behind   it.   He   also   discusses   the   New   World   Order   and the   steps   being   taken   to   create   chaos   in   the   global   financial   markets. The   interview   also   touches   on   the   Irish   marriage   referendum   of   22 May   2015,   the   global   persecution   of   Christians,   Islamic   terrorism   and the   threat   to   the   southern   border   of   the   US,   the   EU   'Bail-in'   Directive, the   exploitation   of   Greece   by   the   Globalists,   and   the   new   Spanish   law to    criminalize    anyone    who    protests    publicly    against    the    Spanish government. [Posted 06/08/2015] Four interviews on Irish radio about the New World Order The   author   of   this   website   has   given   four   interviews   on   an   Irish   radio station   about   the   New   World   Order   and   the   appalling   danger   that   it poses   both   to   traditional   Biblical   Christianity   and   to   the   well-being   of western   democracy.   The   latest   interview   addresses   such   issues   as   the power   of   the   Global   Elite,   the   Marxist   control   of   Europe,   the   coming collapse   of   the   US   dollar,   the   role   of   Israel   in   God's   plan,   and   the second coming of Christ. [Posted 10/01/2014] :                 Click to hear the interview of 9 March 2009                 Click to hear the interview of 18 February 2011                 Click to hear the interview of 12 January 2012                 Click to hear the interview of 9 January 2014
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